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The apple is one of the most appreciated fruits in the world. In addition to having more than a thousand different species, it has nutritional values ​​that help with weight maintenance, for example. Apple sign meaning


The apple is seen as a symbol of love, fertility, temptation, knowledge, desire and immortality.

The apple has a spherical shape, which represents the world. The seeds, in turn, represent fertility and religiosity.


Culturally, the apple is seen as the forbidden fruit given the biblical context.


The book of Genesis narrates the creation of the first couple created by God, Adam and Eve. They live in the Garden of Eden, called Paradise by Christians. In that place, there were two trees . One was the “tree of life” and the other the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil”, and they could not approach the latter.

In this scenario, a serpent appears and offers the fruit to Eve, who eats it and then gives it to her husband, Adam. That done, the two open their eyes and realize they are naked.

It is worth mentioning that there is no explicit description in the sacred scriptures that the fruit is the apple. According to scholars, the apple myth was created over time and biblical translators.


According to the bible, Adam and Eve were the first inhabitants of the Garden of Eden. Eve was deceived by a serpent that, according to the bible, was the devil in disguise, eating the forbidden fruit. Symbolically, the apple expelled them from paradise. Apple sign meaning

In this scenario, the apple symbolizes temptation and evil. From another perspective, the apple symbolizes free will, given that, when expelled from Paradise, they had to resort to their own merits to survive.


In Celtic culture, the apple symbolizes fertility, knowledge and magic.

For the medieval, the apple allows the arrival to a universe similar to paradise.


As far as Greek mythology is concerned, the apple was seen as a fruit of the gods. She was so sacred that the plantation was protected by a creature with over fifty heads and three nymphs.

For the Greeks, the apple contemplates love, which refers to the goddess of love and sexuality, Aphrodite . From another perspective, it symbolizes eternal life, as you will never again be thirsty or hungry.


Many fables use the apple as a symbol in their stories, and one of the best known is Snow White and the seven dwarfs. In this literary story, the apple gains notoriety for being bewitched by the witch. So, Snow White takes a bite of the fruit and falls asleep. The spell is only broken with the prince’s kiss.

It should be noted that, a few years ago, giving teachers apples was a common act of respect and admiration. It is common to see such an act in movies, series and books.

There are a few theories about this gift, namely:

  • Newton’s Law

The apple helped Isaac Newton further his studies of the law of gravity. Therefore, it is seen as synonymous with knowledge, just like a teacher.

  • Pentagram

When cutting an apple, you can see the shape of a pentagram in the center. For many, this format symbolizes knowledge. Apple sign meaning

  • Adam and Eve

According to Christian precepts, the apple symbolizes the human yearning for knowledge and answers.

  • low pay

As teachers’ salaries were very low in 16th-century Europe, students’ parents presented them with apples. The objective was to thank them for their services with a simple tribute.


The apple is one of the most tattooed symbols. This is because, in addition to carrying religious symbolism, it has the sense of knowledge.

Additionally, it must be considered that the apple has a different symbolism for each culture. If, for the Chinese, the apple is seen as a sign of friendship, for the Celts, it is seen as immortality and, for the Greeks, fertility.

Generally, apple tattoos are done in green and red color. This design can be done on different parts of the body, namely:

Once this decision is made, it is necessary to take some care so that healing is facilitated and the design looks beautiful.

For better understanding, note the following:

1. Sanitize properly;

2. Do not expose yourself to the sun;

3. Use a healing ointment;

4. Don’t itch;

5. Do not remove the shell;

6. Avoid eating fatty foods; and

7. Avoid bathing in the sea.

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