Tickle dream meaning/complete interpretation

What do dream about tickle really mean?

Dreaming of tickling means you can’t give in to your life’s weaknesses. You have to be strong and face the difficulties. Tickle dream meaning

Tickles are a mystery. There are those who love, there are those who hate. Generally, whoever loves is the one who does it, and whoever hates it is the one who receives.

In reality, tickling is a neurological and physical process in our body, characterized by the human body’s self-defense reaction in response to something that comes in contact with its skin.

Scientists explain that the brain ends up emitting an alarm signal, to which the body responds instantly, causing the tickling effect, causing everything you already know: uncontrollable laughter or exaggerated spasms.

But let’s get down to business. After all what does it mean to dream about tickling?

The meaning of tickling dreaming can vary greatly in relation to the interpretation or context in which it was being lived in the dream, so here are some details that make a difference in tickling dreams.


Dreaming that tickles someone can indicate that madness and weakness are one step away from overpowering you, so this dream wants to alert you to be wary of these feelings or sensations.

This can mean that everyday problems are draining all your patience, and as a result, you may soon lose your mind.

So be calm and patient because, on the other hand, this dream can also mean that you are taking life very seriously, that your life lacks lightness and humor, that is, it has lacked laughter.

In addition, it may indicate that you should relax or stop caring about a problem that has arisen recently in your life.

And lastly, another meaning of dreaming tickle, where you’re doing it with someone, can symbolize that you need to cheer that person up and make them more confident, maybe it’s a good time to try to get that other person to relax.


Dreaming that someone tickles you means you need to have more fun in your life, your bad mood is high.

You are in need of lightness and good humor, because taking things so seriously can be bad for your health.

Besides, nobody likes cranky people, right?

So this is the right time to enjoy your leisure time and have fun, it will do good for your self-esteem. So lighten your load, put the problems aside and enjoy having a good laugh, you can guarantee this in the company of a good comedy movie. Tickle dream meaning

But beware, dreaming that you are being tickled can also mean that some worries will arise or that temptations are on the way, so be careful about getting involved in fleeting romances.

And, think on the bright side, dreaming that someone tickles you also means that you will soon make money, remember also the area of ​​the body where you were tickled, this can make a world of difference in the meaning of dreaming tickled. Check it out right away:

  • Tickling feet: means that there is an exaggerated ambition in you;
  • Tickling in the nose: it means that there will be many joys in your home;
  • Ear tickling: may be a sign of infidelity.


Dreaming that you see another person tickling someone has more than one meaning, and one of them means that that person misses having moments of happiness.

So, check if this person is going through a difficult or sad time and keep him company. Certainly, her company or the simple fact of looking for her will make her happy.

The second meaning refers to yourself, indicating that it is necessary to have more maturity to handle situations with greater wisdom.

As it is necessary to take aspects of life more seriously, perhaps this is the time to reduce and even avoid out-of-time games.


Dreams in which you laugh because you tickle indicate that it is a sign of intimacy and relaxation. How is your relationship with the person who tickled you? He’s certainly friendly and relaxed, that means he’s someone you can trust.

And it can even be someone you’re interested in, and that means you can invest in that person without any major worries.


Dreaming that tickles your partner reveals that your relationship has what it takes to develop in the best way possible.

It also means you can trust, as they will still share many good times together.

If you are pleased by someone in a dream, then it symbolizes the lack of positivity, joy and happiness in your life. You are probably a very difficult person.

On the other hand, if you dreamed of tickling someone but you don’t know them, it indicates that you should prepare for good events soon, maybe a new love will come into your life. Watch out for possible future passions.

As you may have noticed, dreaming of tickling has many meanings, but most of the time it is an indication that good things are to come in your life. Or, even, that you need to change something in relation to your posture or your mood, the ideal is to achieve a balance so as not to exaggerate at inopportune moments and go out of measure. Tickle dream meaning

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