Head lice dream meaning/complete interpretation

What do dream about head lice really mean?

Dreaming of head lice means a moment of great discomfort that you are going through. This discomfort has more to do with personal inconvenience than physical discomfort. Head lice dreams signal disillusionment with someone who had great importance in your life. Be it a friendship, a relative or someone in a loving relationship. Head lice dream meaning

You may be wondering: what does the meaning of dreaming about head lice have to do with feeling let down? The answer is: It has to do with the immense discomfort that the two events can bring and affect your emotional. Your sensitivity is just under your skin and, just as the parasite in your physical body makes you sick, the emotional parasite can also bring great harm to your mental health.

Pain and suffering drain our energies, undermine our spirits, impoverish our thoughts. Especially when they are constant. What it means to dream about head lice translates this weakening of our ability to react promptly to the attacks of any and all parasites. You have to be agile to eliminate them quickly.


Dreaming of a head lice means you need to be smarter when it comes to making decisions related to your financial situation. Moving with money is not always a simple task.

Sometimes it is necessary to consult a person who is more used to dealing with these matters and draw from their experience the lessons that can be very useful and avoid getting lost in the illusion of acting correctly. Financial loss always brings great discomfort to the head and heart.


Dreaming of lice on someone else’s head is a good omen. This person can be the one who will help you in many aspects of your life. As well as: getting a good job, or introducing you to someone with whom you will have a loving relationship, or showing you a good course that will provide you with changes in your life, favoring good financial gain. Some good options are to come and you must act quickly not to miss the good opportunity of your life.


Dreaming that you catch head lice means that you are managing to overcome each difficult stage of your life. One step at a time and so you get stronger and gain knowledge about how to overcome obstacles and difficulties. Head lice dream meaning

This is a good sign, as beating them can make your workday easier, enabling serious and important changes in the professional field. On a personal level, you will have good rewards. Take advantage of every opportunity that arises and be more dedicated to your life and that of your family


Dreaming that kills head lice means you know very well how to get rid of the annoyances when they become emotional parasites. With agility and intelligence, you draw a strategy and follow all your goals to the letter until you reach your goals.

Feeling free and loose is the main goal and so you can get on with your life. Every time a problem arises, you use your experience to overcome it. This is fine as long as it doesn’t compromise anyone’s dignity or even health. Act with prudence and don’t measure efforts not to involve anyone in your strategies.


Dreaming of a lot of head lice means that you will have to face a lot of problems to come. You will need to be agile to face them and smart to defeat them. Difficulties cannot be left behind, just as hardships cannot be ignored. In this way, you will have to strengthen yourself with good spirits so as not to be defeated at any time.

Dealing with the unexpected is never easy, as they arrive without warning. They seem to like to take us by surprise. This dream may have made you very uncomfortable, but you know that you are capable of facing and overcoming adversity. With calm and patience, you will come out the winner. 


Dreaming of head lice and nits is a warning. Lice are parasitic insects and breed very quickly, hence the nit infestation. This dream indicates that you should always be on the lookout for the first sign of difficulty and obstacle that arise in your life and immediately provide a solution so that they do not prosper. Any delay in finding the right resolution can worsen the problems and bring more serious consequences. Head lice dream meaning

Knowing how to deal with obstacles is not an easy task, but it is necessary to find a way out to overcome each obstacle that crosses the path. And the sooner the obstacles are removed, the stronger we get out of demand.     

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