Taurus birth chart/main characteristics

Taurus in the birth chart – See its main characteristics

Taurus generally chooses to work hard, solid, stable and practical. Taurus, however, are also tremendously given to sensual pleasures. So, whether in physical delights or material comforts, love born in this sign is indulgent in excess. Taurus birth chart

They will not hesitate to go further to find these satisfactions. Most of those born in Taurus are connoisseurs of good food and good life. Paradoxically, however, the natives of Taurus are fixated on their approach, where they tend to dismiss change. 

Taurus is loyal and connected to loved ones, jobs, employers, projects, friends, etc. Many believe that Taurus is the most trusted sign in the entire zodiac, simply because he hates the idea of ​​”change”. This attribute makes Taurus people stubborn and stubborn. 

When extended to work, this stubbornness becomes a gift, because individuals are seen striving to achieve what they set out to do, and are happy, willing, patient, and sincere in their overall approach. As such, the native of Taurus is endowed with the ability to see a project through to completion.  

Taureans as lovers have their own time in building a relationship, they can’t be forced to rush. They will weigh all the positives and negatives every step of the way, before facing the next step. They also prefer their partners to be of the same social status as they are, but it is still important that the height of the wave is the same.

Check out what having Taurus in the birth chart can represent in your life:


Security depends on stability, which is not easy to satisfy. Moon in Taurus may have a practical nature, depending on the material aspects of life. These people have to learn to accept change as part of their life, otherwise complications and changes caused by other people they love may occur, such as illness and so on.


People with Mercury in Taurus are not so carefree. They are thorough and accurate. The influence of the Earth element awakens contemplation and the need to provide evidence of your discoveries and opinions. Therefore, people with Mercury in Earth signs are renowned experts in the field they have chosen to specialize.

They like to think deeply about things, have a good general knowledge of what they’re interested in ​​and enjoy the learning process as if it were good food. When they learn something and understand it, they will probably never forget it.


Venus in Taurus is a great position as the planet is full of energy and has a stronger influence than other signs. This position has a very positive influence on financial matters, especially on the profit of one’s work, regardless of any occupation. 

These people are friendly and social, and their behavior brings the same feelings in others. People with Venus in Taurus are marked by the inertia of their opinions. They adhere to opinions they have already accepted. They are also generous, but don’t waste money. In addition to enjoying politeness. 


People with Mars in Taurus don’t like to waste time daydreaming. In other words, when they make plans, they are realistic and carry out what they plan. People with Mars in Taurus are able to continually move forward with their material goals in life, and they use their patience and realistic approach to increase the value of their properties or, at the very least, ensure a peaceful place to live.

As they are determined to achieve stability, they know that the key lies in the fact that they themselves determine what stability is, rather than blindly accepting the materialist idea of ​​society.


People with Jupiter in Taurus believe in the importance of financial security and social status, including the comfort these values ​​provide. To a greater or lesser degree, they are capable of attracting wealth in some way. 

Jupiter in Taurus brings up the question of what to do with money. Growth through stabilization means that improving material conditions is closely related to the understanding that stability is a natural state and is maintained by allowing resources to flow. 


People with Saturn in Taurus need to learn to put the right value on things. They have a particularly good sense of material values, but tend to underestimate the intangibles or “invisible” things that aren’t immediately apparent at first glance. Money can become the source of your worries and problems. 

They are often afraid of losing what they already have, may be in debt or not have enough money. In the first case, they attach too much importance to material things, in the second case, they probably don’t take money seriously enough, and in the third case, they must realize that the money supply does not depend so much on external conditions, but rather on how rich they feel. inside.


People with Uranus in Taurus can experience sudden big changes in the realm of finance and property. These people often introduce many new practices in agriculture and real estate. They try to break free from the traditional conservatism of this sign and yearn for changes in the usual values. They are also creative, but not consistent.


Neptune in Taurus gives people a sensual nature and visionary abilities. They like money and art, especially music and theatre. Art can help them find a path to liberation and enlightenment.


People with Pluto in Taurus are stable, conservative and consistent, but they are also stubborn and often convinced that what they are doing is right. It’s a paradox that if Pluto is damaged, the things these people love, like sex and money, can have a detrimental effect on their mental and physical health.

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