Cancer ascendant appearance/complete interpretation

Ascendancy of the signs with Cancer

The sign of Cancer is the fourth sign in the order of the zodiac. Your planet is the Moon and your element is Water. All those born between the 21st of June and the 21st of July belong to this sign . Cancer ascendant appearance

The sign of Cancer is known for his sentimentality and romanticism, a lot of attachment to his family and routine, feeling difficulties when it comes to changes. As a rule, they always prefer things in the traditional way. When the sign of Cancer joins its ancestors, many different personalities can arise.


The Aryan fire and impetus are somewhat warm when mixed with the water of the Cancer ascendant, giving it childlike characteristics and a difficulty in maturing. Others see the Aries person with a Cancer ascendant as someone more closed off, who avoids talking about their feelings and events in their personal life.

In general, he is also a very impatient person. The ascendant makes the Aries more attached to the family, but valuing moments of individualism, at peace with himself. In love, you are looking for someone who protects you or someone who allows you to be protected.


In the combination of the Sun sign Taurus and the ascendant Cancer, we have the combination of Venus, which rules Taurus, with the Moon, which rules Cancer. This combination is extremely sensual and sensitive, and the feelings are all experienced with intensity. They are usually intuitive, erotic and strong people, attracting many with their magnetism.

The dichotomy appears in relation to its inclination: at the same time that Taurus puts his feet firmly on the ground, Cancer’s water turns solid ground into mud and takes him to the world of the imagination. This duality can often be responsible for causing conflicts and mood swings. In love, he demonstrates to be a very jealous and possessive person, often making it difficult to have someone by his side, as few can get around this initial façade. You need to control your jealousy and understand that other people are not your property.


The instability of the Cancer ascendant makes the sign of Gemini face serious difficulties when making decisions and, with that, its childish side is also favored, which is more in evidence to avoid the dreaded decision-making moment. Your imagination is very sharp and you can end up inventing a thousand scenarios for each situation, greatly draining your confidence. Cancer ascendant appearance

It is also necessary to take care not to develop any anxiety disorder, which can make this condition even worse. The typical sentimentality of the Cancer ascendant causes Gemini in love to be very attached, but still childish, which can lead to superficial relationships that, by not deepening, become brief and fleeting.


The sign of Cancer has a need for protection, see its armored and protected representation. Thus, when he appears twice in the same birth chart, he indicates a very intense emotional feeling, which is defended with his more hesitant personality.

Every step needs to be right and doesn’t like to leave room for doubts. When he finally expresses his emotions, he is usually very honest. In community, it is someone who adds and includes while feeling protected within a group. It can be a leader, but never in an explicit way, always more subtle.


The combination of the sign of Leo with a Cancer ascendant brings together sun (ruler of Leo) and moon (ruler of Cancer). The result of this combination is a life in constant motion of change. You are often involved in new projects, both at work and in your personal life.

As required by the Leo sign costume, he continues to value luxury, comfort and everything that seems “noble”. The family occupies the first place in your life, but it can take a while to form your own family because it is very seductive and often cannot resist the adrenaline of conquest. However, when he finds himself really in love, he surrenders with great affection to being loved.


Although Virgo has a reputation for being methodical, organized, rational and even a little “dry”, the water in the sign of Cancer gives him more flexibility and a little more emotions. Virgo people with a Cancer ascendant often value education and learning, especially if through investigative methods. In love, he longs for a person with whom to share his life and form a family, but his shy and very reserved attitude can put future suitors away a little. Cancer ascendant appearance


Both Libra and Cancer are signs known as “wet”, being Libra of Air and Cancer of Water. The resulting moisture from this combination reflects a capacity for leadership, but never gaping. Libra with a Cancer ascendant is most comfortable being a subtle leader, often even manipulative, and often behind the scenes.

Outwardly, he always seeks to convey the image of calm, of a calm and placid person, reflections of the strength his character has to keep bad feelings hidden and not let them show. The emotional is an important part of your personality and, in love, it is reflected in the form of romanticism and the desire to have a family, being a good father or a good mother.


The sign of Scorpio, when combined with the Cancer ascendant, results in someone with a highly developed and fertile imagination. Your personality tends to analyze and overthink every detail of every action and every moment, tending towards pessimism.

This often makes you give up on dreams and projects that you consider a little more difficult or complex. In love, he is usually quite disappointed, because, despite his tendency to pessimism, when he falls in love, he idealizes the partner too much and is always disappointed, because no one can match a perfect image projected by another.


The sign of Sagittarius with its Cancer ascendant has a highly developed imagination and is often known for its great creativity. The skin-deep emotions that Cancer brings can often lean towards pessimism, so it’s important to be careful not to be drawn into negativity.

In love, he sees one of his priorities, often imagining the relationship and the ideal person, as he needs someone who will give him a lot of attention and allow him to give himself fully to the relationship, even if this will yield a disappointment. Cancer ascendant appearance


The Cancer ascendant destabilizes the Capricorn a little on the personal level, but on the financial side, the Capricorn remains confident and confident. Typical Cancerian sentimentality brings with it a need to please and be loved. You feel happier and more comfortable when you are confident and can move on with confidence. When this security is lacking, unhappiness is practically certain and the mood is quite affected.


The combination of the Sun sign of Aquarius and the ascendant of Cancer is conducive to the development of incredible creativity and a balanced financial life. At the personal level, there is a paradox: at the same time that they want to be loved and cared for, they also have a great need to be free.

In love, therefore, it is difficult to find someone who knows how to deal with these two sides of her and truly understand that it is possible to live peacefully with independence and with this need for affection.


Sensitivity is the most pronounced characteristic of the joining of Pisces with a Cancer ascendant. Your intuition is also quite developed and refined. His dedication to work is noticed and, therefore, he tends to rise in his career with relative ease. In love, he goes in search of a partner to establish his family and live his private fairy tale.

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