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Capricorn Phrases: See the phrases that best suit Capricorns

Individuals born between December 21st and January 20th are Capricorn. Belonging to the element Earth, they are ruled by the planet Saturn. They are people who have in their characteristics a more adult and serious way of dealing with life. They are responsible and linked to material and financial comfort. Quotes for Capricorn

Capricorn is the tenth on the wheel of the signs, they are not the type to rush into something, they plan and know where they want to go, so they don’t demand so much haste in their actions. They like to be challenged and to test their skills.   

They may take a while to reach their goals, but as they plan a lot, they hardly fail. Your self-confidence depends on achieving your goals. It is a sign marked by prudence, they are integrity in the extreme and will hardly be seen doing something that is not in keeping with their ethics and morals. They are hardworking and hardworking, can be seen as a little reserved, as they always know where they step, so they don’t open up for any reason. They like to look strong.

Capricorn, is a sign known to be conservative, not that all Capricorns are boring, they tend to preserve themselves better, it’s a guarantee they have that their own integrity will be kept intact. A security typical of Earth signs.

A few phrases can better define each sign, and Capricorn‘s will vary according to the personality of each decan and its rulership of the planet. Remembering that you can know your decan by doing your birth chart.

 Now check out the best phrases of the sign of Capricorn below. Quotes for Capricorn

  1.  “A wish doesn’t change anything. One decision changes everything.”

Capricorns of the first deanery, between the 21st and 30th of December, are governed by the planet itself, which is Saturn. They are the ones with the greatest characteristics of the sign, and this comes from the planet that rules them. It is a planet that addresses how we will deal with the limits that society imposes. As a Capricorn, you deal more seriously with most things that involve responsibilities. 

It is difficult to shake a Capricorn native, usually if they are emotional, it is because of other aspects that the birth chart brings. Capricorn‘s sentences, mainly referring to those of the first decan, focus on objectivity. They don’t expect anything from anyone, when they set out to do something, they go there and manage to do whatever they want. Maybe they lack a little delicacy in some respects, but their own comfort will make them bring it to others around them, it’s a mistake to suppose that Capricorns don’t feel anything.

The first decan reveals more reserved, tougher, but more loving Capricorns when they trust. They need to be sure they can trust someone before they really open up. They are more willing to help and have material cooperation as a foundation to know that everything is fine.

Capricorn tends to think a lot, and those in the first deanery are more willing to face challenges, because within them is the feeling that they only live once, that’s why they enjoy all the luxuries that money can buy.

They are great business partners because they have an unparalleled sense of responsibility, they are leaders and they feel their intelligence can change things a lot. And they do change. They are great partners or managers.


The Capricorn natives of the second deanery, approximately between December 31st and January 10th, are the ones with Venus most evident in their personality. These are people who have a personality more like the next Earth sign after Capricorn, which is Taurus. They are gentler, gentler, and kinder Capricorns. They are also more flexible and like to listen. Quotes for Capricorn  

They tend to be more romantic and kind, they don’t like to pick a fight for little, and even if they’re right, they prefer to forgo arguing to just be okay with themselves. They usually take things to a material side, as they are still from Earth, but with a softness as if they didn’t care. It just seems, because inside their minds ideas flow and they always know what to do.   

They have a softer speech, as if they were calm and observant, until they get mad, then there’s no one to stop them. They don’t accept injustices and live to make things work properly.

Capricorn also has an unusual critical sense, because he’s already got a foot in the third decanate, who is influenced by Virgo, approaching the passage of things through the earth, its construction, solidity and calm. He knows how to make something solid and lasting, he is a sign of consolidation, he loves to live taking advantage of what life and its material goods bring.

The Capricorn sign phrases will vary depending on the decan, Moon or Ascendant placement, and even some retrograde map placement. That’s why it’s important to consult all aspects of your birth chart.

Another detail about Capricorns in the second deanery is how they work, their focus is precisely on that to provide them with the greatest comfort they can. Running out of money for Capricorns is out of the question, many of them can even end up depressed if their expectations are not met.

  •  “To be a man is to be responsible. Is to feel that collaborate in world construction.”

Capricorns of the third decanate, between the 11th and 20th of January, are people with characteristics more similar to those of the third Earth sign of the zodiac, which is Virgo. Its rulership comes from the planet Mercury. It is seen as a lighter deanery to deal with, as its interest comes from curiosity, discovering new things and challenging them. Quotes for Capricorn

They are more willing to argue and discuss ideas, as they are governed by a planet that addresses the research and knowledge side. They are more open, always see more than one side of the situation, are not so conservative and prefer to keep their minds working on things they find useful. They are not the type to approve of trifles, they prefer something that brings them broad knowledge.   

Let’s say it’s the most curious and fearless part of Capricorn. Many of them have no problem being seen as conservatives, as they know that deep down they just want to enjoy the best of material life, after all, you only live once.


Phrases that match Capricorn bring you the reflection of knowing who you are with self-knowledge and affirming your positions according to what you believe. Quotes for Capricorn

It should not be understood that you were born that way, the sign tendencies are there to be shaped, so don’t settle for little, Capricorn‘s evolution begins when he feels good within his ethics.

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