Cancer birth chart/main characteristics

Cancer in the birth chart – See its main characteristics

Cancer is the 4th sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the element Water. Adepts of home and family, Cancerians are sensitive, emotional, dedicated, harmonious, yet rational. Cancer birth chart

Most people born with Cancer value their home, loved ones, and comfort more than anything else. For most Cancerians, the noblest objective lies in sheltering and providing security for their families, in addition to being quick to offer help to others. 

For their part, they try to avoid conflicts as much as possible. This same characteristic makes them quiet and in control of their own feelings.

The Cancerian will quickly retreat and retreat to the safety of his shell. However, persistent determination is one of the greatest strengths of the born-a-Cancer. On the surface, they may not appear to have big ambitions, but their desires and goals are intense and deep. At work, Cancerians are good managers and organizers, and they often look out for their co-workers, maintaining friendly and family relationships with them.

In relationships, a Cancerian is very sensitive, and more particularly in matters of the heart. When they like someone, they will love and care without a second thought. So it doesn’t take them long to fall in love, but they usually choose a partner who can understand their feelings and emotions as much as possible.

Check out what has Cancer in the birth chart and what it can represent in your life!


Safety for people with Moon in Cancer is in the home, family and related activities such as cooking, gardening and DIY. Other people may be attracted by your character as a lover of the house. The innate willingness to educate and protect allows him to be a good parent and supportive friend.


Mercury in Cancer gives people a good memory, great imagination, adaptability and a talent for writing. Those who hurt these people can be assured that they will not be forgiven anytime soon. Individuals with Mercury in this position can do any job and adapt easily when circumstances change. 

They get along well with people who have different opinions and attitudes. They also like to be praised and rarely do anything that could damage their reputation.


The manifestations of love of people with Venus in Cancer are linked to the need to give and receive satisfaction and security. If these people are unsure of their mother‘s love, they cling to their partners. If so, they are able to show a balanced love for their family. These people subconsciously think so much about accepting love that they forget about the quality and quantity they give.


People with Mars in Cancer are emotional and very moody. Sometimes they take time to decide which goal they want to achieve. Straightforward, full of energy and uncomplicated, Mars is not very happy in Cancer, making emotions complicated. These people want to express their desires, but not at the expense of exposure and uncertainty. 

Consequently, they are often unable to express their desires and fears clearly enough and others often do not know exactly what they want. As a result, neither partner knows what the other wants. People with Mars in Cancer have the ability to penetrate the most hidden and secret areas of other people’s souls.


People with Jupiter in Cancer understand the most basic law of nature, things thrive when we take care of them. Jupiter in Cancer has a strong influence. The emotional nature of these people is broad and deep, and they try to please everyone. 

They can also be hypersensitive, overly sentimental, or overly gentle. People tend to flee or gather around them. Their excessive care is often a compensation for the mother‘s or family’s lack of emotional understanding and care.


People with Saturn in Cancer have a solid judgment about things related to home, land, and family. They are often religious and tend to study sciences that require deeper thinking. They usually don’t react with sensitivity. 

The sign Cancer represents an unlimited flow of emotions, and it is in these people’s nature to be affectionate. But Saturn in this position denies everything until they find out what they really feel and what they want. To be truly aware of these feelings, they occasionally have to be forced to feel unsupported and removed from their compassion and feelings.  


People with Uranus in Cancer do not believe in traditional family values, do not have strong opinions about relationships, and like to bring elements that are not normally acceptable to other people in their relationships. They are stubborn, tend to run away from home, or often suddenly end their relationships. They are still undisciplined and defiant, and their reactions are hard to guess.


Neptune in Cancer indicates a tendency toward alcoholism, especially if there are other negatives. These people are contemplative and very perceptive. They appreciate traditional family values.


People with Pluto in Cancer are caring and intuitive. They have maternal instincts and love to help. Personal transformation can occur through caring for others. These people are very sensitive and need stability and harmony at home. They enjoy meeting influential people, are socially aware and need to be safe to feel good.

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