How to win a Cancer man/complete description

How to win a Cancer man?

If you are the romantic type and dream of meeting a protective, affectionate man and a true prince in attitude, Cancer is the ideal choice. He fits perfectly into the definition of “man to marry”. How to win a Cancer man?

Born between June 21 and July 22 , the natives of the sign of Cancer have Water as an element. Ruled by the Moon, which symbolizes sensitivity and fertility, this makes Cancerians very emotional and attached to home and family. Very interested in helping others, it can be said that the Cancer man is an expert in taking care of: a love, children and friends. Find out now how to win a Cancerians.


If you want to know how to win over a Cancerians, be careful with your feelings, because although he is a protector and is very dedicated to his loved one, he is also a little bit snobbish and needy. He may not even demand attention, but it will make sense if you don’t value and reciprocate what he does for you.

As a husband, he is romantic and seductive to the right degree. But don’t expect him to be bold and daring. He is more traditional, a true lord at all times. He puts marriage and family first in his life as he cannot live alone. Your happiness is giving yourself to the people you love.


Raise your hands to heaven if your loved one is a Cancer. Not only is he caring and caring, he’s very organized. Living next to him will be a tranquility. When a Cancer man loves, he is considerate and protective. He will always pay attention to every detail to see you happy.

Romantic and affectionate, he will send you flowers on important dates, remember you when he finds a book that suits you and welcome you with a clean and tidy house when you arrive from your trip. Romantic in the right measure, being zealous and protective, he will also make a great father. Are you or are you not a man to marry?


Cancer feels good in the nest, so loyalty to him is essential. He values ​​and preserves his relationships and expects his partner to do the same. No need to worry, because the traditional and docile Cancerians will not jeopardize a happy marriage for a passing adventure. How to win a Cancer man?


Just know he’s not the type to go crazy. What you’re really going to achieve is make him even more in love. So, let’s get to the details that will make him fall at your feet.

  • Prepare a candlelit dinner of your own. He is a housekeeper and looks for in a woman the qualities of a good housekeeper: one who knows how to cook, receive and take care of her.
  • Take him to meet your family, a Sunday lunch, your uncle’s birthday, your nephew‘s christening. Cancerians are defenders of family and traditions.
  • Ask about his childhood – He loves to remember the past and will enjoy telling things he never told anyone.
  • Be organized – He likes everything in place and appreciates that quality in partnership.
  • Invite him to a trip to an inn in the mountains or in the countryside. He likes tranquility and contact with nature, far from the hustle of modern life.


  • Be more emotion than reason – Cancer is pure emotion and puts the heart above all else. Caprice in romanticism and delicacy. Those displays of love that other men don’t even care about, the Cancerians loves: cards, notes, surprises and declarations make him feel loved. 
  • Be that woman back home – We’re not talking about carefree, but being a woman partner who enters a relationship thinking about the future. That’s what he wants: commitment.
  • Build his trust – Although he believes in love and wants commitment, he won’t make a decision if he doesn’t truly trust you.


  • Games and riddles – Avoid teasing him, he doesn’t have much sense of humor and can get upset if you want to make him jealous.
  • Don’t play too hard – He’s very shy and can withdraw if he doesn’t think you’re interested.
  • I agitate too much, no way! – He really likes to date at home, a dinner for two or a weekend at an inn.
  • Jealousy scenes – He may even feel jealous and accept the same from you, but he hates demands and scandals. He will be offended if you doubt his faithfulness.


Think of a man who is sensitive and easily hurt. Multiply by two. That’s the Cancerians. In addition to letting himself be affected even by unimportant things, he doesn’t forget easily, he is brooding over the hurt for days. Here’s what to do to get his heart back:

  • Give it time. He will reflect, let the hurt pass, wait for time to pass before looking for you. Respect his time.
  • Don’t get on his feet. The more you look for him, the more he will remember the reason for the hurt. So, take a break. But make it clear that you’re ready to talk whenever he wants.
  • Show that you care – In addition to being hurt, he may want to give up because he thinks you don’t like him.
  • Ask for forgiveness, ask to come back and say you are willing to change. But give him time and step aside so he can reflect.
  • Don’t try to stay behind because that will only drive you away. If love is greater, being distant can make him miss you.
  • If you’ve tried more than once and haven’t succeeded, don’t insist. A Cancer‘s heart is big, but if the hurt is greater, he may suffer, but he won’t resume that relationship.

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