Dead child in dream/playing/burned/crying/drowned/as a gift etc.

Meanings of dreaming about a dead child

We are always uneasy when death appears in dreams, but fortunately they are not precognitive dreams. When you dream of a dead child, it is inevitable to think that some misfortune is about to enter your life, but the truth is that the dream does not bring these bad omens.

A child’s death is always bad news, even if you don’t know it. It’s a situation where it’s clear that life isn’t always fair and maybe nature isn’t as wise as we think. Without a doubt, dreaming that a child dies is a nightmare and you will surely wake up with a bad feeling. Calm down, because the dream won’t come true.

What do dream about a dead child really mean?

However, we find a  negative meaning in this terrible dream. It should not be taken at face value, because the death of a child symbolizes the end of childhood, the entry into adulthood filled with responsibilities, obligations, and frustrations for which, according to this dream, you are not yet ready. In the end the interpretation isn’t so terrible, is it?

It’s not that terrible, but you have to pay close attention and start acting. The dream of a child you don’t know dies reflects your vital skepticism and also a significant lack of illusions that can lead to depression, hence those intense negative emotions that the dream caused you.

So it’s time to react. It’s time to wake up and listen to your dreams. No child will die, but you will be haunted by the feeling of failure that keeps you from being happy. But do you know what? You learn more from failure than from success, so don’t see it as something you should avoid. If disappointments come, you will always come out of it a little wiser.

dream of dead child playing

This dream has a very particular meaning, because if you dream of children who are playing, but at the same time you know they are dead, it speaks a lot about your personality, it expresses that you want to feel satisfied with your thoughts again without have ties or problems that prevent you from reaching the goal of your dreams.

In other words, get back that adventurous child spirit that died in you.

dream of burned dead child

Some dreams are stronger than others, and this may present to you as an accident or something that caused the death of a baby.

If in the dream you see the burns that caused the baby’s death, this expresses unsurpassed moments in your childhood, it also means that it’s time to talk to someone you trust to close those wounds and be able to continue on your way without thinking any more. in the past.

To dream that you are looking for a dead child

These dreams, being somewhat disturbing by the anguish you are going through at that moment, what they really mean is the desire to carry out a project that gives you real money or that you are feeling very uncomfortable for not fulfilling that purpose.

This dream talks about the goals you set for yourself as a child but haven’t been able to achieve them yet.

dream of a dead child crying

This type of dream speaks of a possible illness to a close relative. It is a sign to pay attention to a member of your family who needs your care right away.

Dreaming of a child in danger of death

It warns you of losing your roots or your essence as a person. This dream indicates that you must remember where you came from to know where you are going, so that you can carry out any project you want.

dream of dead child playing

This dream tells you to leave behind the immature attitudes of your childhood, that is, this dream marks the beginning of more adult decisions and attitudes.

dream of drowned dead child

The meaning of dreaming of drowned dead children indicates warning. The positive side of this type of dream is that you can prevent something bad from happening to your health, relationships, luck, or goals. After interpreting the dream of drowned children, you can stay alert and prevent any harm or not miss an opportunity. The key is to determine the dream’s warning.

To dream that she gives birth to a son and he dies in childbirth

Don’t get obsessed with the sex of your next child, remember that what’s important is that he’s healthy and that the birth goes well, normally this dream means that you’re very anxious and that you like to control everything, but there’s nothing here what can you do.

Dreaming of dead child as a gift

Dreams can be quite cruel and full of mixed feelings. This dream speaks of your need to be a mother or father, in case you are a man and dream about it. If you get a dead child in your dreams, that’s a symbol of false illusions planted in you by someone else.

To dream that you have a dead child in your arms

If you’ve ever had this kind of dream it’s because you don’t have confidence in your partner and want to control him all the time, but that’s only going to make him pull away and end up not communicating, so calm down, you can’t control everything, must let things flow.

Dreaming that a car kills children

This dream speaks of the loss of your innocence. The child symbolizes that your goodwill has been overwhelmed by your actions, so you must think about what you have done and what you must do so that negative things do not happen in your life.

Dreaming that a child dies of an illness

When you dream this, your dream expresses the lack of attention to yourself, says you must take care of your health to achieve the goals you want, improve your self-esteem, but above all think about how to build a solid future for yourself and your family.

Dreaming that one child kills another

When this kind of dream happens, it means you are surrounded by people who want to see your project and goals in action. This dream is a signal for you to rethink your inner circle of friends, don’t trust everyone as you used to.

Dreaming of a known dead child

Children always symbolize joy and happiness for a home, if it is dead in the dream and you recognize this, it is a warning that someone close needs to take better care of their health, as they may experience some problems arising from the omission. If you know who it might be, see a doctor for a routine appointment.

dream of unknown dead child

It’s an indication that new ideas and situations that you didn’t expect may arise in your life. Be careful, because these situations can be good or bad, they even represent things you haven’t dealt with and that you should have done at some point in your life.

No matter what it is, be prepared to face these challenges, you can seriously overcome them, after all, every reaction has a consequence.

Dreaming that a child is dying

You are going through a time of loss in your life, whether at work, personal, family or financial. However, you still have the possibility to try to recover from this situation. If in the dream the child dies, he loses the battle and has to start over from scratch. However, if he survives, victory is certain.

Either way, both situations show that you must keep fighting, moving forward and never giving up hope. Sometimes things don’t happen for some reason and starting over can be another chance to get it right.

Dreaming of a dead baby and came back to life

It indicates the end of something that has not started yet, it can be in any area of ​​life, be it personal, professional or family. In short, it is the only project that will not prosper, perhaps a dream for many years.

However, when the dream baby comes back to life, it means resurrection and this can be applied to the rebirth of dreams and goals that you still have within you. Don’t give up, a second chance may be at hand and you can’t miss it. Start with joy!

dream of dead child being your child

Although it is a very sad dream, in real life it does not mean that your child will die. It bodes well, as it indicates light and health and can also mean that new life is on the way. So, calm down and wait for the news of the good news.

Dreaming of several dead children

You need to have hope for life again, this dream shows that the death of your inner child has occurred and that you no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel to reach future things.

Don’t worry, things don’t happen with magic in people’s lives, whoever achieves something has certainly never lost the faith that he would one day achieve. Strength, faith and determination are important factors in moving forward.

Dreaming of finding a dead child

If you dreamed that you found a dead child , it is because there is an obstacle that will prevent you from getting where you want and it is probably someone in your family. The dream says that you must stay strong to overcome your unlucky moment in order to achieve the success you hope for.

Dreaming of a child dying on the street

Dreaming that seeing children die in the street means that you must try to analyze the changes, because you will go through very difficult things and only with your seriousness and also with experience will you be able to tolerate whatever comes to you.

Dreaming that your child dies comes with a very large economic loss that will cost a lot to recover from it, so be patient in everything you do from now on.

Dreaming of dead children with flowers

The meaning of dreaming about flowers lying on top of dead children means that you are in a phase where you suffered losses, but that you gradually learned that life goes on, from this moment on, you have to become a more person. thankful. person with life so you can get better things.

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