Dream about punishment/complete interpretation

What do dream about punishment really mean?

Dreaming of punishment means that you will be freed from things, thoughts or even people that somehow imprison you. Dream about punishment

Most of the time, dreams of punishment also represent the feelings we have about the past or are even associated with the guilt we bring, in general it symbolizes the punishment that we inflict on ourselves.

Furthermore, dreaming of punishment also indicates that what happened in the past must be left there, and that forgiveness and acceptance must be developed. Check out what it means to dream of punishment below.


Dreaming that you are punishing someone has more meanings, and there are two possibilities: the first meaning represents old events that occurred in your past life.

Yes, another life that may have caused you a lot of sadness and suffering and, therefore, there are still remnants in this life, as these old memories continue to dwell in your spirit.

Remember that the past needs to be overcome, even if you don’t remember exactly what you went through, look for ways to reframe these feelings. A good way to practice this is through meditation.

Another possible meaning of dreaming that you are being punished suggests that you need to vent your energy, there are negative feelings that should be discarded so as not to cause you further annoyance.


Dreaming of being punished by someone means that, when you least expect it, it will be possible to free yourself from all the sadness, feelings and hurts that should only be in the past, this is a sign that you will turn this page, and you can feel lighter and happier with himself, without carrying any guilt. Dream about punishment

This represents that, in reality, you have punished yourself and acted like the executioner of your own life. This time of punishing yourself is over, it’s time to be happy and enjoy your freedom.

Don’t be scared, it’s very common to carry judgments and the guilt of something we’ve done in the past, it’s the voice of conscience that may insist on imposing a weight on your shoulders. But, it is necessary to accept that memories and memories should not dictate our present and that we are masters of our own destiny, it is enough to mature the point of view we have in relation to the world.


Dreaming of being unjustly punished represents that you are being punished for something you do not believe you are guilty of. This interpretation is clear, and suggests that you feel you are being punished for a mistake you didn’t make.

Try to reflect again on this error, evaluate if it really had no consequences and did someone wrong.

If possible, try to talk to whoever you hurt in order to draw that conclusion and the weight off your back, clarify all the points and put an end to this feeling that burdens you.


This dream is synonymous with alert. Dreaming of another person being punished means that you should avoid going to some places, especially those that are not well frequented, maybe it is an indication that you should also be concerned about the people you relate to so as not to get involved in legal problems .

Even if you do not practice anything outside the law and always walk on the right path, bad company can use you, so be alert and avoid hanging out with people who may be doing something wrong, otherwise they can blame you and get out of thin.

If you dream of someone else being punished, avoid going to places that are poorly frequented so that you don’t get involved in trouble with the law. Even if you don’t do anything wrong, someone else can put all the blame for their actions on you. Dream about punishment

A poorly haunted environment also opens the way for acts that are not appropriate, which may even be illegal and, of course, are harmful not only to your reputation, but also directly against you.

So be careful and avoid as much as possible being in bad company or going to poorly frequented environments.


This type of dream may indicate that you have a very strong resentment, but that it is hidden from these people.

It can also represent that you are afraid of certain aspects of your own personality and that you are afraid of hurting them.

Another possible interpretation for dreaming that punishes people you know is associated with the fear you have of your own impulses or even the sexual instincts you have.

However, you must accept and learn that it is necessary to forgive yourself to gain your inner peace.              


Dreaming of being punished with lashes is a warning sign for injustices, or emotional problems in your life.

When you suffer in the dream, being punished with lashes, it means that this problem that afflicts you a lot is really the result of an injustice, but that this is about to end. This problem will soon be resolved and you won’t need to worry about it any longer. Dream about punishment

In other words, dreams of punishment mean that this problem that you have been dealing with hard blows so far will end and you can finally have a little relief, without major afflictions, but, even so, it is necessary to review what is unresolved, because the past has left scars on him.

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