Seeing others marriage in dream/complete interpretation

What does it mean to dream of someone else’s marriage?

Dreaming of someone else’s wedding means a foreboding of a marriage that is taking shape or it may be a wish for your dream to come true. You may have this hidden desire and wait for your plans to unfold for this event. Dreams of another person’s marriage can be associated with the desire to have your own home, your life partner, to start a family. Seeing others marriage in dream

The meaning of dreaming about someone else’s marriage may also lie in your desire to make radical changes in your life, hence the fact that someone else is getting married and not you. These changes need not necessarily be through marriage. It can be a change of profession, city, state, change of habits.

Making your life your way, financially independent, without the means and customs you’ve dealt with until now, can answer more accurately what it means to dream of someone else’s marriage.

Follow your plans step by step, without running over anything along the way. Everything in its own time. Even if it takes longer than desired, you are a determined person and nothing will stop you from achieving your projects. Anxiety, contrary to what you think, can cause some unwanted setbacks.   


Dreaming that you’re at someone else’s wedding means that you’ve been predicting, and with some reason, good things to come. Important changes are about to happen in your life that will bring you moments of great happiness. A great well-being invades your being and you know it is a harbinger of good achievements. Seeing others marriage in dream

Contain your joy and wait for the events. Careful acts are important at this time. Matters that only concern you should be more reserved. If you feel like sharing with someone, choose carefully to avoid envy and jealousy.

Dreams like this, with good omens, are always a great stimulus for us to follow life with more lightness and hope. Close your eyes from time to time and joyfully glimpse more vivid and colorful days.


Dreaming that you are invited to someone else’s wedding means first of all that you are a very dear person, very important and essential to this celebration. This already makes your self-esteem rise and fills you with pleasure. And when some stimulus raises our self-esteem, our thoughts and feelings bring us great hopes for better days and positive changes in our lives.

Know that in the professional field you will be recognized for your dedicated and very accurate work. Possibly you will gain some prominence for your performance. And in the personal field, a good surprise is to come. Moments of great joy will give a more delicate tone to your life.


Dreaming that you invade someone else’s marriage means that lately you have been gripped by conflicting feelings about your way of life. Your desire to fulfill your dream of getting married, owning your own home, and raising a family is causing you to lose focus from your plans. Plans that you have carefully crafted and that you know will take time to come to fruition.

But, you are not giving time to time and, with that, you can run over the plans that will, up ahead, reflect on your tranquility. Control your anxiety, be more cautious and calmer. Do as planned and everything will work towards a good result. Good performance will give you the touch of lightness you’ve been waiting for.


Dreaming that someone else’s marriage doesn’t happen means that your anxiety is taking on a disproportionate size. This is worrisome as it indicates that your emotional balance is weakening every day. You worry excessively about your well-being, but this is having the opposite result to what you want. Seeing others marriage in dream

Anything that is excessive slips out of balance and increases tension. Try to calm down, put your mind to work within what is satisfactory. Do not exaggerate your desires to achieve what is not yet close to your hands. Worrying too much scares off peace and slows down happiness.

If you feel you can’t let go of your anxiety disorders, try consulting with a professional. He will be able to show you how to adapt your life to the events that life brings. Mental health must be treated well. The psychological balance cannot be won.


Dreaming that you are happy in someone else’s marriage means that you are well settled in your life and that you want the happiness of those close to you. Do not have a feeling of envy for anyone, because you know that your wishes will come true thanks to your determination and dedication that will lead you to the desired achievements.

You are used to making plans and following the steps very quickly. When something takes your focus, patiently wait for everything to normalize and resume the plans with the certainty that you will achieve your goals. This behavior has a name: maturity. Seeing others marriage in dream

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