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Anchor Meaning

An anchor is an object, usually made of metal, used for the purpose of keeping the ship stationary. Anchor symbol meaning


The anchor is seen as a symbol of stability, strength and faith.

As the anchor is used to stabilize a ship , it is seen as the balanced part of an individual in the midst of life’s disorder.


Initially, it is important to mention that this piece, attached by a rope or chain , is used to immobilize boats and ships. As such, it is related to impact and safety.

It should be added that the anchor can be used to make an unexpected stop, as it would keep the float stable. The anchor can also be used when the vessel arrives at its destination. With this, individuals can safely disembark.

In this sense, anchor can mean firmness and balance.

On the other hand, the anchor can also mean a delay, as it remains somewhere. For sailors, the anchor is seen as an instrument of trust in the midst of a storm. Therefore, the anchor symbolizes the choice between what is consistent, which can be seen as the earth, and what is fluid, such as water from the seas and oceans.


For the anchor to be in the known way, a cross and a semicircle must be joined with both ends facing upwards. Anchor symbol meaning

From a religious perspective, the cross represents the existence of the real world and the continuity of earthly things. As for the semicircle facing upwards, we have the representation of the spiritual world. The combination of these elements constitutes the brace cross, a hidden symbol. Due to the persecution suffered, the Christians of the Roman Empire practiced the religion in secret. In this scenario, the brace cross was used as a symbol.

As time passed, the anchor was seen as a symbol of hope. In the bible , in the book of Hebrews, the anchor appears with the objective of keeping the faith in better days. Therefore, in an abstract way, the anchor suggests that determination prevails in the face of storms and adversity.


With regard to the relationship between friends, the anchor is a symbol of a stable relationship. From this perspective, when two people or a group of friends decide to get this tattoo, it means that the feeling is solid and based on companionship.

As for love relationships, the anchor reinforces the feeling even more. Between a couple, the anchor symbolizes partnership and tranquility. In order to perpetuate this feeling, some people decide to get a tattoo with the symbol, which can be added with a heart.

It is worth mentioning that in journalistic circles, the term “anchor” is widely used. In this panorama, it means presenter. Thus, that individual must transmit the news with speed and impartiality.


Choosing a good anchor should be a priority in navigation. After all, this object will give stability to the vessel.

For a better understanding, see below some types of anchor and their respective characteristics:

1. Admiralty Type Anchor

This anchor is one of the best known worldwide. They are difficult to handle due to their weight. Although its use on sport boats is impractical, this anchor is very useful on swampy or rocky bottoms.

2. Anchor Type Plow     

This anchor acts just like a plow in agriculture. Soon, it disperses the soil and slides under the sea floor.

3. Danforth Type Anchor

This anchor is one of the best when it comes to stability and weight.


Anchor tattoos can be done for a variety of purposes. It can be done to demonstrate balance and strength in a loving relationship. It can be done with a friend to celebrate the loyalty of friendship. It can also be done as a symbol of courage and determination. Anchor symbol meaning

Here are some types of anchor tattoos that can be done:

  • Anchor with flowers;
  • Anchor with compass ;
  • Anchor with special dates; and
  • Anchor with a loved one’s name.

Considering the strength that the anchor tattoo has, it is possible to do it in different parts of the body, such as the back of the neck, shoulder, back, back of the hand, fingers, calf and foot.

The choice of a professional is essential for the design to be well done and for the healing to be quick and effective.

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