Abortion dream meaning/during pregnancy/blood/another’s etc.

Meanings Of Dreaming About Abortion

One of the worst nightmares men and women can experience is dreaming of a miscarriage. In addition to any political, social or religious label, abortion is the projection of an unfulfilled goal, an unsuccessful plan. So you must know that the meaning of dreaming about abortion is not related to babies. Abortion dream meaning

This is a dream experience that usually occurs during a sad stage in your life. It’s also common to dream about miscarriage during a period of depression or when you feel like you’ve lost something really valuable to you. Before proceeding, you should know that if you are pregnant and have dreamed of an abortion, you will have nothing to worry about.

This is a kind of dream that foreshadows other kinds of situations. However, it is still a common nightmare among women aged 15 to 50 years. Also, if you have recently suffered the loss of a baby, your subconscious will lead you to experience this dreamlike experience, causing you to have a bad time in your sleep.

We are well aware that abortion is a problem that is still a delicate one for many today. It’s a topic that can split any happy gathering in two. Several countries around the world condemn the practice of abortion, especially in regions where Catholicism dominates. This is an act that goes against life for them and therefore is contrary to God.

However, in countries where the practice of abortion is legal, the basic argument indicates that the woman, as the sole owner and responsible for her body, has all the authority to decide what to do with it, and no one has the power to judge. there. decision.

Although it is a very controversial issue, this time we will not discuss whether this is a morally justifiable act or not. We maintain freedom of opinion as long as they do not negatively influence others. So it’s time to focus on discovering the meaning of dreaming about abortion. Abortion dream meaning

What do dream about abortion really mean?

It doesn’t matter whether you see yourself as induced or spontaneous, dreaming of abortion leaves you with a bad taste accompanied by a not-very-pleasant feeling of sadness. We cannot deny that you are facing a total nightmare that has a negative meaning, except that you are now pregnant. If so, dreaming about abortion is meaningless.

This is just a dream experience that addresses the frequent fears of pregnancy. On the other hand, if you are not pregnant and dreaming of an abortion, you should be alert, as this is a dream that foreshadows the arrival of misfortunes. Dreaming about abortion is closely related to health problems, but it can also be related to future economic losses. In short, it is a dream that heralds future losses.

When analyzing the meaning of dreaming about pregnancy, we know that it announces the arrival of new projects, a new love or a new job, so the meaning of dreaming about an abortion reveals the failure of all these plans. If you have a lot of great ideas and plans in mind, this is probably not the best time to execute them.

Dreaming of miscarriage

Dreaming about miscarriage is the way your subconscious indicates that you are suffering from serious self-esteem issues. Inside you feel your dignity being dragged along the floor. In order to regain confidence, you must begin to take firm action and make decisions with your heart and reason. Abortion dream meaning

dreaming of abortion and blood

If you dream of abortion and blood, it reveals that you are a person who is very afraid to bring a new person into the world. Likewise, it may be the revelation of an unconscious fear of suffering during pregnancy and the end of labor. If you want to understand this dream a little more, you can refer to the meaning of dreaming about blood.

Dreaming of miscarriage during pregnancy

Dreaming about miscarriage during pregnancy indicates that conceiving a child is an experience that causes you great fear and anxiety. Your constant fear of suffering the loss of your baby or that it doesn’t come completely healthy in this world makes you have a bad time at night. Stop worrying, it’s just a dream. If you have any questions, you can consult your gynecologist or obstetrician.

Dreaming of another person’s miscarriage

Dreaming of another person’s miscarriage is, without a doubt, a dream experience that has a negative meaning. It will never bring good news. However, seeing abortion from afar without being a participant has a very different meaning. It is a dream that reveals that you will have small problems in your life, but with effort and dedication you can overcome them. Abortion dream meaning

Dreaming of aborting and seeing the fetus

It is a dream with a very bad omen that reveals that in the near future you will face very serious problems. You will go through several moments that will cause a strong regret for actions taken in the past. This is a dream that is very unusual, however you can experience it. If you dream of having an abortion and see the fetus, but instead of being saddened by a feeling of joy, it means that you will get out of all your problems and can find the desired moment when you will lose a great weight.

Dream about abortion and see the fetus

It is the way in which your subconscious tells you that there will soon be several events that will cause you great pain or regret. As in the previous dream, if this experience brings you joy or tranquility, you must know that these events will help you to gain your peace and, at the same time, will get out of your life that which is an obstacle for you.

Dreaming of an aborted fetus being a man who sees the fetus

This means that you will soon experience a season of trouble in every area of ​​your life. You will feel how prosperity leaves you, love withdraws from you, and how your family rejects you. You don’t have to worry because this is a temporary thing. Also you just have to be strong. Abortion dream meaning

Dreaming that you participate in abortion

It’s a dream experience that shows a very bad omen. This is a dream that heralds the arrival of economic, family and couples problems in your life. The cause? Some specific action will unleash all this harm in you. You will not stop feeling regrets for this and it will be necessary for you to ask forgiveness from several people to correct all these mistakes.

Dreaming of abortion and not being able to get pregnant

It’s a pretty common and unpleasant dream, however, you have nothing to worry about. This dream experience is usually very common in women who have been told by their doctor that pregnancy will be complicated for them. This leads to depression and having these types of dreams. There is no reason to feel bad, there are many cases of women who managed to get pregnant even though they knew it would be complicated.

Dreaming of taking abortion pills

It’s a dream experience that reveals you’re in the middle of an internal struggle to get out of a state of frustration. You are aware that many of your life projects and goals have failed or you have not achieved them. You have a great fear of not achieving success. The important thing in this case is to try to persist, to be resilient. You don’t need to get discouraged or give up. Abortion dream meaning

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