Aquarius birth chart/main characteristics

Aquarius in the birth chart – See its main characteristics

Ruled by the element Air, the sign of Aquarius makes its natives highly erudite, wise and analytical by nature. Its supporters are very objective people, but not so emotional. They are also confident, self-assured, vigorous and determined in their characteristics. Furthermore, the natives of Aquarius are easily captivated and fascinated by new and interesting things that are around, making them discoverers and inventors. Aquarius birth chart

Aquarians believe in freedom, are independent and a bit rebellious at their core. They are even adventurers and visionaries, which makes them move away from the rest of the zodiac signs. Despite demonstrating to be sociable, charming and humane, they often have difficulties in maintaining relationships, as they are quite volatile, moody and capricious. Thus, they may meet many people, but they are close friends with a few.

So, people of the sign of Aquarius are charming and conquering, which is why the opposite sex is easily attracted to them. But they lack something in their emotional expressions, which makes them indifferent at times. Although they are sentimental, they may not have an intense and deep relationship, as they are distracted by what is going on in the rest of the world, which is also crucial for them.

Check out what having Aquarius in the birth chart can represent in your life:


People with Moon in Aquarius tend to have a complicated relationship with their emotions. They want to let go of negative feelings such as fear, anger and envy, but this can lead to others expecting them to be incredibly tolerant when they also show such emotions.


Individuals with Mercury in Aquarius don’t care what they write as long as they can write. These people learn foreign languages ​​easily and flirt with abstract ideas, scientific predictions, in addition to having strong intuition. You could say that Mercury brings out the best of the Air signs, but it can be a little superficial about them, as they don’t like to study things in great detail.


Who Owns Venus in Aquarius takes an open and experimental approach to relationships and art. On the one hand, it can be calming and stimulating, as it allows other people to relax and be themselves. 

But on the other hand, feelings can be more difficult to understand because their style can be awkward, disturbing, or shocking. They want to satisfy all kinds of people with their liberal attitude, but if they don’t adhere to some moral code, relationships will end when their partners discover that the open mind and free spirit of these individuals are just manifestations of hidden objections. 


The actions of people with Mars in Aquarius can be somewhat unusual, with something that will set them apart from the crowd when they want to achieve something. When they do what everyone else does, they stop being active or they become withdrawn, and they are really motivated when they can resist some sort of system. Aquarius birth chart

This system can be a family, a state, a partner, friends, or anything that appears to restrict your freedom. And in the absence of freedom, they will be the first to suffer, because the vital energy will remain closed within them.


Jupiter in Aquarius raises the question of what this world should be like. So these people want to see life as democratically and openly as possible, because they feel that in order to make plans for the future, there needs to be some form of consensus. Then, by blending other people’s beliefs, they will develop a belief system that meets the goals and objectives of the entire group. The idea is that if they continue like this, step by step, all of humanity will end up sharing a common ideology. 


Saturn in Aquarius people struggle with a complex system of rules in life because they somehow want to combine freedom with order. However, they can also fight against the principles one has established to achieve liberation. Then they try to make adjustments that suit their actions as well as the actions of other people. Therefore, these individuals have to learn to let go of what limits them. 


Uranus in Aquarius is in its own sign and creates inventors and people who like to apply new, untested methods and procedures. They like to fight for moral values ​​and love freedom. They also don’t let their emotions and feelings restrict them, besides being open-minded and in favor of radical reforms. As such, Aquarius is known for its humanity, and Uranus further reinforces these tendencies.


Neptune in Aquarius suggests a relatively complicated person. This person may, for example, be a promoter of revolutionary ideas based on unrealistic goals, such as utopian socialism, or want to bring new orientations to established religions with the same approaches to new spiritual movements.


People with Pluto in Aquarius yearn for freedom, independence, eccentricity, inventiveness and innovation. Personal transformation can be achieved primarily through the love of freedom and the recognition that every creature has as much right to freedom as they are. They are very unconventional, unusual or eccentric and innovative beings. However, their desire for reform and change can be devastating to them and to those around them.

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