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Venus in Cancer: Check Cancerian Characteristics in Love

Astrology is a very old science, which seeks to understand the connection between humanity and all the stars that shape our being. Although it is generally recognized through the sun sign, which is the most famous in the Zodiac, there are a number of other studies that identify other matters as fundamental to the formation of our personality. Venus in Cancer

Among these stars are the planets of the Solar System, whose symbolism is linked to the attitudes of the homonymous Roman gods, such as Venus, who is the goddess of love and who, in astrological study, symbolizes our affective associations and the way to see this feeling so important to our interpersonal relationships.

Venus can be positioned in the 12 different signs present in the Astral Chart. When he positions himself in Cancer, all the particularities of this sign, along with the influences he receives from the Water and Moon, rulers of the sign, end up reflecting on those who were born with Venus in Cancer , bringing to these people a unique way of loving, who you will meet in this article.


Venus has a unique way of getting around the Sun completely. It usually transits a little less than a year, and spends approximately 26 days in each sign, but this number can vary from sign to sign and year to year.

When Venus enters Cancer, the love connections of all other signs can be affected, such as the desire to take good care of the other or even a wave of jealousy, characteristic of this sign in love.

For those born with this positioning, all characteristics related to Venus in Cancer tend to be strong even when the planet is walking through other signs, this is because the birth position of Venus is fundamental in the construction of affective bases, since it is to born that we have our first contact with other people, with doctors, with our mothers, and so on.


People who have Venus in Cancer are often very emotionally sensitive. They are quite intuitive and love is something that is present even in their life goals, such as always having a healthy family bond, maintaining true friendships and finding a reliable loving partner who also values ​​the family a lot.

Cancerian of love are very empathetic creatures, who look with affection at other people and who are always willing to help and care for others, often getting involved in social causes or professional areas related to care, such as medicine and teaching.

Despite this, they do not usually have a large group of friends, as they are more introspective and end up not finding it very easy to establish deeper relationships with many people at the same time. They have a very powerful creativity and tend to find in art a more effective way to express themselves, reaching more people through their feelings.

As they are very homely individuals, the tendency is for them to have family contact that is often able to fill the role of friendships that would come from abroad, feeling welcomed without needing many companions, so they also do not usually feel alone and helpless , even having few contacts.

The natives of Venus in Cancer also have a personality that seeks stability, they like to feel secure and, especially when looking for a loving partner, prefer to bond with people who value the romantic relationship, being more conservative and attached to traditions, such as typical wedding with veil and wreath.

Despite being very affectionate and dedicated to love, these natives can also be quite dangerous, precisely because they know how to handle this feeling well. They manage to act in bad faith to achieve desired goals, through emotional blackmail. They can also be extremely jealous and possessive of their partners, something these natives need to watch out for to avoid causing a toxic relationship.

However, when they balance their desires to control the relationship and direct them towards their ability to deal well with love on a positive side, they are extremely welcoming partners, who make a difference in the lives of those closest to them, romantic couples and indispensable family members for whom knows them deeply.


When we think of the element Water, ruler of Cancer, we are usually taken to colder, more humid and melancholy scenarios, which doesn’t seem like a very fertile ground for a healthy love. However, Water also symbolizes welcoming and empathy, which strengthens the bond between this substance and the planet Venus.

The Water element is what contributes most to the need for deep and very intimate unions for those who have Venus in Cancer. The maternal and caring feeling towards those they love is also quite characteristic of those who have a tender look towards other people, typical of the relationship between Venus and Water signs such as Cancer.


The relationship between Venus and the Moon that occurs indirectly when Venus comes in contact with Cancer brings a very maternal nature to these natives’ love. On the other hand, this relationship also has a certain duality, as it is a link between the cold of the Moon and the hot of Venus that brings to those who have this combination a personality of great emotional intelligence, but who uses it in a negative way.

Venus, relating to the Moon, also brings a mysterious and involving way of loving, which seeks a kinesthetic attraction, with sexuality focused on the physical and metaphysical exploration of the other, raising love and sex to a spiritual level, that is, , putting these two as something related and extremely important in life together, one does not work very well without the other. In order for love to flow well with these natives, both bodies and minds must be attuned.

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