As in any work that gives definitions to different terms, in this DreamsJUDGE you can find the best interpretation or meaning of all the images that come before you in the dream world. DreamsJUDGE  bases all its analyzes on the psycho analytic study of the human being, since complex investigations have shown that dreaming is a mental activity that is carried out unconsciously, where despite the body being at rest, the psyche is not. so it is possible to recreate fictional and fantasy images from which we extract any dream meaning no matter how transcendental it is for the person’s life. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

Dreams All About Dreams And Their Meanings

In this area of ​​study, the interpretation of dreams embodies ideas in which everyday actions are reflected, but on an unconscious level. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

In addition to the psychoanalytic application, to know the meaning of dreams , in this blog of dreams we will delve a little into the metaphysical study of these, since many want to know that there is beyond the material plane, in which we live and dreams are a wonderful portal for it. Many times the interpretation of dreams is visualized in a spiritual way, since some individuals feel their consciousness rising to an astral plane.

There are many people who have doubts about the time of night where these imaginations of the unconscious occur, whether it is in light sleep or in deep sleep, later we will see these points in detail in the sleep stages. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

DreamsJUDGE will enhance your research and will serve as an essential support to discover what it means to dream of such a particular event or what it means to dream of that person who is no longer there and who may be trying to send you a message. Welcome to the definitive portal where you will find the best interpretation of dreams on the web.

What do dreams mean?

What do dreams mean has been a question that has invaded the minds of men since ancient times, that mixture that can be perceived as if it were the real world, but to which fantasy and mystical cuts are added is really fantastic. The different stories and mythologies are full of characters who interpreted the premonitory dreams of the kings and even more so if they used to be recurring dreams. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

The search for the meaning of dreams in the different cultures that we have been able to observe to find answers, have led us to understand many aspects of the dream space in which we all develop when we sleep. One of the most fundamental criteria of the interpretation of dreams or the task of discovering what it means to dream about certain issues, is that the result of the studies we do can guide us to make elementary decisions in our real life, where the dream is dismembered by specialists to find the truth.

Thanks to this, different sciences and researchers, far from mystical learning, have also dedicated themselves to this study, and thus be able to get an adequate answer to the meaning of everyone’s dream. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

Despite each given symbology, there are three important factors to take into account to know what dreams mean :

  1. The person and their personality : Each individual is different in every possible way, therefore, each one will have their own dream meaning. Although of course both imaginative and interpretive similarities will be presented in full investigation.
  2. The context of the dream : Every detail of the scenario or actions that unfold during the plot of the nocturnal illusions, is important to adequately decipher the meaning of dreams. For example, dreaming of animals has one explanation and dreaming of one person has a totally different one.
  3. The vita moment l : Here we refer to the circumstances which are traversed at the moment have the imaginative fantasy, because the subconscious takes into account different aspects of everyday life to get their different messages. A key example that we will study later will be premonitory dreams, in which the warning is part of the determining message for the interpretation of dreams of this type. It should also be borne in mind that weird dreams take on some importance at this point. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

Even when there are these three determining factors that help to give it a real meaning, there are other elements granted by philosophy and psychology that can be merged to achieve an interpretation of dreams according to what the subconscious really wants to manifest and thus be able to know what they mean. Dreams. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

On the other hand, it is necessary to know what it means to dream exactly about different situations and not give an answer lightly, simply because we believe that it is not the right thing to give a wrong and quick dream meaning to the person, which leads him to make decisions. wrong with your family or loved ones. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

Let’s see a simple case to exemplify: In the cases that dream of a lot of money to play the lottery occurs , it does not mean that you should run away the next day to spend a fortune on lottery tickets, because you assumed that it was premonitory dreams or weird dreams that you don’t normally have.

Why do we dream?

This is another question without a concrete answer, and it was actually to be expected, due to all the mysticism that surrounds the investigation of the meaning of dreams. Of course there are many scholars in the field who have presented different theories trying to give a correct answer, however, none of these hypotheses can be taken as correct and absolute to answer, why do we dream? All About Dreams And Their Meanings

The father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud and elemental inspiration for DreamsJUDGE , assures in his literary works that dreaming is a function that the mind fulfills in order to fulfill the most guarded desires of each human being. It does not tacitly refer to the performance of this, but can be seen coupled with a symbolic or representative performance. When the cravings for that desire are many, even recurring dreams about the same topic are usually manifested.

From other points of view, another theory arrives trying to argue why we dream, it is said that this action happens by involuntary neuronal impulses, which activate the area of ​​sensations, emotions and memories, through which the mind seeks to provide a solution. to the problems that arose during the day. Possibly the sleep hormone plays an important role in our body that activates these impulses.

What are dreams? All About Dreams And Their Meanings

DreamsJUDGE defines them as the result that is obtained after a process of brain or mental activity, which occurs while sleeping. During this series of actions, sensorimotor images are perceived, which, despite being surrounded by certain fictitious elements, these illustrations feel as if they were waking reality, many know it as a dream dream. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

These uncertain peculiarities can vary constantly as you read this blog (DreamsJUDGE) , going from the impossibility of time, that is, having a dream dream located in a moment of the past or future, or related to space, for example, dreaming of a determined site, known or not, until having the ability to perceive really strong emotional sensations, such as fear, anger, sadness, joy, among others. Many times these feelings manifest themselves over and over again, due to the phenomenon of having recurring dreams.

Due to these impacts on feelings, dreamers tend to wake up suddenly, with the consequence that nothing or much of the dream is remembered, also causing problems sleeping.

Sleep phases All About Dreams And Their Meanings

Night rest occurs in several sections ( types of dreams ), known as sleep phases or dream stages, this has been determined thanks to a sleep test where specialized equipment is implemented that provide electrophysiological data, such as electroencephalograms ( EEG), electrooculogram (EOG) and electromyogram (EMG).

To determine the different stages of sleep, various measurements of the body’s behavior are analyzed, such as, for example, the heartbeat, the way in which our skin is capable of conducting electricity and many other factors that are stimulated by the melatonin it secretes. the pineal gland at bedtime.

The sleep test determines that the stages of sleep are made up of long and short wave cycles. A conjunction of these sleep cycles make up what is known as NON-REM sleep and REM or SI-REM sleep. The first of these states of sleep is the one that presents the most metamorphosis and is the space in which possible anomalies are most analyzed. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

Parameters such as heart rate, respiratory rhythm and electrical conductivity of the skin are also collected, all in order to obtain data regarding the quality of time that is sleeping, to find measures and tools, including drugs that can improve it. , such as those that contain melatonin in their composition or foods that stimulate the functioning of the sleep hormone.

It is important that we detail each of the phases of sleep, because in the study and interpretation of dreams, it is key to learn to define the spaces in which one begins to have images of the dream, DreamsJUDGE specifies them from the Following way:

Phase or Sleep No Rem 1:

It is the first introductory stage in which the subject falls into a light sleep or just a numbness. Imagine that this classification is a huge pond that the person begins to enter. Following the analogy, we could say that the person hardly touches the bottom with their feet anymore, however, they can still perceive with their senses certain notes that connect them to the real world, even more so if some sleep disturbances occur.

Non-REM Phase or Sleep 2:

The senses finish disconnecting in this no-rem sleep scenario, that is, “we no longer hit rock bottom” and we move to a plane in which it begins to be a restorative stage, even when light sleep is still present. The body relaxes and the eyeballs slow to practically nothing. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

Within the stages of sleep , it is here where the heart rate decreases, as well as the respiration, these reactions of the organism are mainly motivated by the melatonin that is expelled during sleep. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

At this point, different brain waves are emitted, on the one hand, the gray matter tries to prevent the sleeper from waking up, but if it happens that the heart rate decreases too much, the brain sends a signal to the body to confirm that there is a connection. between the main organs. This manifests itself abruptly, by means of an electrical impulse generating a strong movement of the body, and many times the subject wakes up as a result of these sleep disturbances and has trouble sleeping. It is commonly known as “dreaming that we fall.” This is one of the most interesting points of DreamsJUDGE , since this happens to all of us at least once a month. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

Non-REM Phase or Sleep 3:

At this stage it is when the period of deep sleep begins, it is usually described in conjunction with the next stage, since they are very similar, the difference lies in the level of depth of sleep and the rest that is achieved.

Non-REM Stage or Sleep 4:

The definitive phase of restful sleep, also known as delta sleep or deep sleep. At this stage, the person experiences the least amount of brain activity possible. In phase 4, the person reduces their body tension to the maximum and establishes a relaxation regimen that can only be interrupted by strange events such as sleepwalking or other sleep disturbances.

It is called delta sleep since it is characterized by the emission of very slow brain waves, it is almost impossible to wake up during sleep without phase 4. Because it is a greater degree of depth, it is where a good rest is best used. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

Scientifically it is proven that it is very difficult for the dreamer to have images in his mind in the delta sleep phase, however, there have been cases of distorted dreams detected and hints of eye movement that denote certain dream activity in the brain.

Phase or REM sleep ¿ What is REM sleep ?

Through research carried out to include different terms in DreamsJUDGE , we understand that the REM Phase is definitely the stage in which all the dream images or dreams are presented and where it is possible to do the study to achieve the meaning of dreams. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

Despite having overcome four periods in which relaxation and the release of tension in the muscles is normal, during the rem phase of sleep there is again brain activity and stimuli that activate the eyes and muscles again.

In the REM phase of sleep, nightmares, strange dreams or all those dreams with a thread or sequence of images that may or may not make sense, in any case, we can establish a memorable structure in part so that when we wake up we can find out what they mean the dreams we’ve had.

It is called REM sleep for its acronym in English, Rapid Eye Movement , which translated into Spanish would be REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement). This is because during REM sleep the eyeball has small, very fast movements, despite being closed.

When developing DreamsJUDGE , a dream test was carried out where it was tried to clarify what REM sleep is and it was possible to determine that it is impossible for there to be muscle movements in this degree of sleep, due to a blockage executed by brain neurons, So it was determined that if a person wakes up abruptly during this period, it is impossible for him to move his body, this is only for a few seconds, within sleep disorders this is known as sleep paralysis. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

That is why when the REM sleep phase naturally ends, one returns to either of the first two states of non-REM sleep, either to wake up or continue with the sleep cycles.

What are sleep cycles? All About Dreams And Their Meanings

DreamsJUDGE has so far detailed everything concerning the rem and nrem dream. But it is vital to note that all phases of sleep must be included in a much larger classification:

The cycles of sleep All About Dreams And Their Meanings

 It is important, because thanks to this definition we can establish the duration times of the sleep stages. These sleep cycles have a pre-established time for each of the sleep phases that we have already studied.

They can happen up to 5 or 6 laps, depending on the number of hours the person sleeps and the activity generated by melatonin or sleep hormone. While one cycle ends and another begins, the human body takes different metabolic positions and reveals the sequence with which the characteristics of each of the sleep phases are repeated. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

All sleep cycles have a duration that can vary between 90 and 120 minutes, even longer, depending on the quality of sleep. The most interesting thing is that the human body has produced surprising results between the jumps, since these laps do not necessarily restart the sequence of phases as we have explained, that is, the phases can also change position when they have been asleep for a longer time.

Using the electrophysiological equipment during the sleep test, it was possible to estimate the duration of the sleep phases in each of the sleep cycles, which are: All About Dreams And Their Meanings

  • Non-REM sleep 1 : Approximately while sleeping, this phase lasts from 5 to 15 minutes , being between 5% and 10% of the total time.
  • Non-REM sleep 2 : It is a long period compared to the previous one, since it can last between 45 and 60 minutes , depending on the total cycle time, so it is estimated that it represents 50% of the cyclical duration.
  • Non-REM sleep 3 : As it is only a transition to deep sleep, it represents a very short period of only 2 or 3 minutes .
  • Non-REM sleep 4 : Its duration symbolizes 20% in sleep cycles, being a period of 20 or 30 minutes .
  • REM sleep : It can last about 25 or 30 minutes , counting in adults as 20% of the time, however, in children this stage can represent up to 50% of their sleep cycles . The older you get, this percentage gradually decreases.

What is a lucid dream?

Regarding the images that make sense or can be an absolute fantasy, has it not ever happened to you that you are immersed in a world of dreams perfectly controllable by yourself? They call them lucid dreams and they are a very special level of depth that can only be reached by certain people who master the “art of dreaming” thanks to different techniques learned in cultures as complex as those in Asia. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

In lucid dreams , the advantage for the dreamer is that he knows “where” he is and what he is doing in this “place”, so the imagination is no longer a limit and everything that occurs to the person who is dreaming you can “materialize” it within your dream dream. In the interpretation of dreams, those that are known as lucid dreams are considered in some parts of the world to be an impressive skill. Already being “aware” of what we want to imagine, we can have recurring dreams about highly desired situations. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

Being aware of what you are dreaming is possibly one of the most interesting and ambitious virtues and talents of this dream world in which we study every day. Hollywood has already tasted some of the honeys of this knowledge of lucid dreams under the direction of Christopher Nolan with Inception, a film in which they propose the possibility of mastering the dream space and sharing it among several people, interacting with each other and manipulating reality and thoughts.

Within the knowledge of the astral plane, knowing how to master how to have a lucid dream is considered a complex art, which opens a window to understand spiritually what it means to dream or what dreams mean. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

How to have lucid dreams?

The manipulation of sleep cycles to gain awareness in this alternate reality poses a series of really complex challenges and challenges. The investigations carried out when developing DreamsJUDGE show that the methods used to obtain a vision of the dream space and know how to have lucid dreams are so complicated that many of the subjects who have trained for years have not had the clarity that is desired. However, practice and perseverance define a way to successfully enter lucid dreaming and we will explain it below: All About Dreams And Their Meanings

Steps to have lucid dreams

Body and mind training

The preparation of the physical and mental body can be considered as the first step in the search to understand this complex variant of the rem phase of sleep that proposes a manipulation of the events that we observe (and now live) while we are sleeping. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

This procedure includes a series of exercises that help tone the breathing and the ability of the person to fall asleep easily. In parallel, an alert system must be created to focus on reality, that is, there must be a kind of clue that tells us that we are living in a real world and not in a dream dream. This trick lets us know that we are out of the rem phase of sleep.

It consists of doing some action that helps us identify the real world. Surely you have ever heard that a pinch reveals whether it is a dream or not. Well, believe it or not, this saying or child’s game is the best known of the techniques to differentiate reality from the world of dreams. Other examples can be seen in the movie that we discussed paragraphs ago.

Discover the ability to identify the absurd from the real

On the other hand, you should also undergo training so that you are able to understand and distinguish what is possible and what is not. That is, dreaming of talking animals is not natural, but it is possible while having dream dreams. If you are able to identify this anomaly when comparing real animals with fantasy animals, then you have control of your dreams.

The same happens when you can dream of a person who has passed away and know that when you wake up they will still be dead. This is one of the most analyzed sleep states in our community. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

Astral travel or separation of energy from the physical body All About Dreams And Their Meanings

The physical body is capable of taking pertinent actions on this plane to develop its full potential. Our mental energy is also capable of having that capacity within a dream dream.

With this in mind, when people finish the non-rem stages of sleep and enter the rem stage of sleep ready to have a deep sleep , they are undertaking what is known in some cultures as astral travel. A journey in which this energy that feeds our mind and spirit is transferred to the places created by our imagination.

Mastering astral travel is one of the most difficult techniques out there, but there are tools in real life that can be practiced to achieve awareness during the detachment of this energy from the physical body. Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises combined with a good diet that make sleep more relaxed, are key during dream sleep training within our being to avoid sleep disturbances during the trip. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

When our mind is able to experience different creative tonalities and expand cosmic knowledge, it can reach a more spiritual level about the interpretation of dreams.

Why do we usually have recurring dreams ?All About Dreams And Their Meanings

At this particular point in DreamsJUDGE, it generates a lot of suspicion in the community that eagerly seeks to understand what dreams mean, because a rain of questions difficult to answer by themselves comes to their minds … Is it a blocked memory from the past or from past lives? Are they somehow premonitory dreams? Will the meaning of recurring dreams be a door to the cosmic universe?

These and many more are the doubts that invade us when having the same dream over and over again, however, in these cases it is imperative to be clear that it is usually a warning or call for attention, which the subconscious makes through recurring dreams to make us see something that is of utmost importance but is not clearly perceived with the naked eye.

Knowing what it means to always dream of the same thing is also linked to the memories that are stored in our psyche, where a situation could have occurred that in a certain way wanted to block, however, it is necessary to remember that to know correctly what dreams mean there are To evaluate three fundamental aspects, the personality of the dreamer, the setting and the vital moment, the latter is the one that in these particular cases of recurring dreams takes greater force, since the true message depends on this. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

It can be about dreaming of a very peculiar person, or that during the dream dream many fantasies that we know impossible are manifested, such as dreaming of animals driving vehicles, the truth is that you have to know how to channel the emotions that are perceived during the dream to be able to focus correctly it means to dream that way.

When we touch the point of lucid dreams we established a small parenthesis indicating that you can have recurring dreams in a conscious way, this can happen when the dreamer has a very great hidden desire that is difficult for him to materialize in real life and looks for a way to have it at least through dream dreams.

What are premonitory dreams?

In most cases, dreams are the spiritual tool that our life needs, to understand the situations that affect us with feelings and family events in real life. Every living being has a connection between its own conscience and the soul, which sends us special messages in the form of premonitory dreams so that we can establish a direct relationship between these images and the future, which may or may not be near. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

Specialists in the field assure that the correct interpretation of these dreams works, as a communication current with the events that will happen later, since the third eye, associated directly with the pineal gland, shows these events in a very particular way, It could even be said that it is a very philosophical version, in order for people to immerse themselves in the art of spirituality to describe the meaning of dreams .

There is a long list of premonitory dreams prefixed through time thanks to the great teachers who have managed to connect their third eye with reality, to show us a very complex sketch of what these images could or could not mean that our soul through the dream dream He wants to get us through (for example, dreaming of fire ).

We briefly enunciate the 10 most momentous premonitory dreams , but we promise that, in our new posts, we will be delving much more in this interesting field of spiritual study:

  1. Dreaming of money : They are usually very strong messages, because either you lose it or you win it in the dream. In the first case, it is an alert to the direct and nearby economy. You have to be very aware of the money coffers in case of a robbery. On the contrary, if the dream is related to fortune, it is because good financial times are yet to come.
  2. Dreaming of pregnancy : They are dreams of a determining complexity in the life of the dreamer, since they usually announce important changes in the family structure or in the behavior of a loved one.
  3. Dreaming with teeth : Again an alert that warns us that a sudden change can occur in our lives. The state of the teeth defines the quality of this modification, for better or for worse.
  4. Dreaming of excrement : Latin cultures assure that it is fortune in case the feces are in our hands. Currents of Western thought assure that dreaming of poop is nothing more than a warning because health problems are coming.
  5. Ofiar with dead : Perhaps one of the premonitory dreams most impressive. But what you should pay attention to is your state of mind in the scene where the deceased person is and your direct relationship with this person, could show a change or close sentimental pain.
  6. Dreaming of flying : One of the best ways to predict success is to dream of flying through the skies and enjoying it fully. But if on the contrary you feel fear when you are planning through the air, the message is that your soul asks you to defeat fear and move forward on the path to prosperity. All About Dreams And Their Meanings
  7. Dreaming of food : Dreaming of a banquet is synonymous with abundance, but if the food is rotten or has a bad taste, you may be being warned of a financial problem in your family nucleus that you must attend to very soon.
  8. Dreaming of stairs : It is one of the deciphered messages of the oldest premonitory dreams. They mean that you are facing obstacles or challenges that you can perfectly overcome with courage and dedication.
  9. Dreaming of flowers or dreaming of water : Plants are the most textual message of our soul in which it asks us to focus on our emotions and on the construction of a pleasant environment to live fully. All About Dreams And Their Meanings
  10. Dreaming of music : Your soul screams for you to reflect or to check yourself inside to see what is wrong with you. If singing or listening to music you look happy, it is a sign that you are on the right path.

Visit the rest of the publications in DreamsJUDGE and you will notice the effort that we put into each investigation so that you have a precise certainty of what it means to dream about what you have been thinking about since you woke up.

What’s behind weird dreams?

In this opportunity we are not referring to nightmares or imaginations characterized by fear and anxiety (not examples such as dreaming of a storm ), but those in which fantasy events are the true protagonists. Rare dreams are those that unfold in a fantastic world, totally and completely impossible in real life, such as Alice in Wonderland, Pan’s Labyrinth or Narnia. Dreaming of hybrid animals such as centaurs, minotaurs or rabbits with human clothes is the uniqueness. Here you can also dream of a person with strange shapes, such as having his feet stuck to his head and other inexplicable situations. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

When your subconscious speaks to you in this way, you should pay attention, because it tries to ask you through strange dreams to open your vision more to an imaginative field that is full of hopes, longings and illusions. Stop being so closed and thinking squarely, keep in mind that you will always have a world of possibilities at your feet to face any adversity.

DreamsJUDGE believe in the magic that the universe places in each individual, in order for them to understand what lies beyond the material plane, seeking the most appropriate interpretation of rare dreams for each of their dreamers.

Sleep disorders All About Dreams And Their Meanings

DreamsJUDGE will not only help you understand that meaning of a dream so shocking that it made you wake up reflecting, we will also provide you with relevant information about all those pathologies and sleeping problems that may arise.

We are referring of course to the most common sleep disorders or disorders that disturb people’s rest and can cause complications and diseases of all kinds or sleep problems. Some of these conditions are related to the sleep hormone or melatonin, which modifies the functioning of the body and does not allow a good rest. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

In our community we care a lot about users, so you can always leave a comment requesting information about sleep disorders that are not available on our portal so that, sooner than you think, you have a helping hand to help you with your situation.

Insomnia All About Dreams And Their Meanings

Every time we say we have trouble sleeping, we immediately associate it with insomnia. This sleep disorder is the consequence or symptom of most of the pathologies related to the act of sleeping, but there is a complexity in the study of the characteristics of insomnia that says that it should be paid more attention and given due importance. , especially if you have been suffering from these sleep disturbances for a long time .

The science that has dedicated years of research to the subject has deciphered a kind of formula to determine if indeed a person may be suffering from insomnia at a critical level, that is, that they cannot sleep in the appropriate time and therefore requires medical intervention with special remedies and therapies.

This technical standard to determine if you have insomnia is described as follows: All About Dreams And Their Meanings

  • If you cannot fall asleep in the first 30 minutes after going to bed, with all the screens (i.e. television, computers, cell phones) turned off and nothing to distract you, and you sleep less than 6 continuous hours, you may be suffering from insomnia.
  • If the aforementioned is not repeated constantly, but rather is due to sleep disturbances unrelated to a health problem (such as a party until dawn the day before), you are only suffering from sporadic or circumstantial insomnia that It is derived from a specific situation.
  • If the first example that we have placed on the list becomes recurrent for at least three weeks or several days in this same interval, observing this behavior in daily sequence, it could be a recurrent, occasional insomnia that can lead to a greater problem. All About Dreams And Their Meanings
  • Now, if these sleeping problems are constant, combined with symptoms such as narcolepsy or any other sleeping sickness , you are imminently suffering from chronic insomnia that is dangerous for your health and should be evaluated by a specialist doctor.

Of course, as long as you do not suffer from any other sleep disorder that includes insomnia as one of its symptoms, it can be avoided by having a better lifestyle that includes:

  • Decrease in the consumption of products that have caffeine, for example, energy drinks, coffee, ice cream, chocolate, among others. All About Dreams And Their Meanings
  • Avoid having screens such as television or smartphones at night in front of or on the bed. The radiation emitted by these electronic devices disturbs the process of relaxation and the entrance of consciousness to the rem and nrem phases of sleep.
  • Eradication of heavy dinners or evening meals that include products with a high fat or sugar content. This causes the metabolism to accelerate, hindering the dream dream.

Jet Lag Syndrome All About Dreams And Their Meanings

Probably one of the most popular, common and recurring sleep disorders that we can have in the world is Jet Lag syndrome. At this time, thousands of people are suffering from the symptoms of this problem that, despite being considered a complication, does not require medical attention or any type of special treatment.

Don’t you know what Jet Lag syndrome consists of? From DreamsJUDGE, we consider that the Jet Lag syndrome consists of the incorrect synchronization of the body’s clock with the real time of the place where it is at the moment. It happens to travelers who cross one or more time zones of the planet, for example, a person traveling from Colombia to Italy will be affected by Jet Lag syndrome since the distance (in terms of time) between the South American country and the European continent is 7 hours, enough space to develop a condition of this type. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

The subject who suffers from Jet Lag syndrome feels an incongruity in time, because the time of the place where he is does not correspond with his usual routine, since time passes in a different way than he is used to, that is, while He should be sleeping at the appropriate time, in fact he is doing activities typical of the time of the place where he is.

The most common consequences of jet Lag syndrome are constant drowsiness, which can become acute until the body is stabilized at the new local time, it does not reach the point of narcolepsy, which is another sleep disease that we will see a little more go ahead. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

Headaches and bad mood can appear when this problem is combined with other failures such as the incompatibility of the gastronomy of the site with the usual customs of the traveler. Gastric problems risk more the situation of presenting other symptoms that can be confused with a disease, however, these characteristics occur in few isolated cases and should not be considered as a reference.

Insomnia and fatigue are considered the worst complications, however, according to specialists, they only last two or three days. No drug or special treatment is needed to combat Jet Lag syndrome, however, doctors constantly recommend that the body be exercised to achieve the synchronization of the body as quickly as possible to be able to enjoy the trip or take advantage of the return home to take control of the routine properly.

Somnambulism All About Dreams And Their Meanings

It is also one of the most popular sleep disorders in DreamsJUDGE. Surely you know someone who has climbed a closet or walked through the house completely asleep. Despite how funny it may sound, unfortunately sleepwalking is considered a disease without a cure until now, as specialists have not yet found a treatment to appease the symptoms of this pathology.

Within the phases of sleep, this sleep disorder develops in the stage where there is the least amount of brain activity that is recorded, that is, during delta sleep.

The patient who suffers from sleepwalking develops the ability to move his body, walk or do different common actions while awake, at the time of being asleep, without realizing what is happening and affecting everything around him, putting his life in danger and that of others. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

It is very important to note that it has been discovered how sleepwalking occurs in the non-rem phase or sleep specifically during delta sleep, as we have already mentioned, that is, in the sleep phases that are prior to the rem phase of sleep, this being the stage in which you dream. That is, during the process, the sleepwalker does not have a story line of a dream, but the activity he is doing is due to a problem in his brain that does not allow him to obtain the scientifically proven relaxation that occurs in a normal person . All About Dreams And Their Meanings

This sleep disorder does not have a picture of symptoms beyond the fact that sleepwalking, however, if a person wakes up in another place or position other than their bed, they will experience episodes of anxiety, fatigue and nerve disorders. There are cases in which the subject develops sleep phobias for fear of sleepwalking.

In this case, the patient must undergo treatments that allow for more optimal relaxation and therapies to overcome the consequences of sleepwalking. If the events related to this type of sleep disturbance are recurrent or frequent, the patient must undergo significant levels of vigilance while falling asleep, to avoid injury or further damage.

Some sleepwalkers may wake up with fatigue, dizziness, and jet-lag-like symptoms. It is rare, but there are patients who claim to remember “flashes” of what they do while they are asleep and associate them with lucid dreams.

Narcolepsy All About Dreams And Their Meanings

It is the first of the sleep disorders that we present in DreamsJUDGE that is not popular and only happens to a small group of people with its variants and complex range of symptoms. Narcolepsy consists of sudden and abnormal sleep episodes outside of the prescribed hours.

Narcoleptic people suffer from attacks of this disease . They may be in the middle of a class at college, at a boring party or meeting, and have a narcoleptic attack. This disease happens at any time bringing with it the versatility of its symptoms that we will explain below:

  • Drowsiness is the first and most visible of the signs that you are suffering from narcolepsy. This is because the muscular tension decreases drastically, the pulsations also fall to important levels, that is to say, the whole body prepares to start a journey to sleep no rem. But since he cannot, because he is in a business meeting, the disease manifests itself in the form of excessive and uncontrolled drowsiness. It is usually due to a failure in the body as a result of problems with the sleep hormone. All About Dreams And Their Meanings
  • The subject may experience visions or hallucinations that can be compared to lucid dreams.
  • We had already mentioned that muscle tension drastically subsided at the time that narcolepsy appears, but it should be noted that this relaxation of the body can be so extreme that the person suffering from this pathology runs the risk of injuring himself if he does not have a person nearby to assist her and help her come to her senses.
  • The paralysis of the dream is likely to be the most dangerous, but potentially possible in people with narcolepsy. Later we will give details about this situation that can become high risk and trigger a series of even worse consequences for the person.

Narcoleptics must go to a medical appointment with a specialist who is in charge of prescribing antidepressant drugs if necessary, to locate this attempt at deep sleep at the time and place that corresponds to it. Also, if necessary, the use of caffeine-free stimulants can be indicated that enhance the patient’s energy during the day and do not disturb the night‘s rest or at the time that is considered usual. Other tips that contribute to the cause against narcolepsy and complement treatment and therapies are:

  • Define rest routines at specific intervals during the day, while establishing fixed hours for prolonged rest.
  • Bad habits such as cigarettes, alcohol and any psychotropic substance must be completely eliminated from the consumables of the patient with narcolepsy, especially if he is being medicated with the aforementioned.
  • If the affected person is suffering constant narcoleptic crises, it is suggested that they be added to activities that require certain levels of concentration and movement of the body that require an extra expenditure of energy, in order to take advantage of the day as it should and get home to sleep. a reasonable time in which the sleep phases are fully accomplished. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

African trypanosomiasis

It is a deadly pathology that is known as sleeping sickness due to its terrible symptoms that lead to the death of the infected. It is transmitted by a parasite carried by a fly called Tse Tse that lives on the African continent. People who get this type of trypanosomiasis have a pattern of reactions so dire that we could compare it to Ebola. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

Let’s make a summary list of the symptoms to understand why it is known as the most killer sleeping sickness of all:

  • The introductory effects of trypanosomiasis include sudden fever, headaches and generalized, with acute foci in the joints and dizziness.
  • It is followed by weaknesses that prevent the patient from walking or even standing.
  • Sudden episodes of tachycardia that disturb the infected person’s sleep and can lead to chronic insomnia, combined with constant drowsiness. This is where the name of disease comes from, as it is one of the effects that most makes an appearance in all symptoms.
  • Sudden mood swings follow in which the subject may be sad and suddenly manifest happiness for no apparent reason. Attacks of anger and spaces of paralysis are prior to a coma, which ends in an unfortunate death.

Fortunately for the world, most of these trypanosomiasis epidemics have been controlled in a struggle that has lasted more than a century. At this time and thanks to advances in science, the African people are resting from the deadly diseases that are generated there. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

Sleep apnea All About Dreams And Their Meanings

Sleep apnea can be considered as a background complication of snoring, which although it may seem normal to us, is a key clue to detect a possible disease that has chronic consequences in people’s lives.

Sleep apnea is caused by different reasons, among which are slight internal malformations of the breathing tubes or the organs that are between the air outlets (mouth and nose) and the lungs, for example, the tongue. People with sleep apnea have very specific forms of the airway that produce the sounds that the person makes when sleeping, in other words, snoring.

When this becomes complicated, that is, that sleep is interrupted due to snoring, nausea, insomnia, panic attacks or nervousness, we are facing a strong case of sleep apnea.

It can be complicated by the simple fact of being a person who also suffers from obesity. Overweight patients already bring with them a respiratory problem that can cause a disease like this. That is why recommendations to eliminate or lessen the effects of sleep apnea include an improvement in diet and constant physical exercise, at the same time that you should research what sleep apnea is enough to take your own snoring seriously. . All About Dreams And Their Meanings

Although many cases of sleep apnea do not represent a danger to the patient’s life, there are cases of malformations so complex that they warrant surgical interventions to prevent a more acute drowning or airway obstruction from occurring and ending with the life of the person in surprise, while they sleep.

There is a very particular and uncomfortable treatment, but knowing what sleep apnea is, there are not many denials to execute it. It consists of sleeping with a mask that is in turn linked to a machine that sends constant air pressure through the respiratory system to prevent the windpipe from contracting. The result is an elimination of snoring and an adjustment of the whole body to avoid this evil. Patients can spend up to a month sleeping with this device or in the case of surgical interventions, it serves as part of the recovery.

Sleep paralysis All About Dreams And Their Meanings

When the sleep test was conducted during the development of DreamsJUDGE to study sleep paralysis, we discovered that it is one of the most shocking sleep illnesses of all. Scientists have discovered that sleep paralysis consists of a strange fusion of the REM phase of sleep with the waking state or non-REM sleep 1, that is, the brain has one part asleep and another awake. Specifically, the brain area that is “on” is the one that allows us to wake up and do actions such as opening our eyes, and even having a sensation of touch, but the area that is “off” is what makes the body move. adequately.

This is because when the REM phase of sleep is in full swing, the brain is able to block all the movements that we can perform inspired by dreams so as not to hurt ourselves or those around us. Remember the sleep test mentioned above? Well, through this supervised clinical study we were able to perceive how this phenomenon invades the body thanks to certain elements of the scene that the specialists configure to cause sleep paralysis as a test. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

The symptoms that were experienced are worthy of recreating a phobia or panic attacks, at the thought of being petrified after waking up. Immediately upon opening the eyes, a kind of flash is turned on, taking the person out of the dream dream, that is, from his REM sleep, suddenly and returning to the plane of the real, but the condition of the brain that disconnects the muscles and functions motor still remains asleep, so the terror of being disabled or invalid invades the subject’s mind.

Sleep paralysis can be caused by a high degree of stress produced by work, studies, family problems, among others. You do not have to be suffering from a mental illness to experience an episode of sleep paralysis, in fact, proven statistics say that at least 1 in 4 people in the world has had at least once an attack of sleep paralysis ending abruptly with what is REM sleep. An assault of acute Jet Lag syndrome can also be one of the reasons why this disease manifests itself, so lifestyles must always be improved to avoid these terror episodes while sleeping.

Nightmares or strange dreams before sleep paralysis

Although sleep paralysis has its scientific explanation, many people relate it directly to the paranormal world, seeking to know what it means, for example, since it is said that when this phenomenon of waking up and not being able to move materializes it is because there is a demon or evil being perched on the chest of the dreamer, which is causing disturbances in the mind of the victim. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

Our goal through DreamsJUDGE.com is to show you all the possible paths towards the interpretation of dreams, in order for the user to receive as much information as possible that is related to the dream dream. Well, certainly, many times nightmares or strange dreams are perceived as dimensional portals to a dark and gloomy world that fills the dreamer with terror and anguish, but it must be taken into account that they are usually forms that the subconscious adopts to get a message to us. It remains for us to learn to correctly decipher the meaning of dreams.

Melatonin: The sleep hormone that takes care of us when we sleep

The human body is designed to go through certain cycles of nutrient processing and hormone secretion to maintain a healthy balance. Among the thousands of chemical substances that humans produce on a daily basis, melatonin is one of the most intelligent and selective, as it is intended for an important task that is directly related to the performance and energy we have during the day. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

The pineal gland, located in the very center of the brain, just above the cerebellum, is responsible for the secretion of this hormone that allows us, among other things, to control and regulate our biological clock. In other words, high concentrations of this hormone during childhood promote optimal growth in children, while keeping the body healthy when there is adequate distribution of this sleep hormone throughout the body.

Its operation is in the dark, since melatonin is a light-sensitive sleep hormone and responds to stimuli from the gland only and exclusively when the human body is with all the lights off, the eyes closed and in the process of REM sleep. Surely it has happened to you that you have to sleep outdoors or with lights on and when you wake up you make it weaker than normal. That’s because the melatonin is not being secreted to properly enrich your metabolism and give it the necessary boost.

One of the most important functions of melatonin is the optimization of the immune system and the different cellular processes that take place every day in the body. It is produced in greater quantities when you are a child, that explains why the power with which the little ones develop their activities at the same time that they grow without stopping is due, until an age when the production of this sleep hormone decreases. .

How does melatonin work ?

Human beings have to wake up every day, comply with our established activities, feed ourselves, rest, continue with the day until there comes a point when it is time to sleep. When this happens, in a dark and controlled environment to fall asleep, the pineal gland begins to expel this sleep hormone that has different destinations to fulfill its tasks.

Depending on the time the person goes to bed, a “peak” time can be reached in which the greatest amount is secreted. During the night, this peak of sleep hormone production is said to be between 2:00 and 4:00 AM, specifically when several REM cycles and dreams have already taken place.

It is at this time when melatonin fulfills most of its duties in which it is included: All About Dreams And Their Meanings

  • Energize the body to avoid episodes of fatigue and anxiety during the day.
  • A good functioning of the pineal gland is capable of eradicating the effects and consequences of Jet Lag syndrome in a single sleep session.
  • Ensure the care of the skin, hair and nails, as it is scientifically proven that the largest organ of the body receives protection from melatonin when it is distributed throughout the body. When it is not done, you can suffer from dryness and many diseases to which people who are not properly nourished are prone.
  • It is an excellent protection against a large number of diseases, among which are: All About Dreams And Their Meanings
    • Diabetes
    • Cancer
    • Alzheimer’s
    • Renal problems
    • Cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases
    • Osteoporosis
    • Obesity

The melatonin as a medicine to combat diseases sleep

A correct function of the pineal gland contributes to the disappearance of the symptoms and consequences of all the sleep disorders that we have already talked about. However, if as a result of these diseases, the level of melatonin has decreased considerably, there are supplements based on this sleep hormone that help people sleep better and combat insomnia, sleep apnea, and all disorders of the possible dream.

Importantly, patients with sleep disorders are typically treated first with melatonin to complement other exercises and therapies. If this treatment fails or is not effective in the established time, due to the seriousness of the matter, anxiolytics and hypnotics are prescribed. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

How to take care of our melatonin production

This is a message especially intended for people who want to take care of their health. In DreamsJUDGE we believe that the preservation of a healthy lifestyle allows us to move away from the diseases that cause these failures to be able to concentrate on the interpretation of dreams and the search for the answers to what it means to dream of animals flying, for example. That is why we took the time to compile a short list of practical tips to keep our melatonin levels positive:

  • Reduce the use of screens in your room. Light from television, computers, and smartphones directly attack the pineal gland, forcing the peak of sleep hormone production to roll over the timeline for more hours or minutes that are very important for staying balanced.
  • If you have a clock or indicator in the room, you should ensure that the lights they emit are red. The red color does not affect the hormonal secretion of this gland.
  • Make sure that all the windows in the room are closed, that the air conditioning is adequate and that in general, nothing disturbs your sleep. A little artificial light from a street light can ruin the whole process in no time.
  • It will never hurt to advise the entire community to improve eating habits, as this helps the metabolism to quickly adapt to proper functioning.
  • Physical activity is also essential when it comes to promoting an improvement in the quality of life that in turn promotes good health so that the hormones are balanced and well assimilated by the body. All About Dreams And Their Meanings

The field of dream research is what we are most passionate about. For us it is a real pleasure to accompany you in the search for the meaning of the dreams that you are carrying out. If you know someone else who is interested in this topic, do not hesitate to send them this material specially designed to clarify all your doubts and, above all, completely free.

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