Mercury in Leo/complete description

Mercury in Leo: characteristics of the planet in Leo’s life

The sign of Leo, the fifth of twelve in the Western Zodiac, is part of the trio of signs of the Fire element, the second being, together with the signs of Aries and Sagittarius. Leo is ruled by the Sun and has as a symbol, as the name suggests, the image of the lion animal. Leos have as main characteristics self-confidence, persistence, and concentration. Mercury in Leo

However, just as the planet Mercury can show us in the astrological chart, the Sun (which represents the ruling sign of your chart, in this case Leo) is only one of many components responsible for the characteristics that emerge in individuals.

Ahead, you will be able to observe what are the characteristics of these people and stay on top of everything about Mercury in Leo . Do you imagine what this could mean?


The planet Mercury, in the birth chart, symbolizes the intellect. This attribute represents the way we reason, speak, act, write, communicate, and also how we move in the world.

Just as most signs have many differences, the position of the planet Mercury influences people in different ways, as you will see below.


The person who has Mercury in Leo is self-confident, creative, has leadership skills, organization and tends to have positive attitudes to face and solve problems. Their communication and reasoning skills are organized, planned, practical and conventional. As persistent beings, their plans and projects are rarely left behind, even if everything conspires against them.

Even having difficulties in realizing their true defects and qualities, when they take the initiative to correct themselves and practice self-criticism, they appreciate this action. They may not handle the student position very well, so it can happen in life itself to teach them what they need to know to live in this world in its entirety, such as the notion that we are all human. and we made mistakes. Sometimes they may feel deeply that they are helping someone, even if, without realizing it, they are in the way.  

Mercury-Leonines tend to deal with things in general, being overly broad and ignoring details, especially things that don’t immediately grab your attention. The opinions constructed and established by them are quite concrete, which can delay the process of changing opinions. They are also prone to stubbornness, inflexibility, dramatic speech, and exaggeration.

Your ego is one of the biggest of the entire twelve signs of the Western Zodiac, and for that reason, when expressing your opinions, you can sound a bit overbearing. They also don’t easily deal with criticisms and corrections, especially if they are negative, coming from third parties.


In the realm of love, Mercury-Aryans are very attractive and communicative about their needs. Despite communication, they tend to bring emotional needs, which may need to be developed with a better opening of the lines of communication between partners.

People who have Mercury in Leo tend to enjoy the freedom to shake things up, are loving, warm and companionable. Sometimes they may regret promises made at some point in the heat of emotion.


People who have Mercury in Leo can easily fit into any type of career. However, artistic traits are highlighted in people in this condition, and, for this reason, many pursue careers in the areas of theater, events, education, photography and, also, investments. In addition, they also have teaching skills, mainly aimed at children.

They are always concerned with the way they communicate and are easy to speak and speak. The person who has Mercury in Leo tries, whenever possible, to express themselves through theatrical traits, even in everyday life, and when their neighbors act in the same way, they feel influencers of what happened.

In general, whoever has Mercury in Leo always chases their dreams because, for them, this means a possibility of growth and advancement in the professional field.


Among friends, people who have Mercury in Leo tend to be generous, thoughtful, caring, and warm. They recognize the feeling of surrender naturally, and the way they get excited about the relationship is contagious.

Mercury-Leonine tend to have a very high and sophisticated intelligence, making them easily able to attract people to their circle. They are also strong and confident in friendly relationships. Just as they value the companionship and loyalty of their friends, they tend to do the same in return.


In the family environment, people who have Mercury in Leo take their thoughts and beliefs seriously. Thus, added to the ego (one of the most outstanding in the entire Zodiac), when they receive negative reviews, they tend not to know how to handle it very well.

The placement of Mercury adds the desire for power and status, legacies of the sign of Leo, to the profile of people who have this combination. For this reason, they feel smart enough to maintain an interest in family affairs and seek to impress others in this way.

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