Nits dream meaning/different sizes/crushing/shampoo/in home etc.

Meanings of Dreaming Nits

One of the worst known parasites is nits. It is normal that from childhood you know what they are and what they do and, at worst, you may suffer from them at some point in your childhood. You probably still remember that day when you came home from school with itchy nits. Nits dream meaning

Parents and children suffer from this nightmare. However, as horrible as it is to be attacked by these creatures, dreaming about nits can be very agonizing. Lice and nits are very unpleasant parasites to see, both in our own head and in someone else’s, especially if it is someone close to you.

Therefore, dreaming about nits reflects a social problem, where its more generic interpretation indicates that the people around you are not the best company you can have. Dreaming about nits is explained by experts in oneirology as a warning message that indicates the presence of toxic people and bad intentions that are around you.

Even if we take an analysis outside of the dream world, nits have been a very unpleasant companion for those who at some point in their lives had to bear them. The nit dream is a dream experience that is often accompanied by the presence of lice.

The two work together to reveal the presence of problems and insecurities in certain relationships in your daily life that are causing a certain level of distrust in you. The level of mistrust has increased so much that your head is not at peace during the day.

It is noteworthy that this is a dream that no doubt disgusts you. Even dreaming about nits is one of the worst nightmares for many people. But right now the important thing is to discover the  meaning of dreaming about nits.

To know what was the reason that led your subconscious to show you this horrible dream experience. Finding out can help you avoid certain conflicts or confrontations that could be harmful to you. Dreaming about nits frequently can indicate that it is very important that you pay attention to the situation that is affecting you or might affect you.

You are a positive person who is looking for a way to progress regardless of the cost. This attitude has made certain people close to you feel jealous of him and therefore try to make you be against them so that you do not succeed. Nits dream meaning

What do dream about nits really mean?

It probably doesn’t seem strange to you to know that most dream experts claim that the meaning of dreaming about nits reveals the arrival of setbacks or problems. If you don’t fix it soon, you’ll probably dream of head lice, which is a sign that you’re in a time of conflict.

Although the nits indicate that it is not a serious problem, it is necessary that you attend to them and give them a quick and decisive solution so that they cannot develop again. However, other dream interpreters claim that dreaming of nits is related to certain regrets that haunt their conscience.

You need to get rid of these negative charges if you really want to live in harmony again. You just need to redeem your bad deeds or talk to those you trust about the specifics that are clouding your thoughts.

As we mentioned, if when dreaming of nits you also see lice, know that many around you are looking for a way to insinuate themselves to gain your trust.

However, their real plan is to stumble over your plans, they will find a way to get you into trouble for some benefit. Now that you know, it’s time to pay attention to your surroundings and avoid this vicious attack on you. Nits dream meaning

Dreaming of nits of different sizes

The nit dream can also mean that there are worries inside your head that won’t let you be. This dream has different meanings depending on the size of these insects.

Dreaming about nits speaks to the magnitude of the worry that afflicts you. Your problem may not be especially big, but you don’t see it that way, and that’s why you worry. Remember that not everything is as strong as we think, and the nits problem is solved with a few baths with a special shampoo.

Dreaming about nits means that the worries and problems are not that big or important, but this dream tends to show many nits that, although small, make up for their size with their quantity. It means that the dreamer is a person who tends to be preoccupied with everything and finds it difficult to remain calm.

dream about crushing nits

Crushing nits in a dream portends that no one will distract you from your intended course, and any problems could affect your plans. So, if you have a well-planned goal and you have this dream, fight for it, without letting others get in your way to the top.

Dreaming of a nit shampoo

Although picking and killing nit is an activity that requires a lot of work and concentration, shampooing is a little more efficient, being able to achieve great results without as much manual effort. It is a symbol of success in your work. You’re getting good results, and your problem-solving skills are paying off. Nits dream meaning

Dreaming about nits in your home

If you dream of nits inside your house, it brings to you that these toxic people are actually part of your family and that, even if they do it well intentioned, they will end up hurting you because what they want and look for you not the best for your life.

If you dream that your children have nits, it means they are hurting them or being bullied at school. The childhood stage is especially difficult because children can be really cruel. If you have this dream, it is good that you go to the school authorities and check how your children are doing in school.

If you dream that your wife has nits, it means that she is having problems in her social or family environment. You’ve argued with family or friends for a variety of reasons and feel alienated from them. Remember that in these dreams every person who has nits needs help, and if we don’t have it, it means we are able to help.

Dreaming that both parents have nits means that the parents’ union or marriage may be in ruins. This is very common in older marriages, but it’s always good for children to get a little more involved and help them out.

Dreaming of live nits and kill them

Dreaming of live nits and killing them bodes well. Its meaning reveals that you will be able to end all those problems that trouble your mind, and you will do it in no time. This dream experience also reveals the arrival of a new future for you. You’ll be proud to show off your quick mind at the right times. Nits dream meaning

On the other hand, if when you dream of killing nits you see them multiplying, then you should know that these problems that afflict you will continue to plague you for a while longer, as for now you do not have the necessary capacity to kill them. them once and for all. The reason is because you are probably still attached to your problems.

Dreaming of nits falling out of your head

Dreaming of nits falling out of your head is often a good omen, as it indicates that you are stopping worrying about what others think of you and starting to focus more on yourself. Knowing how to value yourself is very important and you are starting to do this in a very positive way.

It can be a way to achieve more happiness, so it’s important that you try to keep it that way, but be very careful not to end up being too selfish. Remember that it’s never good to overdo anything, after all, this is pretty common advice and always helpful.

dreaming of white nits

Dreaming of white nits is a dream that is not negative, but neither is it positive. Although there are problems in your life, you should know that they are much smaller than you think. However, you must not neglect them. Fix them as quickly as possible. Nits dream meaning

dream that we kill nits

Dreaming that we are killing lice bodes well. It means that we will be able to put all these problems out of our minds and that it won’t take us long to get over them. This dream tells us about a new future for us, where we will display silky hair and an agile mind when it comes to work.

If, instead, we dream that the nits are many and also seem to multiply each time we kill one, it means that these problems that worry us will come to plague us for a while longer, because we are totally unable to completely erase them from our system. This dream indicates that those who sleep have a special attachment to their problems and to feeling bad.

If in the dream our friends kill our nits, it means that we are forcing our loved ones to take care of our problems as if they were theirs. It’s good to have great friends, but we must also be self-reliant to get out of our quagmire alone.

If we dream of killing the nits and lice of our friends and family, it is interpreted as the relationship we had with them has become toxic and now they depend on us to solve their problems as if they were ours too.

Dreaming of live nits

Dreaming of live nits reveals that your worries and problems are getting too big for you to solve yourself. The cause is not because of size, but because you were the one who gave them the power to attack and dominate you. It’s time for you to share your woes with someone else if you really want to get out of this torment. Nits dream meaning

Dreaming of having nits removed

This dream often means that the worries and problems that we have recently suffered and that worried us to the point of losing our hair will disappear as if by magic or with the help of another sincere person who will be with us throughout the process.

Dreaming of picking up another person’s nits means the feeling of submission we have towards them and that we also want to maintain a good social bond with the one we dream about. This dream also tells us that we will help a friend or relative to overcome their difficulties.

Dreaming of nits in your hair

Dreaming of nits in your hair is interpreted as follows: there is a person close to you whom you trust a lot, it could be your partner or a great friend. Know that this person will try to harm you a lot. The best thing you can do right now is to let this person go, or they’ll betray you quickly.

Another interpretation that dream specialists give to dreaming of nits in your hair is that you are surrounded by bad friends. These are people who do not influence your life in a productive way, do not add value to you.

The only thing they do in your life is cause problems you never thought to get involved in. You must make the decision to separate from them so that you can really know who good people are.

Dreaming of nits on my son’s head

Dreaming of nits on my child’s head indicates that there are bad people behind him who seek to harm him, as they can also be constantly harassed at school.

Childhood is a difficult time as children sometimes become very cruel. If this has been your dream, it’s time for you to visit your child’s school and talk to the institution’s authorities to confirm that your children are okay. Nits dream meaning

Dreaming that you are brushing the nits

Dreaming that you are brushing the nits portends a great financial or monetary blessing for you. When you were little you may have suffered from nits, this is something very common in children. And comb them out of your hair, know that it’s not the nicest thing. But if, on the contrary, you dream that you are combing your hair, you should rejoice, because the money may be arriving.

If it weren’t for your own head, and in the dream you comb the nits of someone else’s hair, this indicates that the state of prosperity of your finances depends on a particular person, that person in question could be your boss or a partner in Business. Once you have this dream, you may want to become a little independent from this situation and start building your own independence.

dream of catching nits

This dream often means that the worries and problems we’ve suffered recently and that worried us to the point of losing our hair will disappear like magic or with the help of another sincere person who will be with us throughout the process.

Dreaming of picking up another person’s nits means the feeling of submission we have towards them and that we also want to maintain a good social bond with the one we dream about. This dream also tells us that we will help a friend or relative to overcome their difficulties.

Dreaming of nits in bed

Dreaming of nits in bed announces a romantic dinner. So surely after having this dream your partner will surprise you with a great romantic dinner, or on the other hand, you can organize it yourself. This dinner will be a success. Nits dream meaning

Dreaming of nits in someone else’s hair

Dreaming of nits in someone else’s hair reveals that you are being the center of criticism, ridicule, and indecent comments from those close to you. Without realizing it, you’ve ended up surrounded by false, envious and hypocritical people who only slander behind your back.

dreaming of dead nits

Dreaming about dead nits is the way your subconscious tells you that you are experiencing a lot of problems in your personal relationships (family, friends, co-workers), which destroy your peace. However, they will be easy to overcome if they are already being overcome.

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