Aries ascendant appearance/complete description

Ancestry of the signs with Aries

The sign of Aries comprises people who were born between March 21st and April 20th. It is often known for its intensity and energy, being spontaneous and even impulsive. His tendency to immediacy makes him think a lot about today and not worry so much about the future. Aries ascendant appearance

When Aries appears in the birth chart as an ascending sign, it imprints some of its characteristics on the sun sign to which it is combined, resulting in interesting personalities; sometimes complementary, sometimes contrasting


Aries sign as ruler and Aries sign as ascendant is double the intensity, as all its characteristics are reinforced. Aries with an Aries ascendant Aries is a person who lives intensely and, due to excess, is at risk of becoming individualistic or reckless in his journey to enjoy life every second.

At work, this person is very spontaneous and active, but creativity is lacking. He likes to be daring, but very rarely does he come up with bold and innovative ideas.


The sign of Taurus is usually characterized by his inclination to hard work, his insistence and his stubbornness. When the rising sign to join this combination is Aries, the subject becomes very competitive, resistant, strong and firm, often conveying the idea of ​​a difficult person.

Despite these characteristics, the sign of Taurus with an ascendant in Aries likes to enjoy life and does not dispense with living surrounded by comfort and even a certain luxury, always seeking to have power in all situations. Such a personality will rarely be open to advice.


Geminians are often explorers by nature, and when they come into contact with the Aries ascendant, they have this characteristic even more pronounced, becoming much more thirsty for the new and the different.

They are quite sociable, even in places that are not their usual coexistence, shyness does not usually have a place in this astral combination. They are also fun and, therefore, captivate many around them. But they are also fickle and have a bit of difficulty with the concept of fidelity. Aries ascendant appearance


Cancer’s sentimentality, when mixing with Aries, produces something unexpected: a person very close to the family and very attached to it. This sentimental attachment is reflected in the most varied ways: he seeks to form a family according to his own standards and usually follows the job of his father or mother, always putting the family first in everything.

Even better if there is a family business to take over. The Aries ascendant grants the Cancer its stamina, making it strong and with enough resilience to always bounce back after life’s problems and obstacles.


The combination of typical Leo self-centeredness and Aryan intensity usually results in a person with strong emotions, but who often does what he does more out of selfishness, to show up or maintain status, than out of generosity to others.

Humility passes far, but seduction finds its place at the junction of Leo and Aries ascendant. This person is always in control of situations, dominating relationships and even the work environment. For many, it can appear to be a rude person in dealing with others.


The sign of Virgo tends to lean towards the organization, stability and comfort that both bring. However, when mixing with Aries, it usually produces a person in conflict between the known and a desire to adventure. When giving in to the new and adrenaline, regret will often occur.

The result is a very indecisive but intense person, the type who spends a lot of time planning and thinking and a lot less time (or none at all) doing it. In general, the sign of Virgo with an Aries ascendant is a demanding, responsible, and planned person.


The Libra, always balanced, by nature tends towards generosity. The Aries ascendant arrives in this sign to enhance this willingness to help others, but adding a concern about the image that other people have of him.

This can give the image of a false person, when it’s all about wanting to be loved. A Libra person with an Aries ascendant is usually guided by his instincts and prefers to have trusted people by his side to support him in his adventures. Aries ascendant appearance


The combination of Scorpio with ascendant Aries is dangerous, as it often results in a very explosive, strategist, individualistic, manipulative and aggressive person. For the person resulting from this combination, it is natural to feel dominant and dominate whatever milieu or relationship they are in.

It can also be an easily corruptible person. The energy resulting from this combination is quite strong and, therefore, the person becomes magnetic and has an easy path to success if you want to follow it. In love, you fall in love without limits.


It is typical of the sign of Sagittarius to look for new things, out of the routine and, with the Aries ascendant to add, this characteristic is even stronger and even more adventurous, always looking for different schedules and activities, avoiding as much as possible being locked in home (or in an office).

In love, he is always looking for a partner to accompany him on his adventures, which are often lived without thinking about the consequences.


People of the sign of Capricorn who have an Aries ascendant often go through continuous flows that vary between a lot of energy and a great peace of mind. In general, it is a person who is really dedicated to something so that, later, he can rest and reap the fruits of his work (even if these fruits are mere hours of extra sleep).

Capricorns remain attached to work and try their best at it, but the Aries ascendant makes them have a greater taste for fun, even in the workplace. All very restrained, of course. In romantic relationships, they are usually discreet, yet dynamic and do not like public displays of affection.


The agitation of the sign Aquarius meets the intensity of the sign of Aries resulting in idealistic people, who like to be around others, living intensely and fulfilling all their plans. Aries ascendant appearance

Committed, this person highly values ​​his family and also his close friends. No favor is too much for a friend and no barrier is insurmountable. Despite this, he can often pass, to those who do not know him, the image of being a colder person than he really is.


The sign of Pisces is often marked by complaints and dominated by excessive thoughts about the future, but the Aries ascendant will bring imagination and dreams into the realm of the possible with its intensity and strategy, as well as its willingness to work, even if hard or hard.

A Pisces person with an Aries ascendant is usually a natural born entrepreneur or a brave backpacker. Either way, there is no room to fear the consequences of your actions. It can often be explosive, because of the intensity with which he lives his emotions, having a personality that tends to commit excesses.

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