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Sign of Aquarius: Characteristics, Love, Personality, Qualities, Flaws – Complete

They are eccentric, humanitarian and idealistic. They always seem to have their heads in the moon world. But the truth is, they have very sharp minds and creativity. And what seems like “disengagement” is exactly the opposite: they are always boiling with some idea. Nice to meet you, they are the natives of Aquarius . Aquarius description

Sign of ideas, innovation, idealism and the creative mind, it is said of the Aquarius that he can change the world, as it is from his mind that the most innovative and brilliant ideas come from. They might look weird, but don’t be fooled. They are smart, revolutionary and always looking ahead. Discover now some curiosities and characteristics of the sign of Aquarius.


Aquarians have Air as an element and are ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus. These two planets together trace your personality, especially Uranus, which is the planet of innovation, profoundly influencing the restless native of Aquarius.

Aquarius Sign Date – 11th sign of the Zodiac, Aquarius comes before Pisces, another dreamy sign. However, unlike Pisces, the natives of this sign do not have water as an element. They are an Air sign, just like Libra and Gemini. Born between January 21st and February 19th , Aquarians find their opposite and complement in the sign of Leo. The Sign Aquarius represents the astral conjunction at the time of birth, which is responsible for much of the characteristics of its natives.


Represented by a water carrier (a kind of jar), the sign of Aquarius is ruled by two planets: Uranus and Saturn. In Greek mythology, Uranus is the god of the gods of Olympus. Graphically, Aquarius is represented by two waves, which represent intuition and reason. This is the personality of the Aquarius, a balance between the two forces, which results in a unique way of being. Your keywords are originality and freedom. Aquarius description


Extremely intuitive, humanitarian and rebellious, Aquarius is one of the most tolerant signs of the Zodiac. Free from prejudice, Aquarius can understand and live with all kinds of people and opinions. Also characteristic of Aquarius are the sense of justice and the discernment to see both sides of a situation and make an impartial judgment. He will also be an advocate for minority causes, as he has an open eye that accepts people as they are.

Creativity, innovation and idealism are also part of Aquarius‘ personality.


You know that song that says “I always live in the moon world…because I’m a scientist, my talk is futuristic, it’s lunatic…”?

Well then. In reality, Aquarius appears to be like this in the moon world. But he is really inside himself. His mind doesn’t stop and he’s always looking to learn something new or find the answer or solution to a problem.

Aquarius Sign – Characteristics – Smart and ahead of their time, Aquarius is commanded by the mind and tends to run away from intense emotions, because they know they can’t handle them well.

As children of Air and ruled by two planets, Uranus and Saturn, Aquarians have two sides to their personality: they can be either conservative or super-modern, depending on the environment in which they are raised. Aquarius description

Throughout life, the native of Aquarius pursues a sense of justice and cooperativism, as inequality and injustice wound them deeply.

One of the characteristics of Aquarius is keen curiosity. The Aquarian is essentially a curious. In addition to constantly seeking to expand his knowledge, he is interested in everything that will bring a better condition of life for future generations. Aquarius doesn’t just think about the present. He thinks and prepares for what lies ahead.


Regarding the profession, the native of the Aquarius Sign will occupy a position at the head of the company, taking on new projects and implementing innovative ideas. Sharing knowledge is one of his greatest ideals. It may also enter politics or other areas that need engagement and leadership in pursuit of ideals.


Constantly attracted to the new, the different and the unusual, the Aquarian’s independent and individualistic personality can be an element that hinders his relationships with those close to him.

Oftentimes, the native of the sign Aquarius is absorbed and does not share with anyone what goes on inside him. It is necessary to understand that people of this sign are not concerned with practical and material things. He’s worried about something bigger. Not everyone is prepared to understand your way of thinking.

He sins for being too independent, which can be interpreted as disinterest in his partner. But your need for freedom, to be alone, speaks louder than your own feelings.

Because they are too innovative and advanced, their thinking ahead of time can bother the most conservative. Aquarius description


Aquarius Sign natives make excellent friends, perhaps better than lovers, because the tension and responsibility that come with a romance or commitment can corner the dreamy and independent Aquarius.

As we’ve already said, he is very fond of freedom and this makes him a loving, generous partner, but not always very dedicated. And he is not possessive at all. The human being itself interests him more than a single person.


Aquarians in general do not get involved easily because they value their individuality. Even if they make a loving commitment, they need the freedom to exist more than any other sign.

In a relationship of love or friendship, the signs that best suit Aquarius are:

– Aries – Because both cherish freedom. However, they need to control the stubbornness peculiar to the two signs.

– Gemini – Because they have the same element (Ar) and value intellectuality.

– Libra – The lightness of this sign and the taste for parties combines with the Aquarian’s taste for novelties.

– Leo – Being its opposite and its complement, Aquarius has an almost perfect union in Leo. Understand that, because they are opposites, one helps to improve the other. Aquarius‘ free way will balance Leo’s jealous nature. Aquarius description


According to astrology, when the Sun enters Aquarius, we will live in a new era of profound understanding between peoples and nations. This is how the idealism of Aquarius Sign works: a permanent search for peace and understanding among men.

The announced Age of Aquarius would, therefore, herald a new time of rational love: a balance between mind and heart.

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