Kissing on the mouth dream meaning/complete interpretation

dream kissing on the mouth

kiss is a gesture of affection, love, affection and even sexual desire. Kissing in a dream can be very joyful depending on the conditions and scenarios in which the dream presents itself, as kissing someone we don’t like can cause immense discomfort. Therefore, the meaning of dreaming about kissing on the mouth depends, in particular, on who is being kissed. In this way we can take a more correct direction when interpreting this dream. Because of this, it is essential to assess what your temperament was during the kiss. Were you content and satisfied? Or were you disgusted and wanting to run away? Kissing on the mouth dream meaning

If you were open during the kiss, that’s a good sign. It can indicate an affinity between you and the person you’re kissing with.

On the other hand, if the kiss caused discomfort, it means that your intentions in waking life are not aligned with your true spiritual identity. In this way, it is natural in waking life to attract troubled relationships and people who are out of harmony with its true essence. This is serious, because you are the one attracting the wrong people. You need to balance your energies so that you can attract people who match your personality.

Therefore, this dream can be associated with positive or negative affinity bonds. It all depends on the context in which the dream is presented and the details involved. So read on to find out more about what it means to dream of kissing on the mouth .


This dream is very common. Many people dream that they are kissing or even having sex with friends. This dream is often formed due to the closeness and intimacy between them.

However, from a spiritual perspective, when we sleep our spiritual body shifts and begins to experience its experiences on the spiritual plane. This situation is very favorable to unite people who have some kind of reciprocal interest, allowing them to unite according to the tendencies and inclinations of each one. From this point of view, kissing a friend on the mouth can symbolize a real attraction between them. Kissing on the mouth dream meaning

However, it may be that the dream occurs due to the simple intimacy and closeness experienced in waking life. Reflect on the context as a whole to avoid constraints.


Another very common dream is to dream that you are kissing your ex boyfriend. Usually this dream is formed due to emotional and sentimental ties that have not yet been fully broken. it can also occur when we try in any way to forget or cancel a period lived with that person. In this case, the ideal is to digest well the emotional situation of the past to prevent unconscious triggers from forming this dream.


This is also a dream that can stem from poorly digested feelings and emotions from the previous relationship. Perhaps there are still unconscious records from the past, which end up expressing themselves with feelings of longing in dream life. In that case, it is also advisable to do digestion and emotional cleansing to avoid these dreams involving the ex-girlfriend.


Dreaming of kissing the mouth of an unknown person means that the feeling of lack has become present in your life. Perhaps you are in need of intimate moments to seek your inner harmony. This dream can occur when we feel isolated and find it difficult to create more lasting bonds, whether with friendships or relationships.


Many triggers can generate this dream. A known person is someone we have some kind of bond with. Even if it is distant, somehow the bond is present. In addition, other external factors can collaborate with the dream, for example: discussion between the two or when one helps the other.

This bond, whether due to a disagreement or a gesture of friendship, can collaborate with more affective and erotic dreams involving people you know. Therefore, it is up to you to reflect on the triggers that may have contributed to this dream. Kissing on the mouth dream meaning

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