Aquarius in love traits/Complete Characteristics

Aquarius sign in love

Since time immemorial, Astrology has been used to predict, in general terms, the fate of people and to better understand their characteristics and potentials. Aquarius in love traits

In its most commonly practiced form in the West today, Astrology divides people into 12 categories, the signs of the Zodiac, according to each individual’s date of birth.

The signs of the Zodiac are: Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius, Taurus and Virgo. To each of these signs, astrological thought connects certain characteristics, good and bad, and attributes different types of behavior. This does not mean that each native of a given sign will present all these characteristics and have all these behaviors traditionally linked to him. These are just common tendencies, inclinations and behaviors among the natives of each sign.

These characteristics can be of great importance in the professional life, as well as in the personal life of individuals, for example, in their love lives. This text is dedicated to explaining the influence of the Aquarius sign in love, explaining the main characteristics of the Aquarius in love.


Let’s start with the basics: all those born from January 21st to February 19th are Aquarians .

Before talking about Aquarius in love specifically, it can be very helpful to talk about the sign of Aquarius in general, giving an idea of ​​the meaning of the sign Aquarius.

Generally, the sign Aquarius guarantees interesting personality to the natives of this sign of the Zodiac. They tend to be original and creative and value tolerance and fairness. They are often stubborn, clinging to their own ideas until they are persuaded to change their minds. They are loyal and honest and it is not uncommon for them to defend social causes or causes linked to the general good, for example, working in NGOs. Aquarius in love traits

It is common for the natives of Aquarius to cling to logical thinking, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have strong emotions deep down. Because of the desire for originality and an aversion to the idea of ​​always walking along established paths, the Aquarius can be somewhat unpredictable.


Here, we’ll talk about the general behavior tendencies of the natives of Aquarius when it comes to romantic relationships.

The natives of Aquarius tend to have a strong and independent personality. His devotion to logic and his suppression of emotions, which, even so, are always at the surface, can convey the idea of ​​distance and detachment, perhaps even a lack of love.

The Aquarian’s unconventional way of being can also be a challenge to the more common conceptions of relationship and romanticism. Precisely because they are often different, it is difficult to draw a general pattern of Aquarius behavior in love. Each one is different.   

One can, however, point out some personality traits and very frequent behaviors and their reflexes in the Aquarian’s romantic relationships: Aquarians tend to value fidelity and honesty in a relationship.

They hate broken promises and betrayals. They tend to be, at first, resistant to approximations. It usually takes time to gain an Aquarius‘ attention, trust, and intimacy, but when he likes someone, he really does. This goes for both love and friendship. Aquarius in love traits

However, sometimes, unconsciously, the Aquarius desires freedom. As a result, he often hates stifling, jealous relationships. Striking a balance between the relationship needs, which presuppose closeness, partnership, and some coordination, and the Aquarian’s psychological need for freedom, independence, and originality is one of the challenges of a (or with) Aquarius‘ love relationship.

Aquarius tends to dislike it when the relationship falls into the sameness or when he feels he lacks space to create and be himself. Although some Aquarians are shy, most have many friends and are part of diverse groups, formally established or not, often seeking or exercising a leadership role in them. In a sense, then, the relationship with the Aquarius is an experiment in sharing him with the rest of the world.

As the native individual of the Aquarius sign usually has a personality sensitive to the suffering of others and dedicated to solving other people’s problems, the Aquarius also tends to be kind and helpful towards his romantic partner. The typical Aquarian is a good listener and caring, dedicated to the well-being of his loved ones. Aquarius in love traits


The signs whose natives tend to get along more easily with the Aquarians (in romantic matters or not) are Gemini , Leo , Pisces and Sagittarius . This does not mean, however, that Aquarians cannot have good relationships – love or otherwise – with natives of other signs of the Zodiac.

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