Black chicken dream meaning/complete interpretation

What do dream about black chicken really mean?

Dreaming about a black chicken is a warning that you are getting closer and closer to paths and things that emanate negative energy. The meaning of dreaming about black chicken also comes up to say that you will live tense times and there will be radical changes that can be both good and bad. See below what it means to dream about a black chicken. Black chicken dream meaning

It is worth remembering that many people who have dreams about a black hen think that it is some work or, as they like to call it, a “macumba”. But although the animal in this coloration is associated with bad energies, there is no connection with any kind of religion. In fact, its biggest problem comes from the junction of the black color with the animal, since the chicken in the dream world is the one that presents some news, while the black color is linked to bad energies, sadness, etc.


Dreaming that you see a black chicken pass by you is an alert from the universe, warning you that some moments of sadness are approaching, but that you will win this battle with great faith and strength. So remember, when you wake up, not to let discouragement take over your soul.

Dreaming that you see more than one black chicken also has the same meaning, just varying the intensity of the stressful and bad things that will appear. So if there were a lot of black chickens, don’t go into a state of despair, concentrate on preparing yourself emotionally to see this, as fear can make you self-sabotage even before the bad phase enters.


Dreaming of a black hen attacking you is a troubling warning about your relationship. It’s about the universe asking you to reflect on the progress of your relationship, marriage, etc., especially if it’s on a calm tide… really great!

Because it can be a certain self-indulgence on both sides, where there is no longer that fire of passion that started the relationship, but there is also nothing bad that makes them leave their comfort zone to fight for something. As much as there are no fights, this coldness can also bring the relationship to an end. Be very careful, but be aware that this dream came so that you can change things while there is still time.


Dreaming of a live black chicken is a good message. It indicates that you are entering a phase with many days of happiness and safety. If you’re not dating yet, chances are you’ll start a new relationship, or if you’re out of a job, you can also get a new job, etc. Black chicken dream meaning

However, it is necessary to remember that the black hen is still an animal that represents negative energies, therefore, for these days to be really good, it takes a lot of determination and focus not to fall into the wrong hands that may be “charged”.


Dreaming about a dead black chicken has a very objective meaning, you are in a phase full of uncertainties and insecurities, where you no longer believe in your potential and don’t see yourself being capable of anything. Of course, this discouragement arises precisely because of having given in completely to this bad phase, but it cannot be like that.

If you really want good things in your life, you need to think about positive things every day when you wake up, creating motivation, even if you don’t have faith at first, because later you will be so used to thinking good things in mind, that you will believe without realizing it . Also set goals and objectives, so you’ll have a place to start.


Dreaming of a black chicken running away or dreaming that you are chasing a black chicken is a warning from the universe, alerting you that you have been obsessed with someone or something.

As the dream itself reveals, seeing a black hen running away shows that you are emotionally unbalanced, putting no limits on what you feel, and getting into crises that make you lose your sense of right. So, this dream is a warning that you need to put an end to these problems and pay more attention to your emotional, taking a deep breath and reasoning.


Dreaming of a black chicken pecking at you is a warning about some future problems, lies and conflicts that will arise in your life. Give thanks for this dream, so that you can enter this complicated phase that is arriving already emotionally prepared to act with wisdom and harmony.

If you have dreamed of pecking a black chicken, but it was just pecking at the bush or some food, it means that you will have good news in the professional environment. A salary increase, job evolution or any other good thing that will make you very happy. This dream also indicates a phase of new beginnings and, even if they are frightening, have the faith and courage to face them, as it will be rewarding.


Dreaming that you have killed a black hen is an omen that a major financial crisis will come to you. At this point, be very calm and know that everything can work out if you start to prepare yourself for this problem, working more, saving extra money and avoiding unnecessary expenses. Also be careful not to fall into financial scams or dubious investments, coming mainly from close people. Black chicken dream meaning


Dreaming of a sleeping black hen is a grave warning that some of your friends are betraying your trust. Whether talking bad about you behind your back or even plotting something to take you down, this betrayal will come from those you least imagine, be careful.

Start being suspicious of some friends who disappear and appear out of nowhere, or even those who are overly concerned about your situation, asking a thousand questions and distributing too many smiles. Also, avoid talking about your personal life during the next few days.


Dreaming of a black hen hatching some eggs means that new challenges and problems will arise in your life, but that you will be able to cope with them.

These problems can occur in both the home and the work environment, so try to protect yourself spiritually or in the way you believe will recharge your energy, it will improve the situation. In addition to understanding that problems are complicated, but that they bring great personal evolution.


Dreaming that you are feeding on a black chicken is a warning that someone will try to deceive you on the basis of seduction. This seduction will not necessarily be physical, but it can also be someone who will come up with a proposal for an almost irrefutable life improvement, one of those that even seem like a big dream.

But be wary of anyone who comes up with something that is too tempting, especially those who spend a lot of energy to prove to you that they are a good person. Black chicken dream meaning

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