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Sign of Virgo: Characteristics, Love, Personality, Qualities, Flaws – Complete

The natives of the sign of Virgo are characterized by their immense precision, their conventionality, their normally reserved nature, and their obsession with cleanliness. Furthermore, Virgos are observant and patient. They can often seem cold, but in fact, they have a huge difficulty making friends, so their relationships are often superficial, for fear of giving in to them and, in the end, they lack security in their emotions and opinions. Virgo description

They are discreet, friendly and fun, always willing to collaborate with people and solve any type of problem. Virgos are methodical, studious, charming and dignified.

They love to learn and are able to analyze the most difficult situations. However, because they are so meticulous, they always delay their completion of complicated projects.

Virgos are intuitive and able to see all sides of a discussion, so it becomes more difficult for them to reach exact, concrete conclusions.


In astrology, Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac, coming before Libra and after Leo. Born between August 23 and September 22 , Virgos, overflowing with reasons and prejudices, have Pisces, who are gifted, as opposite and complementary. of an attitude of hope, faith and charity. Virgo is a mutable sign and, depending on the year, it has small variations.

Virgo is an Earth element sign and its ruling planet is Mercury, which makes the native very good at writing and speaking. Overall a great communicator.

Your Earth element represents realism, making you see all things as they truly are. Furthermore, they are conservative and organized, even if they are in the midst of chaos. Your dreams and goals are focused and well defined in your mind. Virgo description


Represented by the image of a woman holding a bundle of wheat, one of the explanations for the symbology of the sign comes from the goddess of innocence and purity Proserpina, daughter of Ceres, who was kidnapped by Pluto, forcing her to marry him. His mother, in despair, made the whole earth infertile.

Pluto then allowed his wife to visit his mother during the summer and his father during the spring. Ceres, in this period, promoted good harvests. For that reason, Virgos are thorough, precise, and handle transitions well. They are very controlling, becoming naughty and quite critical.


Order and cleanliness stand out among all Virgos, do you want to drive them crazy? Mess up all your belongings. They are detail oriented and see everything around them, so they feel the need to establish rules and laws, or they end up driving their own mind crazy.

Because they are critical and discreet, not all people like to live by their side. Virgo is also characterized by the attachment to sincerity and loyalty, they are very generous and despise the superfluous.

Intelligence is part of the Virgo personality. A Virgo can always teach you, but he is also willing to learn, not liking fights and trying to maintain a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere among everyone.


For a Virgo, “practice is the basis of perfection”, for being extremely organized in everything mentally and physically. It has an impressive ability to concentrate and it is hardly possible to deceive someone from the sign of Virgo. He will always be sincere and will tell you why he is being deceived, his memory and his notes contribute to his perfectionism.

They easily learn what to do and what not to do. As they are extremely detailed, they are always focused on efficiency and results. However, they hate to be criticized, for them it is an offense and humiliation, but they love to criticize and offend and demand the most and the best of everyone.


One of the characteristics of Virgo is that they are not efficient at saving. When they want perfection in everything, they extrapolate and spend more than is necessary. Virgos are thirsty for knowledge, abundance, and all the material things they like. Virgo description

In the profession, the natives of the Sign of Virgo are systematic and methodical, always trying to do their best so that everything is organized, planned and well defined, without any doubts. If you have to involve third parties, they can work mechanically through your organization.

The best career options are those that demand a lot of your concentration, including: writer, doctor, nurse, critic, professor and psychologist.


As he is a perfectionist and very critical, these defects are aggravated by his demanding that everyone be like him. However, perfection does not exist. Anything in excess is bad and very complicated. It can be the exaggeration of the pursuit of perfection or self-esteem. For Virgo natives, their worst fault is that they feel that nothing is ever good enough and that it can always get better.

This obsession with looking for something wrong and wanting to give a solution drives people out of your life. He is almost never able to give a compliment, but he is always willing to give criticism.


Virgo natives, with their perfectionism, can hardly find the perfect person. They are always looking to find someone who fulfills all the requirements of their huge list of suitors, which is quite detailed and complicated.

Virgo, with his level of demand, if he can’t find the person who fulfills all his requirements, he can be alone without any problem. However, if he finds someone, he begins to analyze and compare with old loves, ending up being dissatisfied.


Virgos, being very objective and detailed in relation to love issues, end up being left out. Virgo is not the most romantic sign, but once you build a relationship based on trust, you end up in deep and intense relationships.

In a relationship of love or friendship, the signs that best suit Virgo are:

– Pisces – Opposites attract and complete each other. Pisces gives Virgos peace and tranquility, and Virgo activates Pisces’ ambitions, a combination that can lead to a life full of experiences with intellectual and spiritual growth. Virgo description

– Taurus – They share many interests and qualities in common. If there is a real interest from both, they will manage to have a happy life, with the two making concessions so that they are in total harmony.

– Capricorn – They think and act in harmony, building a solid relationship if they manage to find the balance between the two.

– Virgo – They are the same in everything. Both bring growth to your lives. It’s a relationship that flows easily if the two of you are paying attention so that the relationship is always interesting and alive. Virgo description


According to astrology, the Age of Virgo was from the Year 1 AD to 2000 AD The sign of Virgo has the meaning of purity, like children, together with Christ and the Virgin Mary. All religions that emerged in this era have many of the characteristics of the sign of Virgo: serving and working.

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