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dream about bitcoin

Dreaming about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin or DogeCoin is the most popular news topic of the year. Here we’ll go through some of the most common dream scenarios about this exciting new technology and what they might mean in your real life. dreams related to money they usually refer to your real-life hopes and fears, and what your actions and behaviors can bring about. Many cryptocurrency investors, particularly bitcoins, are looking to support their investments based on the dreams of people around the world. There are already groups dedicated to dream reports on the subject. As such, many users look for patterns in dreams. The aim is to identify the best time to sell or buy your virtual currencies. See below for some possible interpretations. Bitcoin dream meaning


Dreaming of profit from the sale of bitcoin suggests that you will make profits during the year. Whether it’s earning small amounts with multiple coins or a very large sum with a single coin, which can add up at any given time. This dream, can propose that you earn with small amounts daily. Instead of leaving the coins in store waiting for a miracle. Always consider partially selling your coins when they appreciate, enough to get back what you invested, and a minimum profit of 22%. So, what’s left, you leave for the long term. Anyway, this dream signals that you will probably be successful and earn a lot by making small purchases and sales in different currencies.

If the dream signals any difficulty in buying or selling currencies, it suggests that you will hit obstacles and difficulties during your investments. This dream is a warning for you to reflect a lot before investing in any currency, especially if it is a large amount. When dreaming of bitcoin the advice is to carefully analyze the currency you want to invest. A good piece of advice is to analyze if the cryptocurrency website is well structured and if there really are competent people behind the scenes. In addition to many other factors that only in-depth study can provide. The best way to lower your risk, if you’ve had this dream, is to split your investment across multiple currencies, but don’t forget to think (a lot) before making any investments.


Dream about bitcoin or any other currency, which is always on the rise and appreciating all the time, but you have no such currency. This dream reflects missed opportunities. Perhaps the dream is a reminder of your past and current regrets about not investing early or using your money wisely while you could. The dream indicates that you must open your eyes and be aware of investment opportunities around you. If you feel jealous or sad in the dream, it may suggest that you envy the good fortunes of other people (friends) and the good decisions they made. While you were left behind. Bitcoin dream meaning


If you’re constantly having nightmares or negative dreams about bitcoin, consider taking some money off the table. Perhaps deep down, you believe that the new encryption technology is a gamble or speculation. Like the long-awaited dream of winning the lottery. Your psyche is suggesting that you should only invest money that you can afford to lose, like in a casino or most investments in life. Don’t compromise your finances with gigantic expectations. Start small and increase as your own profits earned.


It’s terrifying, opening your wallet or website, and noticing that all your coins have disappeared or that the website has been hacked and all your coins are lost. This dream suggests that there may be weaknesses and holes in your online security. Consider finding different ways to make your email and other password combinations more secure. The dream reflects your worst fear, that your online assets might be stolen and you’ll have few ways to fight it. So be sure to protect your currency in every way possible. Be it offline, two-factor authentication, and everything in reach. There are many ways to get the IP of a potential bitcoin trader, and a user with pentest knowledge can easily spot faults.


Consider the amount of fees charged in the dream and whether they might reflect life or bear some resemblance to waking life. If the fee is much higher than the products or services you are purchasing. This suggests that you are getting into bad deals, where the transaction costs and taxes will spend all your profits. The dream suggests that you should look for ways to lower your cost. So you can keep more of your earned money. Review all currency exchange sites, note all fees charged on each one. Seek, analyze, learn, develop your own strategies and always stay positive with your investments.


Not everyone has the perception that dreams can mean or symbolize something. But we know that in many cultures, dreams have immense meaning. According to some researches, the dream is the awakening in a parallel world, in which there is no dimension of time. This leaves us with a very keen perception of physical reality. We are able to predict the future when we know how to get the messages correctly. So this is an issue that bitcoin investors could consider to better analyze investments. So they can debate their dreams against the results. So that’s it, I created this article with immense pleasure to all of you. Share with your friends and leave your comment. Success and good earnings! Bitcoin dream meaning

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