Broken mirror dream meaning/broken/breaking/cracked etc.

Meanings of dreaming about broken mirror

It’s quite possible that you’ve heard the elderly say that breaking a mirror will bring you seven years of bad luck. In fact, this is one of the oldest myths of humanity, where many historians say it appeared in Ancient Greece, with the story of Narcissus, a boy who fell in love with his own image that was reflected in the sea and ended up dying. of weakness, after spending days trying to affect him. Broken mirror dream meaning

What do dream about broken mirror really mean?

Superstition says that if a mirror is broken, you will have a few years of bad luck, but the meaning  of dreams of broken mirrors has nothing to do with superstitious thinking. However, you must be vigilant because you don’t have a very encouraging interpretation of self-esteem.

The broken mirror you dream of doesn’t allow you to see yourself realistically, but your image is distorted, just like when you have low self-esteem and are full of complexes and insecurities.

Dreaming of a broken mirror is the way your subconscious needs to alert you to your vital moment. It’s time to improve your self-esteem and you need to wake up as soon as possible.

Mirror dreams are dreams that invite introspection because they symbolize your interior. How do you see yourself in the mirror? Maybe you’re confused because you don’t trust yourself, or maybe you’re black and white because melancholy has taken over your life. Ideally, in your dream, the mirror is clean and its reflection is in color and resplendent.

Either way, you don’t need to regard the broken mirror as a bad omen, but as a warning. Now that you know your self-esteem is low, you must put all your strength into resetting the mirror or, instead, resetting the image that the broken mirror returns. Wake up and come to the mirror with your best smile.

Dreaming of seeing a broken mirror

Dreaming that you saw a broken mirror serves as a warning from the universe that there is someone around you who has hurt or negative feelings toward you. So be very careful! Don’t make hasty or hasty decisions, as the best way is to speak up and apologize to that person. Broken mirror dream meaning

dream of breaking a mirror

Whenever you talk about dreaming about broken mirrors, the same question arises: what does it mean to break a mirror? Bad luck? Not!

In fact, this meaning is closely linked to the beliefs that the ancient Gypsy peoples carried with them. This indicates that when you break a mirror in your dream, you are breaking bad energies from your past, energies that were eating away at you from within and interrupting a promising future.

It shows that you have broken through these bad vibes and, as a result, a new path has entered your life and it is full of prosperity and happiness! Enjoy this new stage a lot.

Dreaming of a mirror that was destroyed

If in the dream you didn’t see if it broke by itself or destroyed it, that is, if you already found it broken, it indicates that you have some harmful habit and are causing a lot of damage.

After the dream, think about what the habit is and spend your energy to eliminate it. This dream serves as a warning; so don’t take too long to break this habit, because the dream universe may be telling you that there will be serious consequences if no action is taken.

Dreaming of a mirror that breaks

Now, when the mirror is clearly seen to break by itself, it appears as a warning of some implications in its image. This dream means that someone in your family or professional environment is not satisfied with some of your attitudes, creating a negative image of you.

So try to notice if someone doesn’t approach you and leave some awkward conversations about their attitude or if it creates problems in everything you do. If you identify the situation, feel, speak, listen and reflect on whether that person is right or not, always trying not to be shaken by any criticism, but to improve.

dreaming of a cracked mirror

Dreaming of a cracked mirror indicates that you feel a great need to remove bad habits, as this is disturbing your image of yourself. Broken mirror dream meaning

Experts say this dream means you have a distorted image of yourself, as if you are forcing blindness not to see the truth imprinted on your face. Escaping reality will plunge you into your own fantasy, resulting in a setback.

We know that we often seek out fantasies for fear of facing reality, but we take a deep breath, and if something doesn’t satisfy you, ask yourself how to improve. This is evolution!

There is also another meaning that says that it is actually a sign that there is something in you that is not being well accepted by others around you. In this case, try to identify what it is and reflect if, in fact, the problem is not the other.

Dreaming of many broken mirrors

When you dream of many broken mirrors, that is, many mirrors wherever you look, it indicates that fights and misunderstandings with loved ones will arise very soon. To better understand, imagine that each broken mirror around you represents someone important you lost in a fight.

Therefore, after this dream, mentalize the positive energies and peace, so that you will have more tranquility to face any situation that could generate a fight. Also remember not to be afraid to apologize! It’s much better to let your guard down than to risk losing the person who is part of you, right?

dreaming of broken hand mirror

Dreaming of a broken hand mirror has a very positive meaning because it symbolizes that a very positive phase is entering your life and it is totally related to your work environment.

In other words, everything you’ve spent a lot of time trying to get to work and give your sweat will finally work, and the trickiest phase that was causing you a lot of exhaustion will be broken forever!

But, the universe is not so easy because it is testing you. You need to desire it and not doubt its worth, because there is a lot of effort you know. You worked hard to get here, don’t underestimate yourself! Open your arms and receive what belongs to you. Broken mirror dream meaning

Dreaming that a mirror breaks itself

However, when it is clear that the mirror breaks on its own, it is a warning with consequences for your image. This dream means that someone in your family or professional environment is upset about some of your attitudes, creating a negative image of you.

Therefore, try to find out if there will be someone close to you speaking ill of some attitude of yours that bothers others. If you identify with this situation, sit down, talk, listen and think if that person is right or not, always looking for criticism not to affect you, but also trying to improve so as not to disturb the people around us.

Although if it’s because of your opinion on a moral issue, I suggest you don’t try to fix anything. There are people who are not very tolerant and have to improve their democratic values, always respecting what others think.

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