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Sign of Libra: Characteristics, Love, Personality, Qualities, Flaws – Complete

The natives of the sign of Libra have, as main characteristics, their great sense of justice and impartiality and their extreme sincerity and balance. However, they are also very indecisive people in any kind of decision they have to make. They are always surrounded by friends and, for them, their friendly relationships must always bring evolution and well-being. Libra description


Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac, coming after Virgo and before Scorpio. It is an Air element sign, just like Aquarius and Gemini. Born between the 23rd of September and the 22nd of October , Libras find their opposite and complement in the sign of Aries, managing to balance all their emotions.


They love to be appreciated. Libra people are the type who envision spending their entire lives with their loved ones. Librans care for the happiness of those around them and often forget about themselves, they are always sacrificing to please everyone. They don’t like fights and avoid any kind of ardent discussion.

Librans have Air as their element and are ruled by the planet Venus, symbol of love. In Roman Mythology, Venus was always full of pleasure, being an eternal seductress. Librans carry this same characteristic, with refinement, appreciating all that is beautiful and enjoying social gatherings, always having the right words on the tip of their tongue to make anyone feel at ease. Always smiling, they create a beautiful world around them. Libra description


Represented by a scale, the sign symbolizes justice and balance, just as Libra wants to be, at all times, balanced and fair. The main objective of Libras is to always do their best and, if there is a conflict and there is no equity in their balance, they usually get upset.

Librans analyze and study all the options for having peace and harmony and, for this reason, many judge you as indecisive and fickle. But if they manage to avoid conflict, they’re fine with that judgment.


Considered one of the most pleasant, sociable and endearing signs, Libra has incredible energy and all of its relationships tend to be harmonious. Librans hate conflict, always seeking peace and serenity.

The Libra native needs stability and routine to live in harmony. In order to attract good Libra fluids, they use their best gifts, such as intelligence and agility, to assume the responsibilities that favor them, but they can sin through laziness or lack of rigor.

Do you know that song by the band Legião Urbana that says: “I’ve been distracted, impatient and indecisive…”? This song, composed by Renato Russo, describes a Libra: distracted, impatient and indecisive. However, all these characteristics are more than normal for this sign. Not knowing what to do in the next few hours or canceling a meeting midway are common acts. In fact, planning ahead is not the Libra native’s forte.

Librans love good conversation and shopping. They are excellent companions and, in any relationship, they always use sincerity. Libra description

When they really love or can see some injustice, they fight until the end to reverse the situation.

They like to let everyone know they have the power to balance things out, even though they’re very discreet. To make a Libran happy, it’s enough to be honest and accept the truth. In relation to your feelings, it is essential to have reciprocity.

One of Libra‘s main characteristics is rationality. Libra may prefer to be on one side more than the other, but most of his life he pursues what is right.


Regarding the profession, natives of the sign of Libra will be successful with the arts and expressions, whenever there are no competitions. For Libra, it’s very difficult to impose your point of view and have to get into disagreement with the people around you. The professions that best fit with Libras are: diplomat, musician, lawyer and artist.


Because he is always trying to defuse any situation, this makes him seem like a superficial person, who doesn’t take sides, because he doesn’t want to confront anyone. His posture is to always be on the fence.

Oftentimes, the native of the sign Libra should have a decided position, with an opinion formed and fight for what he believes is the right thing.


Sign Libra thinks a lot about love, but not always with passion. A Libra‘s love is loaded with ideas, which can be romantic, everything that makes a perfect relationship. Class, refinement and refinement are important qualities. Libra, being an Air sign, places enormous value on words, often even more than a passionate kiss. Libra description


For Librans, there is nothing better than being by the side of your loved one. Romantic and charming, he is able to be affectionate when he feels he can trust. But he wants a flawless commitment, because safety is paramount in his life.

In a relationship of love or friendship, the signs that best match Libra are:

– Gemini – is an interesting combination, the two signs are Air and will understand each other in almost all matters. Here, there is only one problem, which is the Libra‘s excessive romanticism. For Gemini, this can disrupt the relationship.

-Sagittarius – here there is a relationship full of complicity, never forgetting the carnal aspects that cause different ambitions.

– Aquarius – they may have certain problems, but this combination has everything to work. Libra has enough knowledge to give the feeling of freedom that Aquarius is so attached to when in a relationship.

– Libra – dedication and balance are all the two of you will have together! They will certainly go through many difficulties, but both together and together they will make life together happy and easy.


According to astrology, the Age of Libra was in the Akashic records. It is assumed that there was a humanity with beauty and conscience, justice, equanimity and harmony, characteristics that are marked by the sign of Libra.

In the book “Origins of Adamic Civilization”, it is possible to find a social, humanitarian and just organization, with Libra being the center, reflecting justice, true love and wisdom. Supposedly, it was the time of glory when the masters incarnated as Sanat Kumara, where the mythical city of Shambala existed. Libra description

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