Chicken dream meaning/complete interpretation

What do dream about chicken really mean?

Dreaming about chicken means you’ll have good luck and, with wisdom and health, you’ll face your most dreaded challenges. The meaning of dreaming about chicken is always a sign of good omen. Chicken dream meaning

In some cases, chicken dreams can mean that you are eating something that fills your soul and is gaining a lot more knowledge.

Try to analyze your dream calmly and interpret it according to your life and circumstances. It may be the right time to get a promotion or start dating.

Discover definitely what dreaming about chicken means.


Dreaming that you see a chicken means that you are feeling ready to give vent to your more enterprising and ambitious side. These ambitions favor starting a business, a venture you’ve been planning for a long time.

The chicken represents the earth, the material things that promote our well-being and comfort in this life.

Soon, you will have great success and financial security in your career, your love relationships will become much more pleasant, and your relationships with your family members will become more and more filled with peace and stability.


Dreaming that you buy chicken means that you must abstract away all those judgments they make about you and forgive those who hurt you. This feeling that the reconciliation of old disagreements is at hand brings a lot of tranquility and joy to you.

It is an excellent time to welcome your colleagues who have come to apologize for past mistakes and forgive them for what they have done. It is also an opportune time for you to calm conflicts that may have arisen recently with your spouse or at work.

Rest assured that internal and external needs that have been bothering you for some time will be resolved shortly. Debts or frustrations you may have will soon be paid off.


Dreaming of eating chicken means that you are finding the fulfillment of all your desires and dreams, or you will find them. This manifestation of the subconscious demonstrates good results of your projects or that they are about to bear good fruit. Chicken dream meaning

If in the dream you are eating a big chicken, it means that you are very happy with yourself. If you’re already in a relationship, it will skyrocket in the coming weeks, both sexually and materially.

If you are single, it will only be for a short time, as this type of dream indicates that you will find a partner who will bring great peace, joy, and stability into your life.


Dreaming about raw chicken means that courage and strength will be fully present in your life so that you can face all the hardships of life to come.

It could be that you are trying hard at work, but you haven’t been recognized.

It’s the perfect time to keep the faith and appreciate the bravery you have to face the things that afflict you today.


Dreaming of roast chicken means that you will soon be recognized and materially rewarded for all your talent in some specific area.

The dream of roast chicken denotes the ecstasy of victory, of achievements that you have long been waiting for and will now begin to appear.


Dreaming of holding a chicken means you’re being very determined lately and you’re getting great results from it. Your health is better than ever, you can run for hours or lift loads at the gym, whereas in the past you were sedentary and lazy.

Serenity is also accompanying you in the financial aspect of your life, since for a few months you have been able to save money and have not been in debt. Chicken dream meaning

You feel good and secure in your relationships, clearly noticing signs of loyalty from your friends and partner.


Dreaming that you kill a chicken means that you killed all that negativity that accompanied you. It could be that you have shielded yourself from that toxic friend or family member and whatever they tell you no longer bothers you.

Know that this moment is here to stay and more and more you will feel free from these true scams that were paralyzing your path to victory.


Dreaming of many chickens means that moments of great abundance are at hand.

The dream of many chickens brings with it the ambiguous idea depending on the circumstances of the dream. If the chickens are loose, it is a sign that a lot of material wealth will come into your life soon. However, if the chickens are trapped, there may be some treachery going on.

The dream of many chickens will lead you to reflect and make the best possible decisions, whether the situation that comes along is good or not.


Dreaming of plucked chicken means that you are acting insecure or not fully embracing the truth. This insincerity with others can cause affliction for those you love the most.

Soon, you’ll find the way out to expose the truth and all that you’ve been missing out on for months or even years.


Dreaming about spoiled chicken means that you have a lot of accumulated problems and that they smell bad, that is, they are bringing harm. These unpleasant repercussions need to be thrown away before they cause true intoxication.

Soon, you will find someone to be a friendly shoulder who will help you get rid of all that inner rubbish that is inside of you, feeling very good about it. Chicken dream meaning

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