Virgo birth chart/main characteristics

Virgo in the astrological chart – See its main characteristics

Virgo , much like her symbolism, is feminine, gracious and ladylike. As the 6th sign of the zodiac, Virgo is also a meticulous perfectionist. Most natives born in this sign are sincere and concerned about guilt, family, friends and loved ones. Critical and demanding in most ideas and situations, Virgos can be equally happy and melancholy. This Virgo attribute makes them slightly irritable and a little negative in their approach. Virgo birth chart

Thus, Virgo is an Earth sign, and all the qualities and abilities of the mother earth are a part of the personality of these individuals. This makes them kind, caring, loving, and responsible educators, but they expect others to follow their strict sets of rules. Yes, this is another very important aspect of Virgo people’s personality. Its adherents are perfectionists and great organizers, which is why they have a certain set of standards, which they continue to expect others to abide by.

The sign of Virgo is an excellent lover. He’s sensual, methodical and very patient, which means he can wait a long time for his soul mate to discover he has a good thing. However, it is important for them to feel needed by their peers. And even if Virgos don’t express many words of love, they will be quite demonstrative in the bedroom.

Check out what having Virgo in the birth chart can represent in your life:


Your sense of security is related to order and clarity, even in emotions. Who has Moon in Virgo may have the need to organize everything that is chaotic and disorganized. They should try to be more tolerant, accepting the imperfections of life.


People with Mercury in Virgo lose their naturalness and stop being carefree. They are thorough and accurate. The earth‘s influence awakens contemplation and the need to provide evidence of your discoveries and opinions. 

These individuals are very accurate because they are heavily influenced by their house sign. They are also renowned experts in the field who have chosen to specialize. In addition to being materialistic and scientific, they have a talent for economics. Virgo birth chart


Venus in Virgo can signal difficulties, because love and beauty cannot coexist with analysis, so one of them must be suppressed. The result of analyzing love and art is the realization that one has to accept secrets and stop analyzing them. These people have a very kind and rare sense of distinction. If people with Venus in Virgo choose to choose inspiration over technology, they can become unbeatable at appreciating, expressing, and maintaining the wonderful fragility of love and beauty.


People with Mars in Virgo can be quite demanding, they have high expectations of themselves as well as others. Their work is very accurate and admirable, but they sometimes forget that they shouldn’t try to do the impossible. 

The favorable aspect of Mars in Virgo gives people ambition and intelligence. They can quickly understand tasks and continually work on them. Your mental abilities are strongly developed. Besides the scientific dispositions allow them to use their rationality and logic in research and business. Readiness and creativity also guarantee progress and success.


The Virgo analytical perfectionist can sometimes make the growth and development of Jupiter almost impossible. They must reduce the scope of their projects in order to make them easily identifiable. An analysis that helps them see what is happening can help them see the relatively small but vital role they are playing in a larger project that is likely to involve many people. 

For that reason, your work may involve finding people who participate in this “greater project” and who serve the common good. Jupiter in Virgo has a positive influence on business and brings success to this area, for example, to manage various projects. These people can also find work in education or public administration.


Saturn in Virgo teaches these people to distinguish between what is important and what is insignificant, as well as what is good and what is bad. Their life lessons can lead them to extreme asceticism or, conversely, to self-indulgence. 

Sometimes their conscience is like an altar on which they sacrifice all desires for secular pleasures, and at other times they profane them with vigor. Therefore, they have to establish a certain purity of being, but this purity should not be too demanding and should not expose their soul completely.


Uranus in Virgo aggravates some negative traits, for example, perfectionism. These people are green and promote alternative medicine. They also appreciate new technologies and frequently participate in their research and applications. They crave social justice and can become left-wing radicals or trade unionists.


Neptune in Virgo indicates the ability to predict future events. But that depends a lot on other aspects. People with this position are often able to fulfill intuitive ideas, fantasies and dreams because Virgo is a practical earth sign. In it there is a certain link between inspiration and creativity.


People with Pluto in Virgo are precise and methodical. If the planet is damaged, they can start looking for flaws and become very strict about adhering to the rules. They can still achieve transformation by analyzing.

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