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Mars in Virgo: Check out the general characteristics of this influence in Virgo’s life

Were you born under Mars in Virgo , but have you ever stopped to think about the meaning? As with the other planets, it is very important to understand what influence Mars in the Birth Chart has on our lives.

Many women are unaware of the power that Mars in the Astral Chart exerts over them, as, in most cases, it is believed that Mars, as a male planet, influences only males.

However, Mars in the Astral Chart influences, and a lot, both men and women. Want to know what important aspect of your self and your life Mars in the Astral Chart will determine?

In this article, you’ll learn all about Mars in Virgo: what are the characteristics of this placement, its downside, and how it determines a key area: sexuality.


First of all, it is necessary to understand the meaning of the Red Planet.

In Astrology, we know Mars as “Little Malefic”, and what would that be? The evils ruled by Mars are not necessarily small and/or minor.

However, compared to the “Malefic Major”, the planet Saturn, its ailments are easier to manage.

Mars is the ruler of conflicts, arguments, confusions, aggression and hatred. However, it is not just negative things that the Red Planet lives on: it also governs our work force, initiative, action, impulses, how we act, assertiveness and where we place our energy.

Finally, Mars in the Astral Chart also governs many aspects of our desire and sexuality.

In the Astral Chart of a woman, for example, Mars rules which type of man will awaken her eroticism. In a Man’s Map, in turn, the planet will reveal its way of acting during the conquest.

Virgo is part of the Earth element signs. Because of this, several characteristics of this sign are sharp, for example, planning and organization.


Individuals with Mars in Virgo have a very rational way of life, ranging from work to love.

They have the three main characteristics of the sign of Virgo: they always want to organize things, they are very critical and they are in an eternal search for perfection.

In their career, they are excellent employees, as they like to explore and dedicate 100% of their potential.

Especially when they work with love, they stand out from the crowd, especially because of their focus and organization.

In fact, they are able to stay focused and organized even during the most exhausting and time-consuming jobs. Even in these cases, they always act with patience, dedication, energy and willingness.

They like to have a very well-organized and planned routine. For example, physical exercises should always be done at the same time.

They are much more mental than active, as they like to plan and analyze everything that concerns them. In this way, hardly any detail goes unnoticed.

Thus, they only take action when they realize that there is a real – and practical – reason for doing so.

Individuals from Mars in Virgo are very perfectionists, preferring to work alone to get things done as well as possible. So, because of their meticulousness, they always believe that the best way to do something is theirs.

Because of this meticulousness and ingenuity, Mars in Virgo has a disposition for manual and mental work, such as surgery, crafts, mechanics, engineering, etc. Anyway, things that require precision.  


Virgo is a cold sign, so the excessive heat on Mars is slowed down. On the other hand, it’s a dry sign, which can encourage the harsh and cruel side of the Red Planet.

Although Mars in Virgo is a positive position, it is necessary that its natives learn to deal with excessive criticism, perfectionism, etc.

That’s because, for them, nothing is good. In fact, the person who gets the most from the barrage of criticism is themselves. That way, when they have a lot of responsibilities, they can have self-confidence issues.

In love, they can be very rational people, preferring routine to surprises. Therefore, it is important that the individual who has this Mars in the Astral Chart opens up to innovations.

Due to its detail, it may be that you get bored with small details.

Often, your analyst and critical side can create a very fearful personality, which gets in the way a lot when choosing whether or not to embrace an opportunity.


People with Mars in Virgo, at the beginning of the relationship, are very cautious. However, when they learn “how to do it”, they are able to offer very pleasurable moments to their partner.

It could be said that the natives of Mars in Virgo are those people that others don’t even believe can do “all this”.

They are very detailed, even when it comes to intimacy. They like slow touches, where they can carefully explore every bit of their partner’s body.

As Virgo is a sign that likes to serve, they are very fond of pleasing their partner, feeling very good when they know they are giving them pleasure. 

In addition, they also care a lot about their partner’s desires, fantasies and fetishes and go to great lengths to fulfill them.

Despite being very attached to routine, they do not deny spending a day at an inn with their partner, or anything that changes their mood.

Women with Mars in Virgo are attracted to men who are skilled, meticulous, experts in something. For them, intelligence is a sensual thing.

They like helpful men who are more experienced than they are. If not, at least they must demonstrate that they are, in fact, willing to learn.

The man with Mars in Virgo, on the other hand, is very sensual and conquers by showing that he knows exactly how to please a woman. In addition, they like to demonstrate that they are always there, whether with some help or gifts and treats.

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