Aquarius ascendant appearance/complete description

Ascendancy of the signs with Aquarius

The sign of Aquarius marks people born between the 21st of January and the 19th of February . In this case he is the main sign or the Sun sign. These people tend to be adept at innovation, have a lot of empathy and a peculiar taste for the unusual. Aquarius ascendant appearance

But what about those who have ascendant in Aquarius? The way in which this very eccentric sign manifests itself with each other in the zodiac is very particular and worthy of attention.

Check out the characteristics of each sign with ascendancy in Aquarius below:


People of the sign of Aries who have an Aquarius ascendant tend to be less sociable and live more in their private world, as they value their own personal freedom too much and, therefore, avoid engaging in any type of interaction that could lead others to interfere in their choices individual. The Aquarius ascendant also causes this person to be easily irritable and therefore to be lonely.

Also, this person has a tendency to appear cold and outspoken, often hurting those few that he allows to surround him. Aries with an Aquarius ascendant do not accept orders and rules willingly and, in relationships, tend to be impulsive and end up on the spur of the moment.


The interaction between the Sun sign Taurus and the Aquarius ascendant gives Taurus a certain duality that can be seen by many as a contradiction. This combination makes these people somewhat unstable, as Taurus seeks stability in everything he does and in all aspects of his life, while the Aquarius ascendant, fluid as water, takes the desire to live new experiences and to explore. In this way, a person who is a Taurus with an Aquarius ascendant always ends up living in indecision, torn between two opposing impulses. Aquarius ascendant appearance

The person who has this combination of ascendant and sun sign seeks to please others, but also often ends up failing because of his Aquarius side. Due to the internal dueling caused by Taurus and Aquarius, this person can have a very changeable mood.


The combination between the sign of Gemini and the ascendant in Aquarius results in a person with easy success in life, since he is someone endowed with the necessary willpower to pursue his goals. Aquarius brings you the desire to always create and invent new plans. In addition to all this, this type of person also tends to have the gift of speech.

Gemini and Aquarius, when together, further enhance their characteristics of fluidity and lack of attachment. It is possible to win someone from Taurus with ascendant in Aquarius, but it is impossible to make him give up his freedom, so flexibility is essential so that he does not feel trapped.


The sign of Cancer with ascendant in Aquarius usually reflects in the form of a very fertile imagination and a lot of creativity. Both qualities can be used in achieving your independence and professional goals. It is essential, however, that you have self-control and that you take your responsibilities seriously, so as not to get lost in the fluidity of Aquarius.

Naturally the sign of Cancer, the person with ascendant in Aquarius remains romantic and affectionate, seeking to put love in everything they do. It can often be made to act childishly, but the Aquarius ascendant brings firmness and greater stability.


The sign of Leo, when combined with the ascendant in Aquarius, tends to produce an individual with a very unstable personality. Often times, a Leo person with an Aquarius ascendant will tend to have selfish attitudes and, shortly thereafter, will be concerned about others, and quite prone to altruism. This person will also be somewhat proud and indecisive, and may find it very difficult to make important decisions.

Leo with an Aquarius ascendant is contradictory and quite stubborn. This kind of behavior, understandably, can cause many to withdraw. However, this person is often surrounded by friends, due to the weight of their Leo sign.


The sign of Virgo is usually characterized by its methodism and traditionalism, with a certain attachment to stability and aversion to risk. The Aquarius ascendant changes this picture slightly, making the person more likely to accept challenges and plunge into the unknown. This combination of Virgo and Aquarius ascendant also results in someone who cares about others and always seeks to do good. Aquarius ascendant appearance

The Aquarius ascendant allows the sign of Virgo to make decisions on impulse and often have rebellious attitudes. That’s because the ascendant makes this person more risk-averse than the vast majority of Virgo people.


The sign of Libra with ascendant in Aquarius results in a very dynamic person: constantly in search of newness and knowledge. The Aquarius ascendant makes this person also quite creative and prone to new adventures. In addition, he is a pleasant person, living, therefore, always surrounded by friends.

What attracts the Libra person with an Aquarius ascendant is especially the new: be it places, people, or food. Therefore, this person usually has stories to tell about their adventures and experiences.


The sign of Scorpio, when in direct relationship with Aquarius as an ascendant, usually reflects on people who develop a particular taste for everything that is new, and who have an exploratory personality and even a certain investigative talent. The Aquarius Ascendant prompts a person to think big and often to get involved in big and ambitious projects as a way to prove their abilities.

Scorpio with an Aquarius ascendant is also someone generous, sometimes even too much. This person gives himself to the world and to people with dedication, without expecting anything in return. Many can take advantage of this goodwill. The Aquarius ascendant produces a person who likes stability but also freedom.


Sagittarius with an Aquarius ascendant is someone who cares a great deal about everyone around him, resulting in a faithful and devoted friend to those who deserve him. This combination of sun sign and ascendant results in an intelligent person with a taste for innovation, always looking to change and improve everything, including himself, never stopping on the journey of personal growth. Aquarius ascendant appearance

The Aquarius ascendant makes this person like fluidity, thus, always preferring light relationships, without demands that make him lose interest. Demanding too much is sure to make the person think twice and, most likely, give up on a relationship that is rigid and lacking in fluidity.


Capricorn with an Aquarius ascendant is someone more introspective, who likes to be alone and reflect on life, and is somewhat averse to socializing. This person follows life with discretion and cannot stand to draw attention or any form of exaggeration. His personality is closed and, many times, this person prefers to isolate himself from the world and is happy that way.

A Capricorn person with an Aquarius ascendant’s favorite activity is to get to know their thoughts better and deepen their knowledge. Little does he know how to deal with his emotions, always preferring his intellect. Therefore, he is constantly the type who dedicates himself to his work and not so much to his personal life, always preferring to be independent from others.


A person who has Aquarius twice in his birth chart, both as a sign and as an ascendant, is someone who is averse to impositions, unless he first has time to reflect and decide whether or not to agree. Your fluid personality wants to change the world, not accepting things as they are. Dreamy, your imagination is quite fertile and your dreams are high.

The personality of the sign of Aquarius with ascendant in Aquarius is light and, therefore, it is easy to attract others around him. He cares about others, but he also likes his presence to be noticed. Often, his idealization and non-conformity with current situations makes him take attitudes seen as rebellious.


Pisces and Aquarius combined as Sun and Ascendant signs, respectively, result in a very dreamy and very unreasonable subject. It is not necessarily someone unstable, but someone who is always looking to find new beginnings and new paths to accompany his changes of opinion about the world. Aquarius ascendant appearance

Pisces with an Aquarius ascendant like to feel that their feelings are reciprocated, and as they look for someone who will return their love in the same way, they also avoid getting too involved so as not to lose their freedom. Always romantic, he doesn’t usually conform very much to rules and standards.

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