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Aries Sign: Characteristics, Love, Personality, Qualities, Flaws – Complete

First sign of the Zodiac, Aries can be considered the beginning of everything. It is not by chance that the natives of this sign have leadership, pioneering and boldness as characteristics. Endowed with strong energy and dynamism, Aryans are competitive, authentic and enterprising. Aries is the sign of desire, ambition and persistence in achieving your goals. Aries description

Its keywords are initiative and achievement and its verbs are “I am”, “I do” and “I perform”. Therefore, where there is an Aries, the environment – ​​professional or personal, will never be monotonous. Find out now all about Aries, a sign that can be both warrior and passionate at the same time.


Born between March 21 and April 20 , the natives of the sign of Aries have as an element Fire and are ruled by the planet Mars, god of war. This shows in their attitudes and personalities, as they are courageous and vibrant. It is the sign of achievers, entrepreneurs and conquerors. Extremely competitive, Aryans have a hard time dealing with defeats. They are always looking for something else and spare no effort to achieve what they want.

Arian, the son of Mars

An essentially masculine sign, Aries is also considered one of the most stubborn and quarrelsome in the Zodiac. Not surprisingly, as it is ruled by Mars, the god of warAries people do not accept being upset and explode easily. At these times, they lose their minds, argue and speak without thinking, which can harm them at times. In the same way that they vent irritation, they don’t hold grudges and easily forget what happened.


Due to the shape of its constellation, the sign Aries is represented by a ram which, in some cultures, represents the principle of life. This gives him a duplicity. If, on the one hand, the ram symbolizes the vital principle, on the other hand, it uses the horn to attack, which refers both to the power to give life and to destroy. Aries description

Such is the Arian energy – strong, bold, creative and generous when used for good. But dominating and destructive when misdirected. In Greek Mythology.


If you have the Sun in Aries, you are a real volcano. An intense, courageous person with a great zest for life. Generous in nature, the Aries likes to care and protect, but not in a mushy way, as the native of this sign is objective and pragmatic. No one better than an Aries to take charge in chaotic or dangerous situations, as they know how to stay cool and focused when necessary.

One of the characteristics of Aries is being ambitious, but not in a negative sense. He was not born for a simple, peaceful existence. Crave success and do everything to achieve it. However, without going over its principles and respecting the opponent.

Aries Characteristics – Another quality that can be attributed to the Aries is loyalty. They are extremely faithful – to friends, to family, to their love. They are also considered “the right friends of the uncertain times”, even the most difficult ones, as they are focused on providing advice and helping to make decisions in times when it is necessary to use the head more than the heart.


As the natives of the sign Aries are born between the 21st of March and the 20th of April, the astral conjunction of the planets at that time is what defines their personality. Learn a little more about the Aryans and discover how to live in harmony with the natives of this sign.

Aries Strong Personality  Aries natives are decided and opinionated people. They hardly bend to the will of others.

Living and not being ashamed of being happy – Anyone who lives with an Aries is infected by his energy, as he is anything but lukewarm. Impulsive, dynamic and with an enormous joy in life, accommodation and conformity have no place in their plans. Aries description

Indomitable – Fearless and passionate about life, Aryans don’t like limits and moorings. Anyone who wants to be by your side has to know how to follow your rhythm.

Righteous – You’ll hardly find an Aries doing mean to someone. With a strong sense of justice, they like everything clean and don’t measure words or actions.

Authentic – They say what they think and do what they want without thinking about the consequences. With baffling sincerity, they don’t always care if they’re going to hurt sensibilities. For them, it’s more important to be true to themselves than to please someone else.

Intensity – Because they have Fire as their element, Aryans are intense and vibrant in all areas. They love challenges, competitions and new projects, in which they plunge headlong. However, just as fire can lose its strength, it can also become warm and disenchanted when the project is no longer new.

It’s part of my show – Modesty is definitely not part of the Aries sign. Not only does he know his own worth, he is proud of it and is not ashamed to admit it. He tends to be a little conceited, which can be a charm, as long as you control yourself not to appear arrogant.


Some characteristics of Aries can be interpreted in a negative sense, if the person does not know how to dose the intensity. Therefore, the same energy and boldness of the natives of this sign can turn into impulsiveness, anxiety and impatience. Also on the downside, Aries people can be arrogant, stubborn, and possessive. See below some defects that need to be worked out by the charismatic Aryan. Aries description

1 – Impatience – A striking feature in the personality of Aries, impatience makes you an anxious and irritable person. He doesn’t like to wait and is bothered by setbacks that get in the way of his plans. He also doesn’t like having to explain something more than once, because he’s quick to think and expects the same from others.

2 – Impulsiveness – They tend to be hasty in some attitudes, just for not being calm to reflect on the best decision. His impulsiveness sometimes puts him in a bad light. When he sees, he’s already said or done what he shouldn’t.

3 – Stubbornness – Extremely stubborn, when an Aries puts an idea or project in his head, there is no one to take it off. And because he’s so impulsive, he needs to control his spending, as his pursuit of satisfaction can wipe out his savings.

4 – Too Much Sincerity – A quality that can become a defect when misused is sincerity. The Aries native doesn’t “brown the pill”, doesn’t put on hot cloths. Whatever has to say to you or about you, he will say. Even though it can hurt.

5- Aggressiveness – As an influence from his planet, the Aries needs to control a little bit his tendency to aggressiveness when thwarted. How about using all that energy to do good, welcome and care for the people you love or who need your help?


If you know someone who knows how to command and motivate the people around (whether in a professional, personal or family environment), it is possible that you are facing an Aries. A natural leader, the native of this sign has the ability to attract attention and inspire the team with his energy and magnetism. Therefore, he does very well in management or sales positions. Aries description

Because of his competitiveness and ease in taking charge, he will also be successful in positions that require precision and self-control as a sportsman or surgeon.


In love, the native of Aries knows how to be charming and does everything to please the loved one. Being ruled by fire, your sex life will not be tepid at all and expect the same from your better half. He also doesn’t like to feel trapped very much. He loves new things, runs away from the routine and is always surprising his partner. However, he needs to master his thirst for adventure and novelty, which can also reach the terrain of love, putting his relationships at risk. Do your part. Life is not a party. But your relationship can be. Aries description

Among the signs that match Aries are those ruled by the same element, Sagittarius and Leo. However, they have a good chance of getting along with Scorpio, which is also an intense sign.

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