Eclipse dream meaning/complete interpretation

What do dream about eclipse really mean?

Dreams with eclipses mean, in general, foreshadowings and omens which may be associated with different aspects, such as: health, love, finances, relationships, etc. Eclipse dream meaning

Certainly, the eclipse is a unique and rare phenomenon in everyday life, but what does it mean to dream of eclipse?

Dreaming about eclipses, in addition to being mysterious, is also curious and can reveal a lot about your feelings, emotions and spirit.

Eclipse dreams can represent warnings that signal situations where attention and great care will be needed.

But the meaning of dreaming of eclipse can vary according to the possible contexts, so if you had dreams of eclipse, try to remember the situation that involved this moment in the dream and see below the main interpretations of dreaming of eclipse.


If you’ve had dreams of an eclipse or, more specifically, dreamed of seeing an eclipse in the sky, this is a warning that encounters will crop up unexpectedly in your life.

You may meet a new friend or even a new co-worker you didn’t even expect to have contact with. Eclipse dream meaning

But, stay alert. Be careful not to trust too much of people who have just come into your life and whom you still don’t know well. This is very important to avoid future disappointments in relationships.

However, dreaming that you see an eclipse also indicates that you will have good news about something that has been waiting for a long time to happen. Business.


Dreaming of a sudden eclipse indicates that your life will take a surprising turnaround, something you didn’t suspect could come to the fore and change the course of your life.

Be aware that these sudden eclipse dreams can also indicate carnal and loving betrayals or even respect and trust.

You need to understand that things can change overnight even if you’re not prepared for it. These sudden changes can be difficult to deal with, so be wise to deal with what is to come.

And, of course, little by little the pieces will fall into place and everything will return to normality and its proper place. Some events are to open our eyes and bring better things to our lives.


If you saw in your dream an eclipse of the sun, be aware, that is, dreaming of a solar eclipse may mean that you will have to know how to deal with small problems that are to come, mainly related to your business and finances.

But, on the other hand, dreaming of eclipse also represents that you tend to put obstacles in your own path, maybe you have a tendency to create challenges and difficulties that don’t exist.

This insecurity and the fear that it makes you see things the hard side is making you not reach your goals, but don’t think that you are the only person to do this in life.

Many people sabotage themselves because they are afraid to fight for what they want, so avoid putting difficulties where none exists, visualize your goal and stop procrastinating or being afraid.


If you dreamed of an eclipse of the moon, it means that you should pay attention to your emotional side, as it reflects your tendency to change your mood as well as the phases of the Moon. sad and melancholy to a cheerful and communicative.

These mood and personality changes happen in the blink of an eye, meaning these fluctuating emotions can leave those around you confused and doubtful, which can affect your circle of friends.

Assess how you can make those around you less uncomfortable with your emotional instability, take a self-assessment, and rethink how this has affected your relationships.

It’s time to rethink how you treat people in the face of these mood swings, reflect on whether this is a problem to be improved with the control you can develop.

Mood and personality changes are very common, but it’s important to always appreciate that you need to be more balanced so as not to affect anyone you care about.

Another possible meaning for dreaming about a lunar eclipse is certainly associated with your difficulty in exposing your feelings and sharing emotions, but, it’s worth warning, remember to be yourself and share the moments with your loved ones, don’t think that people will to blame you for that.

Share your feelings and vent when you need to with people you trust. The emotions must be worked through, and not only the good ones must be shared, but also the ones that afflict us, that way you feel a little more relieved.


In a dream where you see, or even experience an eclipse, but right after it ends, that means you have to look at things from a different angle.

It means that the solution to your problems is within your reach, but your vision, in a limited way, is preventing you from visualizing this new phase in your life.

Dreaming that the eclipse is over also indicates that you should take advantage of all the opportunities that will arise, but that the important thing to achieve success will be to act with knowledge and patience.

Dreams like this also represent that it is necessary to take a different look at your obstacles, so you will discover a new light, a new path to follow in pursuit of your dreams.

As you can see, eclipse dreams have many meanings, but in general they represent indications that you should change some aspects or attitudes in your life, even if this initially causes you doubts or even fear, making changes is necessary, everyone needs to transformations to evolve

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