Moon in different signs/complete description

Moon characteristics in signs

The Moon is one of the foundations of our personality, along with our Sun sign and ascendant. Linked to the goddess Diana, twin sister of Apollo in Greek mythology, it relates to aspects such as virginity and purity, which concern our inner being and our primordial feelings. Moon in different signs

The star refers to femininity, being related to birth, growth and fertility, as well as our Moon, which can grow, becoming full, inspired and elevated. It is basically our emotional side and is linked to intuition and creativity.

The Moon is also a symbol of sharing, as it receives energy from the sun and retransmits it, just as we will only be well outside if we are inside. The star stays about 2 and a half days in each sign in each cycle, which lasts around 28 days.


People with the Moon in Aries are very short-sighted, have a bubbling feeling that they are capable, and therefore tend to be hasty in making important decisions. They can be very nervous and aggressive, as they like to be in charge and defend their opinions, beliefs and thoughts with all their strength, they find it difficult to apologize.

People with the Moon in Aries are also quite brave, after all, Aries is a sign ruled by the god of war. They are generally enthusiastic about what they are working on, but they like to be really passionate about a job, otherwise they can easily get out of control and leave projects half-full.


People with Moon in Taurus like comfort and internal stability, they need to be at ease with their own emotions to be able to be at ease with the outside world. They are usually very concerned with routine and finances, being well in these areas gives them much more emotional stability.

People with Moon in Taurus are also quite jealous, both with the people they relate to, and with the material goods they conquer. They may have excessive attitudes linked to pleasure, enjoy good music and enjoy small pleasures in life; they hate feeling pressured to do anything that takes them out of their comfort zone. Moon in different signs


People who have the Moon in Gemini also inherit a duality of this sign, at the same time they are quite rational, they are also very talkative and extroverted, they like to make new friends that have information to exchange.

Its fans are real content hoarders and feel good when they know about different things. They can be seen as fickle people, as they change their minds quite easily as they get to know new things. They like to try everything and enjoy life. They usually emanate a lot of happiness and passion.


People with the Moon in Cancer are very easygoing, like to be at peace, and are generally introverted. At the same time, they are very friendly and can sense when someone close to them needs attention and comfort.

They are very homely individuals, sensitive and linked to the family. They like to see that their feelings are being reciprocated and can act dramatically if they feel they are being unloved or wronged. Cancer is a sign ruled by the Moon, so when the Moon is in Cancer, the person tends to be very creative and can even be seen as so dreamy that it is a lunatic.


People with the Sun in Leo love to draw attention to themselves, they feel great when they are on a pedestal, being praised and pampered by everything and everyone. But, just like a spoiled child, they can have very negative and even self-destructive behaviors when they feel they are not getting the proper care and attention.

People with Moon in Leo have a very strong presence of heart, desire with all their strength and are very determined. They are passionate about life and very brave. They are also quite vain and need to feel good about themselves to be able to be good about the world around them. Moon in different signs


People with the Moon in Virgo can have a very melancholy behavior, as they are very self-critical and perfectionists, being at the mercy of the injustices of the world and falling easily in front of them.

The Moon in Virgo makes people more introverted, they like to get to know the world from their own point of view and keep it to themselves. They are also very smart, curious and organized. They feel much better about life when they manage to establish a routine.


People with the Moon in Libra are very sociable and romantic, they like and need to be surrounded by positive people who encourage their dreams, as they are highly influenced by their relationships.

This combination also makes individuals very intelligent and curious, they love to relate to the world in an inquisitive way, and they like to be in exquisite places where they can chat with creative people.


People with the Moon in Scorpio are usually very hot-tempered, with beliefs that are firmly held in their minds and hearts, and they defend them vigorously. They are very attached to their own thoughts, so they can often change moods easily based on what they are feeling at the moment.

They like to be mysterious, sensual, to be in control of flirting and to feel in power during lovemaking. They are also very vindictive, they can be cruel if they feel betrayed at some point.


Freedom is a swift wind that inhabits the heart of those who have the Moon in Sagittarius. These fans like to think for themselves, generally have an optimistic and curious aura, like to learn new things and cultivate fun and different moments with different people.

They are usually very kind and outgoing and, therefore, find it easy to make new friends. They may sound a little insensitive to the feelings of others because they are too carefree and inattentive to excessive emotions, they don’t like dramatic people, they prefer to relate to someone who gives them room to breathe and change. Moon in different signs


People with the Moon in Capricorn are usually quite reserved, usually have concrete thoughts and strong opinions about things, but keep it to themselves. They struggle with interpersonal relationships and can sound brusque and bossy.

The Moon in Capricorn also brings a very materialistic character to these people, who are attached to career and work and often make it the center of their lives. They are very ambitious, their heart desires a silent success, the achievement of what they are aiming for, but without the need to draw attention to themselves.


People with Moon in Aquarius have a very enthusiastic and hopeful spirit, they feel good about making other people happy and fighting for justice where they live. They are outgoing and communicate easily with everyone. They have strong opinions about everything, and defend them, however, understand the importance of thoughts that are contrary to what they believe.

They are very creative people, and love to express themselves about many things in life, except for their own feelings, they tend to value the privacy of their personal lives and enjoy freedom in all types of relationships. They like to “think outside the box” and tend to be the “against” of the family, following their own dreams and ideals.


People with the Moon in Pisces receive the influence of the star directly over the waters, thus, they are very emotional and full of phases that oscillate between stability and emotional instability and between self-confidence and insecurity. Moon in different signs

In this sense, they often run away from reality so as not to have to deal with problems they consider too difficult to be resolved. Focused on the feminine side of the moon, people with this combination are usually very careful and receptive to everyone, they care about the well-being of even those they don’t know.

They are very calm people, patient and empathetic, they make lasting friendships with ease. Sometimes they rely too much on the kindness of others and talk about things they should keep to themselves. At the same time, they always need a moment of spiritual retreat to feel more connected with themselves and recharge their soul.

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