Venus in different signs/complete description

Characteristics of Venus in the signs

Generally, when we talk about astrology, the first thing that comes to our mind is our sun sign, which defines us based on some characteristics and puts us in a wide group: Aryans, Gemini, Taurus, among others. But, within our birth chart, several other stars and strategic points help to define who we really are, including the planet Venus. Venus in different signs

Known as Venus, or Aphrodite, the goddess of love is one of the best known in Greco-Roman mythology, and is linked precisely to our way of dealing with this feeling, so deep and difficult to understand.

Understanding the aspects of Venus in your birth chart is very important to understand yourself with regard to sensuality, sexuality and the way to relate affectionately with someone, check out the characteristics of Venus in each sign below.


For love to happen when you have Venus in Aries, the conquest needs to be continuous. They need people who have a lot of initiative and are constantly excited about the relationship.

They are very intense people, who fall in love easily, but take a long time to get attached, like to be stimulated by their partner and to live many adventures together. A monotonous and sentimental love in excess does not please those who have this combination.


People with Venus positioned in Taurus feel a great need for stability. They enjoy relating to intelligent, enthusiastic people who love a specific career or hobby.

They usually look for someone they can trust. The sense of security is essential for these people’s love relationships to be stable. They like long-lasting relationships and tend to be quite jealous and possessive of those they love.


Venus in Gemini looks for people who are easy to communicate with, need to be smart and have an outgoing way. They are people who quickly change their minds about those they relate to and fall in love easily, so they tend to have shorter relationships with multiple people. Venus in different signs

They are very sincere people, who can seem a little cold when expressing opinions without too much caution. Monotony is something that definitely spoils a relationship for a Gemini who is always in need of something new.


People with Venus in Cancer love in a very affectionate and welcoming way. They are very sentimental and like to feel deeply connected with their partners. They need to feel that their efforts are being rewarded and their love is being returned.

They are usually jealous people, and like to have romantic moments at home. Lack of reciprocity is something that destroys a love relationship for someone with Cancer. They can be very spiteful and dramatic if they feel they are not getting the attention they deserve.


For someone with Virgo in Leo to fall in love, it is necessary for the person to win their admiration. People with this combination love fervently and are very affectionate, like to live in the intensity of the relationship, and tend to test the loyalty of their partners.

They are very dedicated people and are always doing their best to make love work, but they demand reciprocity in return. These people usually place a lot of expectations on their partners, precisely because they admire them, they always expect the best and a lot of attention from them.


People with Venus in Virgo have a very shy way of loving. They are quite romantic, but they also have difficulties in giving themselves to someone. They are very introspective and serious, which makes them slow in their search for loving relationships.

They are usually attracted to people who are down to earth and truly committed. They are very self-critical and can feel very insecure at the beginning of the relationship. They don’t like very clingy people or exaggerated displays of affection in public.


People who have Venus in Libra are usually very balanced in their relationship. They love for real and give themselves to the relationship, but they are not the type who do everything for love. They have a lot of self-love. Venus in different signs

They are usually patient and like to listen to their partner. They usually ask for loving advice from close friends and follow it to the letter, which may not be very positive, as they can take steps in the field of love that lead them to repentance.


Venus in Scorpio indicates a heightened sexuality and extremely intense passions. Individuals with this combination are very attached to the feeling of desire and many areas of their life are driven by them.

They live a lot of relationships and like to try new things in sex, so they take time to get involved in serious relationships. But when they do get involved, they are very possessive and vindictive if they feel betrayed or abandoned.


Sagittarius is a sign that asks for a lot of freedom and movement, with this placement of Venus, people tend not to like any kind of commitment. They have very lively sexuality and love to try everything.

They are very extroverted people, who have lots of flirting throughout their lives, are interested and disinterested quickly and without remorse. They don’t like to feel stuck in a relationship, and they don’t have patience with clingy people.


Seriousness and security are the main characteristics that someone with Venus in Capricorn looks for. They are very cautious when indulging in a relationship. They tend to think a lot about the pros and cons of a relationship with that person.

They like people who can talk and, as they usually mature early, they need someone who can follow their reasoning. They are usually quite reserved and don’t like a lot of caressing or fond of cute nicknames, especially in public.

They are attracted to people who are caring and thoughtful, but who also have a great passion for their career and future. They are jealous, but they try to trust the person.


People with this placement of Venus in Aquarius like to experiment with new types of relationships. They don’t usually have crushes or long-lasting relationships, they prefer to have the freedom to meet different people and explore their own sexuality.

Individuals with this combination don’t care much for opinions and social conventions of what’s right and what isn’t in a relationship. They like freedom and lots of activity, love sexual novelties and value this moment a lot, but a more carnal value than sentimental. Venus in different signs

They don’t like to relate to people who are possessive or jealous and tend to leave their partners quite free to live as they please, so they can seem a little insensitive to someone who appreciates something more serious. They are also very honest and open about what they like and don’t like in a relationship.


People with Venus in Pisces have a great tendency to live platonic loves. They are very dreamy and believe a lot in true love. Sensitive, they seek to be reciprocated, but, for fear of rejection, they may not externalize what they feel.

They can become very dependent on those they love, having their whole life and mindset influenced by the arrival of love. When they experience a disappointment in love, they tend to get very melancholy and no longer see so much fascination and meaning in life. Unrequited love takes a long time to heal for these people. Venus in different signs

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