Hours dream meaning/complete interpretation

What do dream about hours really mean?

Dreaming about hours means changing times, whether for better or worse, the beginning of a cycle, the end of another or even the end of something without you having had a way to complete what you wanted in time. Hours dream meaning

Dreams of hours are even more interesting when they bring the numbers to the dreamer, as the meaning becomes even more detailed. You will see, throughout our article, that hours are decisive for locating yourself in time, between past, present and future; as well as identifying circumstances between noon and midnight.

And for the cases where the dreamer has not glimpsed the numbers, does it have any meaning? Of course there is! This is where what it means to dream about hours in a certain object or place comes in, helping you to locate yourself in space, giving another vision and, obviously, another interpretation of what you dreamed of.

The villains of time and life shorteners also exist and can be identified through the meaning of dreaming of hours and their divisions. Here, you will unravel each of them with us and learn to gradually lessen their influence to live fully.

So, ready to come with our masters and see what revelation your dream has to make to you for the next steps to be taken?


If you’ve been overly preoccupied with the commitments you’ve made or perhaps a deadline approaching, then dreaming of hours on the clock is linked to issues that bother you.

Another meaning of dreaming about hours on the clock speaks widely about your restlessness with the speed that time passes without us having a way to retrieve it, to rescue it and to relive what could not be used as it should. This question touches all of us and remains unresolved, other than enjoying life as an amateur and trying to live as best we can with the knowledge we have today.


Dreaming about hours on your cell phone demonstrates that you have an enemy close to you who appears to be a good friend, but be careful, as he knows everything about you and can undermine your reputation and image at any time. Hours dream meaning

Be more careful with the information you give people, there are far more nasty people in this world than we realize. Preserving our history, memories and denying our biography, whether from the past or the present that we are writing every day, is a duty only for us, afterwards it’s no use crying over spilled milk. Learn a lesson: life should never be an open book.


Dreaming about hours on the computer has ties to how much time in your day you spend tied to this machine that, while it was created to help us in everyday activities, has also been a villain in robbing us of precious hours of life. Think about it and assess how much negative influence the computer has on your life.


Who hasn’t been through this and jumped out of bed in a hurry after that extra five minutes of sleepWell, dreaming that you lose time indicates that you will face some obstacles and difficulties in the professional area. So that you don’t make mistakes, you should keep your head firmly in place and calm in the day.


Dreaming of late hours calls the dreamer’s attention to focus on what’s really needed and let go of what’s not a priority. The completion of your work depends on the hours you will dedicate responsibly to it. Avoid leaving loose ends, skipping steps and waiting for everything to resolve itself, there are great chances of losing advantages and benefits in your favor with this conduct.


Dreaming of equal hours, when the hours and minutes are exactly the same, for example 14:14, carries a special meaning for each of the number repetitions. It represents the announcement of the arrival of new times for those who dream, whether for better or worse.


The meaning of dreaming about exact times will always depend on a factor, what time were you in: past, present or future? For exact times in the past, it is remarkable that something that happened to you at that time has left a deep impression on you. Hours dream meaning

In the present, it says about important actions to be done at these times, while dreaming about exact times in the future is an important tip that will still come to be of great use for the next days, weeks or months.


Dreaming about midnight is a lesson. When our time is up, there is nothing we can do to make up for it, life goes on at the pace of a clock that never stops. Pay attention to the chances and opportunities life gives you to embrace them now, this may be your last chance before the clock chimes loud and clear announcing the deadline.


Enjoy this period. Dreaming about half a day makes the exact marking of which is the most favorable phase for you to make your plans a reality. If, while this time warns that half of the day has passed, it also reminds us that the other half is to come; that is, in a moment, we plan; in another, we put it into practice. Hours dream meaning

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