Potatoes dream meaning/complete interpretation

What do dream about potatoes really mean?

If there is a food that is appreciated by 9 out of 10 people in the world, including Brazil, it is potatoes. Prepared in different ways, potatoes are present in our meals, whether at lunch, dinner, snacks or appetizers, fried or boiled, mashed as a puree, in a stew or as an ingredient in a salad. Potatoes dream meaning

Either way, most people don’t do without this delicacy. But do you know what it means to dream about potatoes? This article is a full plate for you to get informed and learn from this dream beyond appetizing.

For starters, potato dreams invariably bode well. As the potato is a universal food that has been supporting humanity for millennia, dreaming of this source of nutrition has to do with prosperity, harvest, good results. Achievements and gains can come from where you least expect it.

“To the winner, the potatoes!”, Machado de Assis already said, in Posthumous Memoirs of Brás Cubas. And it’s not far from the truth. The dream of potatoes almost always indicates a moment of gain in professional life. If you dreamed of potatoes, it means that it easily adapts to any situation or environment. You are the type of professional who dances to the music, is a jack of all trades and knows, like no one else, to adapt to any environment.

Just like the potato, which is an easy to grow tuber that grows in any terrain or weather conditions, you also know how to take advantage of difficult situations, in which you can show your ability.

Just like the potato, which, even though it is not a sophisticated food, has its value recognized on the menu around the world, you should also discover your special talent. Explore your potential further and believe in yourself. The reward may come sooner than you think.

But, to better understand the meaning of dreaming about potatoes, it is necessary to analyze every detail of the dream and extract the most from it. Potatoes dream meaning

Find out some interpretations below and see which one fits your dream best. 


If, in the dream, you only remember seeing a potato, it shows that you can come to take advantage of situations that today seem unimportant. Get ready for big surprises.

If you’re single, you might meet someone in an unusual location or program. If you expect recognition at work, it is possible that the opportunity will arise for you to show your talent in a large-scale project.


If you dreamed of potato chips, it indicates that you are a very sociable person who makes friends easily. If in your dream you are eating or preparing French fries, it can indicate success in a love or professional situation.

On the other hand, it is possible that you are placing too much value on unimportant problems. An alternative meaning is related to financial gain. However, remember that to harvest, you have to plant. Nothing falls from the sky. Invest in your talent and grab the opportunities that come your way. 


This dream indicates that you are eager to get quick results on some project. This anxiety can impair the quality of your work or even put you at risk for a chance you are looking for in a love situation.

Remember, everything has its time. Nothing happens before its time. Do you know that saying that the hurried eats raw? That’s exactly what your unconscious is trying to alert. Potatoes dream meaning


This dream may mean that the time is coming to reap the results of your efforts. It could be an answer you’ve been waiting for a long time, a promotion, or someone‘s heart win.

If, in the dream, the potatoes are appetizing, celebrate, as you will soon experience the taste of victory. But if, when you taste them, you feel they are raw, control your anxiety. Whether in professional or love life.


Dreams in which food is being prepared indicate the need to be recognized. It has to do with the hunger for praise, admiration and the thirst for achievement. All this preparation of peeling, chopping, and seasoning suggests that you should be patient in something you’ve been waiting for a while.

The advice here is: keep working and believe in your potential. But know that, just like a food that is prepared with care, there is a right time to experience success.


Most of the time, this dream has to do with your professional life. Every dream with a plantation represents a project in which the dreamer has invested a lot and expects a return. Planting potatoes in the dream indicates that you have everything in your hands and that you have already taken the first step and shown your ability. Try not to charge too much of yourself, because the ground is prepared. There is little to reap the rewards of your efforts.


First, this dream indicates that you are proud of your abilities and feel the need to be recognized. Dreaming that you are picking potatoes also means that your work environment will gain new members and reinforcement. The change will be positive. Try to demonstrate your leadership spirit more. Potatoes dream meaning


The potato-planting dream indicates that you are eager to see the result of your efforts, especially in your professional life. The meaning will be positive or negative, depending on the appearance of the potatoes.

If they are healthy, their investments will be successful. It also indicates social prestige. But if the fruits are in poor condition, this represents difficulties in completing a project. However, nothing to be discouraged. This dream comes to alert you to dedicate more to your business to have the expected return. 


Peeling potatoes in a dream can mean that you feel overwhelmed by responsibilities. You have to learn to ask for help when needed. This dream also represents that you are quite resistant to criticism and have a hard time accepting your mistakes. It can also indicate problems with the desktop. The message here is that you try not to let yourself be affected by negative comments and continue investing in your capacity.


A first interpretation of this dream is that you take on tasks that aren’t always for you. While it’s good to show service, don’t let yourself be exploited. On the other hand, demonstrate that you are prepared for new challenges.

It also represents an investment made recently: a course, hiring, starting a project. It indicates that you are on the right path and that you can, in the long run, achieve positive results.


If, in your dream, you are selling potatoes, it means that you should think about investing in your own business. Until now you have only worked to make a profit for others. It’s time to profit for you. Act with caution, don’t be too hasty, plan your steps before deciding. If you already have your own business, this indicates that you can take higher flights.


If you dreamed that you saw or are eating sweet potatoes, it is a dream of good omen. It is related to festive moments, with friends or family. If in the dream you are cooking a sweet potato, it represents your expectation of success in a project. You have already taken the first step and now it will all depend on patience and determination. The fruit of your labor is on the way.

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