Butterfly symbol meaning/Complete description

Meaning of butterfly

The  butterfly  is a flying insect, whose life cycle takes place in just 4 phases. The first is the egg stage. Then, it moves on to the larval stage and then to the pupa stage. It is only in the fourth and final phase, called the imago, that the butterfly appears as we know it. It is at this point that the insect reaches adulthood. Butterfly symbol meaning

There is a lot of questioning about the butterfly‘s lifetime. However, the discovery of some fossils of the insect allowed the conclusion that its appearance occurred more than 40 million years ago.


It is a device, similar to a turnstile, which is used to count people entering and leaving a place, whether public or private.

It is common to see butterflies installed in subways, shopping centers, bus entrances and exits, educational institutions, stadiums, among other examples.


With regard to the sport of swimming, there is a swimming technique that was named after this insect. Also known as “dolphin” or “moth”, the style received this name due to the movements performed by the swimmer, which refer to those made by the insect when it is flying.


The butterfly is popularly associated with everything that refers to the process of changes and renovations. The insect has also become a symbol of the beauty contained in happiness, of everything that is fickle and ephemeral within the world in nature. Butterfly symbol meaning


Each butterfly color can have a meaning. The best known are:

– Blue: Butterflies that show this color are seen as signs of luck, as the color blue is said to represent the arrival of positive changes in life.

– Black: Black butterflies are seen as messengers of death that, when appearing in an environment, announce that someone is about to leave.

– Yellow: Unlike black, yellow butterflies indicate the emergence of new life.

– White: The white butterfly is the sign of the arrival of peace and serenity after a period of storm.

– Multicolored: Multicolored butterflies are seen as messengers of positive news that will bring general joy and happiness. Butterfly symbol meaning


Spiritualists believe that the butterfly represents the reincarnation process. For them, when someone migrates to the spiritual plane, their soul leaves the body like a butterfly in search of new life and other opportunities.

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