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Venus in Capricorn: Check out Capricorn’s characteristics in love

Our sun sign is generally what we know best and that we usually use as a way to identify our own personality. However, far beyond a single sign, our profile is drawn by a set of combinations between Astros and strategic points present in the sky. Venus in Capricorn

Among these Astros is Venus, a planet related to the Greco-Roman goddess of love, and whose meaning indicates precisely our way of dealing, seeing and feeling love in our lives in all social spheres, such as in love relationships, with our friends, co-workers and family members.

Venus in Capricorn brings influences from both this sign and the Earth element and the planet Saturn, both rulers of the sign. With this, for you to better understand the particulars related to your way of seeing love, check out the meaning of Venus in Capricorn and the relationship of this planet with Earth and Saturn.


The transit of Venus through the signs happens irregularly, usually each sign receives its visit once a year and hosts it for about 26 days, creating a relationship that affects our attitudes related to love.

When Venus is in Capricorn, it can influence other signs, bringing the search for the more intellectual and material side of life and leaving love relationships somewhat abandoned. Those born with this placement tend to deal with love in this way on many occasions, even when the planet is passing through other signs.


People with Venus in Capricorn usually start their love life a little later than usual. They are also not young people who are very engaged in social life, with few friends and a concentration focused on more intellectual entertainment, which does not hinder their professional development.

These natives can be seen as cold and extremely materialistic, and in many ways they are. However, they also like to feel loved and can be very romantic and affectionate partners. In all walks of life Capricorns like serious and intelligent people. They mature very early and may end up surrounding themselves with a select group of older people.

Precisely because they are cautious with friendships, they can be seen as arrogant and are not usually welcomed by more extroverted people. They like to be discreet and tend to be conservative in the way they see affective relationships.

Individuals with Venus and Capricorn are very loyal and understanding partners. When they commit to someone, they are very determined and go all the way with a promise. Likewise, they can’t stand people without a word they can’t trust.

Capricorns of love may sound boring and rule-bound to some, but for those who like to establish lasting bonds with people who are truly committed to love, they are excellent and indispensable companions.

These natives are also very concerned about their own status, and this also affects when choosing their company. They like refined people, who fit into interesting environments, where conversations are more mature and with good information. They also prefer to live with those who have a similar political and ideological position.

These are the main characteristics of those who were born with Venus in Capricorn, they are what shape their affective life from the moment they are born until the last day of their lives. It is clear that, over time, some of these aspects can be changed through maturation, self-analysis and the will to change, which is characteristic of every human being.

However, it is important to always be guided by the positioning of your Venus, so as not to end up going against your own nature when establishing new relationships and being able to pay attention to your defects and qualities in this area of ​​life, always seeking a better version of yourself and avoiding emotional harm to both yourself and those you care about.


When Venus relates to Capricorn, it ends up capturing the energies that the Earth element emanates to the sign indirectly, which brings some common characteristics in the way of dealing with love in all earth signs.

Attachment to materiality is one of those Earth-influenced behaviors for the natives of Venus in Capricorn. For them, in addition to being intelligent, suitors also need to have an imposing physical bearing and a personality that tends to guide them towards a life of professional and personal success.


When positioned in Capricorn, Venus indirectly interacts with the planet’s ruling planet, which is Saturn. According to mythology, Saturn, or Zeus, had great leadership skills and a lot of wisdom. With a strategic look towards the future and conquest, this planet influences Capricorns of love with a lot of rationality within love relationships.

Saturn also brings to this combination, through this less emotional and more logical look, the fear of surrender and a certain amount of sabotage to one’s own heart. Thus, whoever has Venus in Capricorn can feel this influence through a feeling of constant distrust in the other, making it difficult to establish both more lasting friendships and love relationships.

When noticing these characteristics, it is important for the native to pay attention to behaviors that may purposely distance people around him, allowing himself to live the affection without so many reservations. When they manage to reach balance, maturation brings more consistency and self-confidence, providing more fluidity and positivity to the affective life of those who have Venus in Capricorn.

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