Apple dream meaning/rotten/earthworms/bitten/eating/fallen etc.

What do dream about apple really mean?

Dreaming about an apple is a very common dream. Undoubtedly, this fruit is a nutritious food, rich in vitamins and minerals. The apple has for many centuries been associated in the dream world with symbolism. It is the forbidden fruit of the tale of Snow White and Adam’s Eden. In this article we will provide you information of  Apple dream meaning.

If apples appear in dreams, perhaps you have already had an experience with them, whether in a movie or having eaten this delicious fruit. It is likely to manifest itself in dreams, as a subconscious memory that does not necessarily have a special meaning .

They are usually associated with passion, desires, wisdom. If you’ve dreamed of fruit, you’re certainly wondering what that means.

But if you don’t remember any events related to apples or if it’s not your favorite fruit, you should know what the interpretation of apple dreams is.

Like the vast majority of all dreams we have, it will depend on the characteristics that are present. To know what they are hiding, it will be necessary to study every detail that presents itself.

What do dream about apple really mean?

Dreams about apples reveal big secrets. Some experts indicate that the appearance of this fruit indicates the desire to conquer and improve in an important area of ​​life. It is also seen as a representation in the dream world as perfection and harmony. Therefore, it is related to the constant search for control and balance. Apple dream meaning

Analysts specializing in dream interpretation relate it to the pleasures of life, to learning, to the desire to enjoy and to satisfy needs. Talk about the desires and temptations we will face when choosing the right path.

As we mentioned, dreaming about apples has many different interpretations. That’s why it’s good for you to analyze the circumstances you’re going through and remember carefully that it’s not the same to dream of a bad apple as it is of a red one. To help you find the most precise meaning, we show what it symbolizes according to the context.

dream about red apple

Red apples represent desire, passion, sexual character, if you dreamed of this fruit it indicates a state of denial of problems. But what situation is bothering you? perhaps future events to maintain a steady sexual appearance situation.

If you are a committed or married person on the emotional side, you must be aware and not get carried away by the passions. If you dream that you are biting the red apple and cannot avoid this in dream interpretation, they indicate that you will fall into temptation.

If the red apple is in your hands but you cannot bite it, it is a sign that deep desires are repressed in your being. Other dream analysts reveal that you will receive a reward for your work. If you ever thought about starting a project, now is the time to do it, you will be successful at what you do. Apple dream meaning

dream about apple tree

If you see a totally lush apple tree in your dream, it symbolizes success and prosperity. Likewise, you will specify the project that will change the situation at the labor and economic level. Unlike if this fruit is in the cup, it reveals that it must carry out the projects it proposes.

dream of rotten apple

Sin is the word that symbolizes dreaming of apples. If in your dreams you see healthy apples beginning to rot, your instinct-driven actions will end up altering the healthy environment and relationships you’ve already established.

Passion is the necessary feeling for life, but sometimes, when we let it control us, it can transcend the limits of sin. The consequences you will be subject to will surface.

Dreaming about apples with earthworms

In dream interpretation, it indicates that there is a problem that troubles you that you have not been able to overcome. So be aware that you will receive visits from the past that will alter the order you have established in life.

If the worms eat your apple, you will face a family conflict over land or inheritance distribution. You must have done it wrong and feel bad about it. These actions are related to mistakes or infidelities.

It also represents failure and guilt. Therefore, you must think about the things you regret, try to correct the error so that your conscience is clear. Learn to accept things so that you are always successful.

dream about bitten apple

This is a sign that someone is attracted to you. Try to seduce yourself and you want to fulfill a passionate desire with you. But, in the meaning of dreams, it does not represent just a personal situation, but is involved with the person. And it’s not safe for you to establish a formal relationship. If you don’t have to go through certain uncertainties, it’s better not to get involved with a third party.

dream about big apple

There is a problem that you have not resolved and it is associated with repressed desires and passions. If the apple drops you to the ground, the problem you’re involved in will blossom.

It is possible that a sexual adventure or flirting has consequences for your personal environment. If you get close to the big apple and it changes size. In the sense of dreams it indicates that you are living in times of confusion, but your sanity will take care of keeping calm.

dream of many apples

If you see many of these fruits in a bowl in the dream, the dream reveals that leaving things unimportant in your life can turn into moments of anguish.

Those events that you don’t resolve are stored in the subconscious by altering reactions. If these apples are scattered around the inn, indicate what later events will lead you to deal with the things you ignored.

dream of yellow apple

It is a clear warning towards dreams that in the coming days your relationship with the environment will be put to the test. You may develop a hostile attitude towards some person or event. On the other hand, it tells us that you are living in a fantasy world, which makes you susceptible to trauma.

If you eat the yellow apple, it means you will be cheated. If you’re cutting a yellow apple, it means you didn’t make a good decision. So the situation will affect you. From now on, you must analyze the subject that you involved.

dream of blue apples

Seeing blue apples in your dream is a representation of the tendency to live outside of reality. It’s saying that you should try to get out of your fantasy world and get carried away by unreal situations. If you find yourself eating a blue apple, you may be prone to be betrayed in a common fact, you will feel sad. Apple dream meaning

dream about green apple

Dreams about green apples can have many meanings. It’s about good desires to get something you want. You will also have to strive to achieve what you want. It also represents a stage of hope and prosperity. You must pay attention to the various opportunities that present themselves before making the right decisions.

dream of eating apples

If you dream of eating apples and are not yet ripe. This tells us that the material things you want to achieve will be difficult to achieve. Also, if you dream of a juicy apple, it means your interest is focused on the spiritual.

It could be related to success. You will be able to receive the reward that you so deserve for your hard work and effort. Finally, you can taste the taste of your success. On the other hand, in dream interpretation, she tells us that our lives are full of problems and mistakes.

Symbolizes the dangers you must face. If you’ve dreamed of getting a poisoned apple, that tells us you’re taking unnecessary risks. It also lets you know that someone close to you is planning to betray you. Pay attention and don’t be fooled. Apple dream meaning

Dreaming of trees full of apples

On purpose, but this time the good ones, that tree full of apples that you sometimes dream about also speaks. New Year’s resolutions, for example, which manifest themselves in many wishes to be fulfilled, in a large crop of proposals that you make to yourself that you may or may not fulfill.

Don’t worry, if you dream of a tree full of apples, it’s because you’re at the best time to achieve success, prosperity and carry out the projects you have in mind.

dreaming of black apples

Seeing black apples in a dream is a sign of bad omens, you must beware of dangerous situations. It can refer to the health of a family member who is at a critical stage. If you bite into a black apple, it’s an announcement of serious illness or financial ruin at your doorstep.

Dreaming of fallen apples on the ground

And maybe your dream suddenly turns into a kind of emotional nightmare if you see all the apples lying on the ground at the foot of the tree. They’re there, nobody catches them, you don’t and they’re going to get bad. They are abandoned waiting for another time, maybe tomorrow.

This dream is a reflection of procrastination, that word so fashionable that it only means to postpone or leave for another time. Pick up those fallen apples right now, you’ll see your anguish and stress fade away.

Dreaming of a basket full of apples

We hope you dream of a basket full of apples because there is no better symbol of happiness and well-being. Also balance between body and mind.

dream about ripe apples

Having a dream of juicy ripe apples bodes well for the future, that what you’ve planned in your life, you’re accomplishing with flying colors. You are about to reap the rewards of work done with dedication and commitment. It is a sign of success and well-deserved prosperity.

dream that you deliver an apple

If in your dreams you find yourself handing an apple to someone you know, be aware of their behavior for the next few days. You may experience deep carnal desires, inadequate to be near you. If the fruit rejects you, you are about to suffer a feeling of frustration.

dream of giving apples

It’s a beautiful dream that reflects your feelings of affection and love that you have for yours and the people around you. Act out your desire to help those in need by protecting the weakest. If you give the apple you don’t know, it indicates your great selfless heart towards others.

Dreaming of hiding an apple from an acquaintance

If in your dream you see that you are hiding an apple so that someone you know can’t see it, it’s a sure sign that you don’t want them to know what your feelings or reactions are to a particular circumstance.

It’s an indication that you want to keep a secret for a while or that you feel like you can’t trust someone around you.

dream of picking apples from a tree

This type of dream is a symbol that you are striving to achieve the best possible realization of your projects. Harvesting apples in a dream indicates that you are ready to accept the benefits of work done with effort and dedication.

dream that you steal an apple

If you have this particular dream, chances are you’re looking for something or someone that you can’t get into your life right now.

What you want is unattainable or inconvenient for you, it is provocative and tempting. But, you must be careful, this can bring you problems in your environment or with people who do not agree with your behavior.

dream that you cut an apple

It’s a rather strange and revealing dream, when you find yourself cutting an apple into several pieces it symbolizes that you are indecisive in a situation that awaits your response.

You don’t feel secure and don’t decide to specify a project you’ve been immersed in for a long time. You must hurry to finish, maybe you will miss a good opportunity to move on in your life.

dream about poisoned apples

If you dream of poisoned apples, it means that you are living in a relationship or a story that is very harmful to you, that behind the passion, desire and intensity of that relationship hide dark, dark or even dangerous subjects.

dream of cooking apples

Dreaming that you cook apples or use apples in a cooking recipe means that you need to live an adventure, that you need to release a part of yourself, whether emotional, sexual or personal.

dream that you get apples

If you dream that someone gives you one or more apples, it means that someone from your environment or someone who will come back into your life will test you or your senses, offering you something appetizing, interesting or fascinating.

This dream is often an omen of a sexual love or adventure that involves emotional conflict for you.

dream of collecting apples

If you dream of collecting apples, it means that you will have certain advantages in a specific situation of your life, that you will have special help that will allow you to overcome your opponents, obtain a better result or reach your objective sooner.

Dreaming of having apples in your hands

If, in your dream, the apples slip from your hands, it is a sign that your way of acting is sometimes unclear, doubts between duty and desire.

You move away from your real goals, dreams and desires. But if you hold them firmly, then they indicate that you are very clear about what you want and propose, you work hard to receive good fruit for your dedication.

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