Human feces dream meaning/complete interpretation

What do dream about human feces really mean?

Dreaming of human feces means, strange as it may seem, abundance, plenty, large sums of money. Indicates prosperity without much delay. Where the fortune comes from, it is difficult to know, as it will be necessary to take into account the details of the dream and the circumstances in which the dreamer finds himself. Human feces dream meaning

Therefore, the meaning of dreaming about human feces can be linked to a carefully elaborated project that has been well worked on for some time, and the time has come to reap its fruits. It would be deserving of so much dedication and planning. Or, that financial gain could come from an unexpected inheritance. Or even a bet on any lottery.

Dreams with human feces always bring questions about their meaning, as it is still a dream that disgusts the dreamer. And with that, there may be some resistance to accepting its definition. But, the advice is to stay alert and be confident. Why not?

What it means to dream about human feces can indeed be the key to a peaceful and financially abundant future.


Dreaming of seeing human feces means that you are carefully preparing your future so that you can enjoy the savings you have been saving from a very early age. His primary objective is financial peace of mind, and this has made him more and more obsessed with money. It’s great to think that, in the future, you won’t have to worry about saving until the end of the month. Up to a point, it’s quite healthy.

On the other hand, it’s good to know that life needs to be lived day by day. Health needs to be taken care of while you have it. Age comes to everyone very quickly and the years that have passed will have taken their youth and their dreams with them. Think about it.      


Dreaming about the smell of human feces means that you are a very thrifty person and think a lot before spending on superfluous items. Your debts are only those to cover necessary expenses. This willingness to protect your future has been drawing the attention of envious and unscrupulous people. Beware of your friendships, with the comments about your life and especially about your savings.

Feces-smelling dreams are a warning that some plot may be brewing behind your back. A little oversight and you could be hit or robbed. Use your awareness and be skittish. You’ll do fine. Human feces dream meaning


Dreaming of stepping on human feces means a prelude to something related to your professional performance. You are about to receive a promotion at work, and this will help you to take an important step in your career, precisely in terms of financial gain.

Promotions, salary increases, professional prominence are situations that call the attention of everyone around you. Be careful not to get passed your leg. Some people are very skittish and feel no remorse about getting out of the way who might get in the way of their goals. Be careful.


Dreaming of playing with human feces means that you may, in the near future, be surprised by the arrival of a fortune. Of course, you will be overjoyed with this new possibility in life, when you will have the chance to acquire long-awaited assets and enjoy financial peace of mind.

Only, you are a person who loves ostentation. He is not content with having something and keeping his achievements secret. Because know that you will need to change your way of being. Pay attention to your dream: “plays with human feces”. Dreaming of feces symbolizes plenty, abundance. You will not be able to play with the fortune you will receive. The opportunity for financial growth may not be repeated in your life.


Dreaming about human feces in the toilet means you’ll have a lucky period with financial investments. Try to be very detailed with your applications and find the one that best rewards you. Be cautious and be prepared to closely monitor all the movement surrounding your gain. Rest assured that the good winds blow in your favor.

Just don’t be discouraged if the yields aren’t as good at first as you thought. Insist, you have the potential to reach your goals. By acting calmly and patiently, your success will be guaranteed. Lucky you. It’s just knowing how to enjoy it. Human feces dream meaning


Dreaming of human feces on clothing bodes well for that savings you started some time ago. You are going through a good phase in life and will have the chance to invest the savings so that the result of the new investment will help you to make a good leap in life. But, don’t be too anxious. Contain yourself. Dealing with financial values ​​requires a lot of caution, common sense and intelligence from the person. Opportunities shouldn’t be missed, but they aren’t always good enough to jump into.

Also be more discreet with your private life. No one needs to know how you manage your personal gain. The dream indicates that your clothes with feces are not dirty, they are, rather, signaling the precautions that you should take not to attract envious people to you. 


Dreaming of human feces in bed means that some surprising good news is about to come and change your life. This dream suggests that you have been waiting a long time for the redemption of a value of money, which you thought was already lost, but everything indicates that in some unexpected way you will have it back. Psychologically, this is very satisfying and, financially, it’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to make good changes in your life and that of your family. Good luck and be very happy! Human feces dream meaning

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