How to win an Aquarius man/complete description

How to conquer an Aquarius man?

Nothing old or traditional matches the bold Aquarius. Born between January 20th and February 19th , the native of this sign, whose element is the air, has no strings and is always looking for something new. No wonder that Aquarius is the sign of change and transformation. How to win an Aquarius man?

Governed by the planet Uranus, the man of Aquarius is driven by ideas and ideals. With your thirst for learning and discovering, you must always be fighting for a cause or facing a challenge in order to feel happy and fulfilled.

He needs to be active and active and does not accept to go through the world without leaving a positive mark. Curious, creative and inventive, the Aquarius is a man of his time. And many times beyond him.


If you want to find out how to drive an Aquarius man crazy, know that he is naturally curious and appreciates mysterious women who have something to unravel. He doesn’t like anything by the standards, and the more interesting his personality and his story, the more involved he will be. An Aquarius can find an independent and self-assured woman very sexy. And that can happen, even if you’re in a ponytail and jeans, because he puts more value on attitude than looks.

To make an Aquarius passionate, respect their freedom. He needs time and space to breathe. Women who are clingy or overly romantic drive away the Aquarian independent.

And no charges. All the Aquarius man is looking for is someone who understands and loves him for who he is. In short, the woman who manages to unite mystery, intelligence and independence makes the heart of the most remote of Aquarius shake. How to win an Aquarius man?


Dynamic, daring and restless, the men of Aquarius have their minds on the future and their feet wherever they can. Everything that is different, modern and innovative attracts the Aquarian, who takes this interest in the new to the relationship as well.

Open to the world and to discoveries, the Aquarian in love is usually a little closed and has difficulty showing his feelings. He may take a while to officially enter into a relationship, as he does nothing out of obligation and will only make a commitment if he is sure of what he wants and if the relationship is positive.


Want to know how to conquer an Aquarius man? Have a good store of patience and understanding. The Aquarius man, when he loves, is not very good at expressing his feelings. Don’t think it will be easy for him to say “I love you”. Not that he doesn’t, but he’ll only assume if he’s sure what he wants.

He needs time and space alone. Whether you want to reflect, study, get involved in research work or even decide at the last minute to take a trip to the mountains. He likes to be in his own company. Which is not to say that you don’t fall in love or be faithful. But to maintain the charm, it’s important that you understand how your mind works. And accept it as it is.


The straight and predictable life does not suit the natives of Aquarius. Sign focused on the mind, the idea and the intellectuality, he is always trying new things because he gets bored easily.

If you’re willing to hook up with this eternal apprentice, write down some tips on how to win over an Aquarius and leave him at your feet.

  • Start with friendship – Aquarians appreciate mystery and need to discover and admire a woman before they indulge.
  • Praise his qualities – he likes to be admired, but what he most needs is to find someone who understands and values ​​him the way he is.
  • Listen to him – the Aquarian’s mind is a whirlwind of ideas. Try to understand how he thinks, penetrate his mind. He’ll be happy to have someone to vent or just air his thoughts and dreams.
  • Invest in your training – the Aquarius man values ​​his intellect and is especially attracted to intelligent, successful and self-assured women.
  • Be different, be special – break away from the standards. He likes genuine, cool women.
  • Be cool – he doesn’t like pressure or demands. Set him free and he will never want to let go of you.


  • Don’t be too direct or clingy – he likes women more reserved, different and with something unusual. Women who get straight to the point can dampen the interest of the Aquarius, who prefers to be challenged.
  • Don’t reveal yourself too much – leave a tinge of mystery and curiosity for him to discover. Aquarians love mysteries and challenges. How to win an Aquarius man?
  • No futility and banal conversations – as you are constantly exploring your intellectuality and expanding your knowledge, you will want to have someone by your side who thinks and acts in the same way.
  • Don’t push him – at the beginning of the relationship, be light and casual. Avoid charging appointments, schedules, behaviors. For the Aquarius, a relationship is to add up and be pleasurable. Not to repress.


If there’s a man who needs freedom, it’s the Aquarius. Even though he is in a relationship, he is very independent and does not give up his privacy.

He is very curious about people and falls in love easily, not always with the physical, but with the mind and challenges.

If the relationship doesn’t fill his thirst for evolution, he’ll want to keep looking.

Another important tip is that Aquarius doesn’t just fall in love with people, but with a cause, ideal or project. And if that cause arouses something greater than what he feels for you, have no doubt that he will put that goal above even the relationship. In terms of fidelity, he will be faithful, not out of obligation, but to the woman who knows how to win his heart in every way.


The Aquarius native is neither romantic nor jealous and is more attracted to independent and secure women than clingy and possessive ones.

He believes that a relationship is made by two people and neither of them has to give up what they want just to satisfy the other. For the Aquarius, the key to a happy relationship is respecting the other and enjoying being together, without giving up your own dreams.

If you found the man of your life in him, invest, because of one thing you can be sure: life with an Aquarius will never fall into routine. How to win an Aquarius man?

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