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Sign of Capricorn: Characteristics, Love, Personality, Qualities, Flaws – Complete

The Sign of Capricorn  is related to organization and achievement. The natives of this sign are ordered, disciplined and obedient, they like to have control through authority. Obsessed and ambitious with their goals, they don’t measure efforts to get what they want. Capricorn description

They have the willingness and initiative to accept responsibility where they succeed. They don’t like to appear weak or ineffective, they want to be respected and admired. Because of their lack of self-confidence, they can always be defensive.

Capricorns are methodical, conservative, responsible, organized, honest, traditional, efficient, disciplined and focused. They are strategists and weigh the pros and cons in advance of a problem.

They are sensitive and often feel lonely at times in life. They need company, but can isolate themselves out of fear that they will be hurt.


Capricorns are those born between the 22nd of December and the 19th of January , and find their opposite and complement in the sign of Cancer.

They have the Earth as their element and are ruled by the planet Saturn: “the lord of time and reason”. This planet has a personality of discipline and persistence. The native of Capricorn does not measure efforts to have solid and lasting achievements. Capricorn description

Tenth sign of the Zodiac, Capricorn comes before Aquarius and after Sagittarius. Like Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo are also Earth signs. The sign Capricorn represents the astral conjunction at birth, which is responsible for most of the characteristics of its natives.


The sign is represented by a goat, an animal that loves to live free and solitary and always reacts immediately to any contact, so are the natives of the sign Capricorn.

The image of the sign is represented by the image half goat and half fish, which refers to the Greek story of Amalthea.

Zeus, son of Cronos and Rhea, was almost devoured by his father (who was afraid of being dethroned) along with his brothers at birth. However, his mother, Rhea, saved Zeus, exchanging him for a stone, which Kronos swallowed without his noticing the exchange. Rhea gave him to Gaia, and Gaia, in turn, fed Zeus with the magical powers of an Amalthea goat.

Amalthea lived isolated by her appearance, and this made her fond of Zeus, who grew strong from her magical suckling.

When he grew up, Zeus decided to get revenge on Kronos. Fearing Zeus’ death, Amalthea sacrificed herself, leaving his skin as armor and his horn, which would feed him forever. Zeus prepared a drink, which made his father vomit all the swallowed children. After years of uphill battle, Zeus came out victorious and condemned Kronos to Tartarus. Zeus became the most powerful and supreme god in the Pantheon. As a symbol of his gratitude, Zeus turned Amalthea into the Constellation Capricorn.


No stitch without a knot. Capricorn is one of the most disciplined signs of the Zodiac. Your discipline helps you get what you want. Capricorn may seem tough, but that makes him able to carry out his main professional or personal tasks. Capricorn description

Also characteristic are Capricorn to have a strong character, ambitious in nature. He has intuitive qualities and a great practical sense. This sign manages to be affectionate to close and dear people. Capricorn is a born leader and will do anything to get along. Love the pleasures of life. Capricorn‘s personality is governed by pleasures and feelings.


Capricorns are like Benjamin Button: they rejuvenate throughout life. In reality, Capricorn times seem to be different from ours. They act slowly and slowly, but they turn it into perseverance.

Sign of Capricorn – Characteristics – Capricorns are upright and prudent. Within the twelve signs, they are the most industrious and hardworking.

Quite dedicated to the things they like, they determine results and routes so they can analyze whether their efforts are worth it. They are sober and appear to be reserved, in addition to being highly motivated to achieve their goals.

One of the characteristics of Capricorn is the fact that they are not sociable. They only enter into a dialogue if they know it can generate some benefit for themselves or for humanity. Because they always think big, they become rational and cold.

On first meeting, Capricorn will seem aloof, but it’s nothing personal. Probably something more important will be on your mind.


Regarding the profession, the native of the sign of Capricorn will occupy a high position, as he has great aptitude to lead and organize a company.

The best professions for Capricorns are those that are well structured and that can offer them a promotion. Some examples of professions for Capricorn are: teacher, military, doctor, civil servant, lawyer. Capricorn description


The issue of humility is an important factor to note in Capricorn. His thinking is that he is always right and others are wrong. They don’t forgive easily and don’t usually tolerate anyone for long.

Capricorn judges and condemns at the same time, failing to see the good and positive in things and people, and always complaining about something. Keeper of deep hurts, he usually closes himself off and stays cold in his world, not wanting to see the other side of the story.


Capricorns are shy and lacking in love.

Loyal and faithful to the death, they do not forgive easily. When they’re in a relationship, it’s because there really is some feeling, they’re not the type to give in easily.

They are serene and stubborn, great characteristics of Earth signs. They don’t waste time in trivial relationships. When they are with someone, it is because they believe it will last a lifetime.


Capricorns generally don’t show their emotions, but they can be comfortable when they’re in a mature relationship. They value family and home.

In a relationship of love or friendship, the signs that best suit Capricorn are:

– Pisces – when they understand each other, they have everything to work out. Capricorns will show Pisces how to keep their feet on the ground, and Pisces will teach what it is like to love deeply.

– Taurus – To have a stable and secure relationship, Taurus will have to understand Capricorn‘s ardent delivery and, at the same time, his lack of passion.

– Scorpio – this is the perfect match! The two complete each other in goals, in life and in sex.

– Cancer – in this case, as they are opposites, one must understand the other and let the energy flow. Cancer will teach Capricorn to be romantic. Capricorn description


According to astrology, the Age of Capricorn is from 8,001 BC to 6,000 BC when families were formed with their traditions, fertility, livestock and agriculture.

Capricorn, being of the Earth element, assures the family structure as a philosophy of life, having a mature reasoning, protecting its loved ones and implanting roots.

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